Buying Hemp Cigarettes in Kentucky: Where to Find Them, Laws and the Best Brands in the State

Hemp Cigarettes in kentucky

Hemp cigarettes have become a popular means of relaxation, as it incorporates CBD with its full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Plus, more individuals are turning to hemp cigs to curb their nicotine habits. However, not all states allow their citizens to possess hemp cigarettes, even in ones where CBD isolate is legal. So […]

Smokable Hemp Laws in Kansas: Are Hemp Cigs Legal in the Sunflower State?

Hemp Cigarettes in Kansas

The Farm Bill of 2018 has enacted numerous new hemp-related programs and freedoms throughout the United States, which has opened new paths for the cultivation, research and sale of hemp products including hemp cigarettes. But in some states, like Kansas, it’s also created more questions for lawmakers and law enforcement. As a result, some hemp-derived […]

Iowa’s Hemp Cigarette Laws: Coming Sooner Than You Think?

Hemp Cigarettes in Iowa

You might have heard the news already: hemp’s legal in Iowa. Sort of. While the Hawkeye State signed a law last year legalizing the use of industrial hemp, it still leaves several questions regarding consumable hemp products, especially smokables, like hemp cigarettes. Hemp cigarettes have grown increasingly popular over the past few years thanks to […]

Understanding Hemp Laws in Indiana: Are Hemp Cigs Legal?

Buy Hemp Cigarettes in Indiana

Indiana’s had a long history with hemp flower, but with the introduction of the 2018 Farm Bill, we’ve seen an increase in access to a wide range of CBD products, to the point where a vast variety of CBD products have been made available even in drug stores, from tinctures to topicals. However, there’s been […]

Hemp Cigarette Laws in Idaho: What’s Legal, What isn’t

Hemp Cigarettes in Idaho

When your home state equates hemp flower with marijuana, it can be especially difficult to navigate the hemp cigarette market, even when you’re just looking to explore your options. According to Idaho state laws, a hemp product must be totally THC-free and come from 1 of the 5 categories: 1.) mature stalks, 2.) fiber derived […]

The Best Hemp Cigarettes Delaware Currently Offers

Hemp Cigarettes in Delaware

Delaware’s been one of the quickest states to allow the use of both medical marijuana and hemp flower, the latter of which being legal to grow since 2014. As a result, many of its inhabitants have come to enjoy hemp flower-derived products, including hemp cigarettes. However, many states have dramatically changed their state laws for […]

Buying Hemp Cigarettes in Georgia: Where to Find Them, Laws and Best Brands

Hemp Cigarettes in Georgia

The Farm Bill of 2018 made some big changes to CBD laws in the United States, and while many of the new laws grant better access to hemp products, some states have posed regulations on hemp cigarettes, among other hemp smokables. How have these laws affected hemp flower cigs in Georgia? Are hemp cigarettes legal […]

Understanding Hemp Laws in Hawaii: Are Hemp Cigs Legal?

Hemp Cigarettes in Hawaii

The Farm Bill of 2018 established a Federal definition of hemp flower that distinguishes it from marijuana, which contains THC and is still illegal in several states. However, the state of Hawaii has had quite a long and complicated history with hemp flower and CBD, and many of these complications have occurred in the past […]

Buying Hemp Cigarettes in Illinos: Where to Find Them, Laws and Best Brands

Hemp Cigarettes in Illinois

In some states, hemp cigarettes have become a growing source of relaxation for many individuals; what’s more, is that it can be a great way to get your dose of CBD. However, some states have banned the use of hemp cigarettes, even in states where CBD is illegal. And while the 2018 Farm Bill certainly […]