Managing Nausea With Delta 8 THC

Delta-8 thc for Nausea

Searching for an effective hangover cure? Maybe a natural remedy against motion sickness? Scientific evidence backs up the effectiveness of hemp cannabinoids as antiemetics. For context, an antiemetic is an agent with the ability to prevent or treat nausea and vomiting.  If you’ve ever used delta 9 or CBD for nausea and you didn’t enjoy […]

Will Delta 8 THC Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Delta-8 and drug testing

The hemp industry’s top cannabinoid, delta 8 THC, is consumed by thousands of adults for symptoms like sleep disturbances, physical discomfort, and racing thoughts.  Every regular user wants to know how freely they can consume it. Will seldom or frequent consumption of delta 8 THC cause a failed drug test?  THC’s euphoric effects fade quickly […]

Using Delta-8 -THC for Pain — How Does Delta-8 THC Work As a Pain Reliever

Delta-8 for Pain

How effective is delta 8 THC for pain management? Approximately one in five Americans suffers from chronic pain on a regular basis while facing limited treatment options.  Delta 8 THC is touted as the go-to natural remedy for pain. If you are dealing with daily discomfort — and are keeping your options open — let’s […]

Delta 8 for Sleep and Insomnia

Delta 8 THC for Sleep

Can’t get a good night’s sleep despite trying every remedy under the sun? Delta 8 is here to challenge that. Long-term sleep deprivation causes detrimental effects on your body. It affects your immunity, memory, concentration, and blood pressure. With the rise of cannabidiol (CBD), many people started to use cannabinoids to reduce pain and improve […]

Does Delta-8 Get You High? [The Truth]

Delta 8 THC high

Does delta 8 THC get you high? Is delta 8 THC right for you? Here’s everything you need to know about experiencing a delta 8 intoxication, how to handle a potential overdose, and how long this cannabinoid will stay in your system.  Hemp is a complex plant with over 100 naturally occurring compounds known as […]

Known Health Benefits of Delta 8 THC Oil

Delta 8 Health Benefits

Ever wished for a legal hemp cannabinoid that offers excellent therapeutic benefits and just enough psychotropic potency? Known as the most exciting hemp cannabinoid, delta 8 THC elevates the hemp experience to a whole different level. In this article, we dive into the awesomeness of this unconventional cannabinoid. How does delta 8 benefit the body? […]

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in All 50 States? A State-by-State Guide

Delta-8 THC

Will delta 8 THC get banned in the United States? Some say yes, others say no.  The legal status of delta 8 THC on the federal and state levels creates a lot of confusion. In this article, we discuss the current legality of this cannabinoid in each state, prohibition, and potential restrictions.  We also discuss […]

Is Delta 8 THC a Controlled Substance in Iowa | Hemp Laws & Regulations in the Hawkeye State

Delt 8 Iowa

Iowa’s laws surrounding hemp tetrahydrocannabinol and its isomers are pretty restrictive. Is delta 8 THC legal in Iowa? Let’s look at the current hemp laws in this state.   Last Update: May 10, 2024 Summary Hemp-derived delta 8 THC is not legal in Iowa. State law prohibits the distribution, sale, use and possession of hemp products […]

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Delaware? Current Hemp Laws & Regulations

Delta 8 delaware

Now that Delaware has legalized marijuana, is hemp-derived delta 8 THC legal to buy? Let’s look at the current hemp laws in Delaware.   Last Update: May 14, 2024 Summary Hemp-derived delta 8 THC is not legal in Delaware. The state legalized marijuana in 2023 but still prohibits the sale, possession, and use of delta 8 […]

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