Here’s Why People Are Switching to Delta 8 THC from Delta 9 THC

Switching to Delta-8 THC

Why Are People Switching to Delta-8 THC Products?  After gracing the space as a legal form of THC, delta-8 split the cannabis industry and loosened the stigma around intoxicating cannabinoids. It presents a milder effects profile than delta-9 THC and offers a better experience with less severe adverse effects.  This article explains what makes D8 […]

A Simple Guide to Choosing The Right Delta-8 THC Product

Delta-8 THC Product

How to Choose the Right Delta-8 THC Product? Delta-8 THC is the second most popular hemp cannabinoid after CBD. If you want to try it but need guidance on choosing the right product, this article is for you.  We provide all the information you need to make a decision based on the type of products […]

When And How to Take A Tolerance Break From Delta-8 THC?

Delta 8 THC Tolerance

Delta 8 THC Tolerance: When Should You Take a Break from D8? Do you no longer feel the effects of delta-8 THC? You might need a tolerance break. This article explains what a tolerance break is, how to recognize whether or not you need a tolerance break and how to prevent getting your tolerance super […]

Delta-8 THC Buying Guide: What to Look For?

Delta 8 Buying Guide

Delta 8 THC Buying Guide — What to Look for? Do you have a hard time finding a reliable delta-8 THC vendor? Buying one single product can feel overwhelming if you’re just dipping your toes in the D8 market. Some vendors are downward scammy; others don’t test their products for toxic components, and many counterfeit […]

Delta 8 Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid: How Each Makes You Feel?

Delta-8 THC Flower

A Comparison of Delta 8 Sativa, Indica & Hybrid Strains  Not all delta-8 THC flower is created equal. Some strains are more energetic and suitable for daytime activities, while others are milder and serve as an excellent addition to a cozy, relaxing day on the couch. The first group is known as sativa hemp strains, […]

Top Five Cannabinoids to Increase Productivity At Work

Best Cannabinoids

Best Cannabinoids for Productivity at Work  From Maya Angelou to William Shakespeare, many successful authors used cannabis to spark creativity and enter a state of flow. Cannabis has been linked to laziness and memory problems, but modern science looks into the plant’s complete composition — and there’s undoubtedly much more to it than THC. Although […]

Best Delta 8 Flower for Beginners — Top 5 Relaxing & Revitalizing Choices

Best Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 THC Flower Strains for Beginners Delta 8 THC is a popular hemp cannabinoid that gives that “extra kick” you might need from CBD flower. What is delta 8 THC flower? Does it grow in nature? And, what are the best delta 8 strains for beginners?  Mr. Hemp Flower offers the most exclusive line […]

How Delta 8 THC Affects The Endocannabinoid System

Delta 8 THC And The Endocannabinoid System  Delta 8 THC gives you a mild euphoria that’s so pleasant it feels like the coziest, most comfortable dream. What does this compound affect in your body to produce such feelings? And, how differs from other cannabinoids in helping you relax and de-stress? The short answer is: it […]

Delta 8 THC Expert Guide: Studies, Facts & Consumption Methods

delta 8 thc expert guide

Delta 8 THC Expert Guide: Studies, Facts & Consumption Methods Delta 8 THC is the most popular intoxicating, hemp-derived cannabinoid on the market.  If you haven’t tried it, now is the perfect time to search for the right product. This guide provides everything you need to know about this cannabinoid, how it compares to delta […]

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