Best THCa Flower: Legal Strains You Must Try in 2023

Best THCa flower

Best THCa Flower: Legal Strains You Must Try in 2023

Looking for some of the greatest high THCa hemp strains that have graced the hemp market in 2023? If the answer is yes, this list is for you — and everyone else who wants to have a good time. 

We present the five best THCa flower strains for 2023 that are a delight to smoke. From high-potency sativas and chill indicas to unique flavors and powerful scents, this list has something for every type of hemp enthusiast. 

Best THCa Flower Strains to Buy Online in 2023

These premium high THCa hemp flower strains are expertly grown by USA-licensed cultivators and have been handled with extra care to preserve their full cannabinoid and terpene profile

Here’s a list of the best federally compliant high THCa flower online for 2023: 

  • Gary Payton THCa Flower (29% THCa)

If you decide to try one strain out of this list, Gary Payton is your winner. Coming in at ridiculously high levels of THCa (+29% total THC), this high-potency hybrid guarantees good times.

Its flavorful, sticky buds are packed in the terpenes limonene (0.6%) and myrcene (0.2%), so you can expect a nice balance between the sedating and calming effects of indica and the energy-boosting effects of sativa. 

Some of our customers who have tried the Gary Payton strain speak very fondly of it, using words like “the best I’ve tried so far,” “very medicinal and clean,” and “it hits like the real deal.” The only way to know how it’ll make you feel is to try it yourself, so order Gary Payton while you still can. 

  • Pineapple OG THCa Flower (24% THCa)

The first runner-up on our list is the Pineapple OG THCa Flower, as deliciously fruity as it sounds. A child of Pineapple Express and an Unknown OG Kush strain, Pineapple OG comes in at 24% total potency.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a USA-grown hemp flower covered in cloudy crystal trichomes. It spreads a sweet-spicy pineapple aroma with subtle notes of lemon and scents of freshly cut citrus. When smoking this strain, our customers report feeling enhanced creativity, happy relaxation, and an energizing euphoria. 

Due to its stress-relieving potential and high potency, this flower is unsuitable for smoking before noon. The only way to know how it’ll make you feel is to try it yourself, so order Pineapple OG while you still can. 

  • Truffles THCa Flower (21.10%)

Truffles, also known as Trufflez, White Truffle, or Truffle Butter, is an indica-dominant hybrid with a total THC potency of 21.10%. An indoor-grown flower using hydroponics, this flower is as organic and pure as it can get. 

Its terpene profile includes myrcene, limonene, carene, and pinene, which, together, create the most unique aroma and flavor that’s giving caramel, butter, coffee and nutty notes. The two most common effects of this strain are relaxation and stress relief. It’s also touted for its ability to promote sleep and improve appetite. 

When ready to chill, roll up its sticky buds and enjoy the delicious experience this indica-dominant bud offers. The only way to know how it’ll make you feel is to try it yourself, so order Truffles while you still can. 

  • Gelato Kush Mintz THCa Flower (21%)

The Gelato Kush Mintz THCa flower is another expertly cultivated indoor greenhouse flower with a potent THC profile that impresses. If there’s one thing you need to know about this strain is that it boasts a whopping 21% THCa but smokes like 30%. 

Its dense and sticky buds come in shades of dark greens and purples, which are a staple of quality backed by third-party lab tests. This strain presents a pronounced, super tasty flavor and a strong, gassy smell. 

Overall, it’s an exceptional strain that packs a punch and offers an enjoyable smoking experience. The only way to know how it’ll make you feel is to try it yourself, so order Gelato Kush Mintz while you still can. 

  • Jet Fuel THCa Flower (20%)

The Jet Fuel THCa flower brings you a potent and pure smoking experience. Another indoor hydroponic grow, Jet Fuel is a delight to consume because it’s free of harmful contaminants. Our cultivators use a proprietary grow formula to produce a hemp flower with high levels of THCa and low levels of delta 9 THC. 

The calming and relaxing effects of this strain are in part determined by its rich terpene profile that includes myrcene, limonene, and linalool. Its stinky, skunky smell is a delight to hemp enthusiasts who love devouring it in the evenings or nighttime. 

