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THCa Flower

  • 100% Legal THCa Flower
  • Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid THCa Strains
  • 20%-30% of Total THC Potency
  • Expertly Cultivated THCa Flower
  • Flower and 1 Gram THCa Pre Rolls Available
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CBD Hemp Flower FAQ

The benefits from using flower come from the cannabinoids and terpenes that exist in the plant. The most dominant cannabidiol, CBD is known for its many uses including relaxation, pain relief, stress relief and more. See more here.

Yes! Our hemp and CBD products are 100% legal in every state. Our hemp is grown on licensed farms and all products contain less than .03% THC.

No! All our products are made from USA grown Industrial Hemp and contain less than .3% THC content. All our products are available for purchase in all 50 states without a prescription.


Orders placed Monday-Thursday will ship the next business day. Orders placed on Fridays or weekends will ship out Monday morning. Typically delivery length is 3 business days.

Absolutely all of our cbd flower is grown locally on USA farms. Nothing is imported.

Premium CBD Hemp Flower You Can Trust

We go to great lengths to ensure the products your get from us are the best flower products you have every tried. If you any reason you are every unsatisfied with your order, just let us know. Contact us here.

What Exactly Is Hemp Flower?

Hemp Flower (also known as CBD flower, CBD bud) is one of the most used parts of the hemp plant. Its the “bud” of the plant. It’s used to make high-end CBD oils, hemp oil, and of course, smokable hemp flower products. These days hemp strains are grown just like THC cannabis strains and look just like them as well. The only real difference in hemp flower and cannabis flower, is the delta 9 THC content. Hemp flower has basically none, while cannabis can be as high as 35%.

What Is Smoking Hemp Flower Like?

It’s a lot like smoking the “real” stuff. Except you won’t get that old familiar feeling. There is a lot more then just THC going on with hemp flower, you will feel the effects and benefits of everything the plant has to offer, without that. It is important to mention that smoking CBD flower isn’t going to be the absolute best method for consuming CBD flower…simply because of the unhealthiness of inhaling smoke. Smoking hemp flower should be especially avoided by those with respiratory issues, minors, or seniors that have been advised against smoke inhalation.

How Much CBD Is In Hemp Flower?

Each hemp strain has unique characteristics, including CBD levels. Most strains on our site will have between 10% and 25% CBD content. CBD levels are a great way to gauge different strains, but it’s not always just about which strain is testing the highest. You might enjoy an indoor grow with 12% CBD over an outdoor 25% CBD content strain. A little bit of sampling is always a good idea!

How Much THC Content Is In Hemp Flower?

Under the 2008 Farm Bill hemp flower is federally legal as long as it contains less than .3% delta-9 THC. All the hemp flower on our site meets these requirements.

What Products are Made From CBD Flower?

We have many premium hemp products to choose from at Mr. Hemp Flower including full spectrum cbd gummies, CBG flower, CBD topicals, CBD joints and pre rolls, CBD kief, and even moon rocks.Now, we even make delta 8 THC products from CBD flower. Including Delta 8 THC Gummies, Pre Rolls, Vapes, and more.

10mg delta 8 gummies

Delta 9 Gummies

Mr. Hemp Flower is excited to bring you our new hemp-derived Delta-9 THC full-spectrum gummies. These delicious gummies are packed with 10 mg of premium delta-9 THC extract each. They have the perfect, juicy, and chewy texture you want in a gummy and taste great! Our delta-9 THC gummies are now available in two delicious flavors, watermelon or blue raspberry, and come in packs of 5 gummies (50mg) or bottles of 30 gummies (300mg coming soon).

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