Jet Fuel is perfect for unwinding after a long day. The only way to know how it’ll make you feel is to try it yourself, so order Jet Fuel while you still can. 

Why Mr. Hemp Flower? 

Because we specialize in expertly crafted high THCa hemp flower that ticks all the boxes. 

Our carefully curated selection of hemp flower strains will provide you with everything you ever need in a hemp flower. From the unique terpene profile to the high potency, our cannabis flowers are the best. 

We collaborate with master growers who can create legal high THCa hemp flower by controlling temperature and humidity. The processes they use suppress the early conversion of THCa to THC and successfully creates high THCa hemp flower from hemp genetics.

We care about the quality of our products, so you can rest assured you are getting your buds from highly vetted USA-licensed farmers. Our hemp flower is tried and tested and comes with a Certificate of Analysis. 

The high THCa hemp flower is sealed in odor-proof packaging, so you don’t have to worry about cannabis odor reeking from your package as it gets shipped. Our customer service is here to answer any questions you may have about choosing the right product for you, shipping, and returns.

What is High THCa Hemp Flower?

High THCa flower is hemp flower that’s been bred and cultivated to have high levels of THCa. 

This flower is made from high-potency hemp genetics and is cultivated using special practices that keep the high levels of THCa unconverted. High THCa flower is hemp because it contains 0.3% delta 9 THC at the moment of testing. When decarboxylated, or exposed to heat the THCa turns to THC. 

THC vs. THCa in Hemp Flower 

THC and THCa are two different cannabinoids in hemp flower that share a special bond. 

THC is the well-known psychoactive compound in hemp — and comes from THCa. THCa is the non-psychoactive precursor of THC, the acidic form that keeps THC “under its shell” until the cannabis plant undergoes decarboxylation. 

Through smoking or vaporization (decarboxylation), THCa loses the “A” or the additional carboxyl group that makes it an acid and converts to THC. This is possible because both share an identical molecular structure with the only difference being THCa carrying an extra carboxyl group. 

This small yet mighty difference gives both compounds extremely different effects. While you won’t get “high” by eating raw THCa flowers in your salads, lighting up a high THCa hemp flower joint will definitely get you intoxicated. 

THCa vs THC Flower: Is there a Difference?

Yes, there is a difference between THC and THCa hemp flower — and it’s from a legal aspect. 

The THCa flower that’s grown as hemp must contain THC levels below 0.3% by the time the hemp plant gets tested for compliance. 

Otherwise, both types of flower have the same THCa THCa levels. THCa flower shows the same effects as marijuana flower, but because of this loophole can be lawfully sold in the US. 

Does THCa Hemp Flower Get You High?

Yes, you will get high from smoking or vaping high THCa flower. 

Although classified as hemp because of its low THC levels (below 0.3%), THCa flower contains high levels of “unconverted” THC. Once exposed to heat, you will feel the same euphoria, intoxication, and out-of-this-world calmness that you feel with marijuana flower. 

Is THCa Flower Legal?

Yes, THCa flower is legal across most US states. 

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa) is not a banned substance under federal law. Some states test for total THC levels in hemp, which takes into account the potential conversion of THCa to THC. This may mean that THCa flower is illegal in such states, so before buying this product, make sure you check state laws.   

Final Thoughts: Best High THCa Hemp Flower

The demand for high THCa hemp flower has increased, not only for its psychoactive effects. THCa and THC produce many therapeutic benefits that medical cannabis patients find useful and practical. 

The three standout high THCa flower strains on our list are Gary Peyton THCa flower, Pineapple OG THCa flower, and Trufflez THCa flower. Although the market for high THCa flower continues to grow, you can rest assured you are in good hands with us and these tried and tested THCa strains. 

FAQs on Best THCa Flower

Gary Payton, the strain named after the NBA Hall of Famer, is currently the most potent hemp flower at 29% total THC.

If you want a more psychoactive experience, then yes, higher THCa is better. But there’s a limit to it. Studies show that extra-potent THC concentrates don’t provide a more psychoactive experience than a regular strain of 25% THCa.

The amount of hemp flower you should smoke is highly personal. It depends on your tolerance, the effects you want to achieve (pain relief, stress relief, relaxation), and the type of flower you have on your hands.

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