Where to Buy Legal & High Quality Delta-8 in Michigan

Delta 8 Michigan

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol is a super-popular hemp derivative that brought out sharp divides in the cannabis industry.  Michigan is one of the states that’s taking steps to regulate Delta-8. What does that mean for you as a user of D8 products? Can you legally buy D8 in Michigan? Let’s look at the current legal status of […]

Delta-8 THC Selling Out Fast in Minnesota, But Is It Legal?

Delta 8 Minnesota

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol landed on store shelves and online shopping carts in a snap. Now, it requires a regulatory framework to guarantee the safety of the products placed on the market.  While states like Florida embraced the new hemp-derived compound, Minnesota is still looking to regulate Delta-8. Is Delta-8 THC legal to buy in Minnesota? If […]

Is Delta-8 Legal to Buy in Georgia? [New Laws 2021]

Delta 8 Georgia

If you live in Georgia and want to try Delta-8 THC, you should know whether this hemp derivative is legal in the state. Georgia has stricter laws for production, sale, and possession of hemp CBD,  which begs the question: where does D8 stand in the current state hemp laws? Is it legal to buy? If […]

Where to Buy High Quality Delta-8 in Hawaii | Say Aloha to Delta-8 When in Hawaii

Delta 8 Hawaii

Regardless if you live or traveling to the Aloha State, you’re likely to see Delta-8 everywhere around you. From convenience stores to bakeries to gas stations, its presence will invite you to give it a try. Here’s an advice: avoid buying D8 from unlicensed outlets that aren’t registered as companies that sell cannabinoid products. Here’s […]

Where to Buy Legal & High Quality Delta-8 in Kansas

Delta 8 Kansas

Kansas, the home of the Western meadowlark, strong winds, and now… Delta-8 THC. If you live in the Sunflower State and want to try D8, you are probably here to get informed on what’s going on with its legality. Is Delta-8 legal in your state? If it is, where to buy high-quality products at the […]

Is Delta-8 Still Legal to Buy in Kentucky? Explaining the Delta-8 Ban in the Bluegrass State

Delta 8 Kentucky

Delta-8 THC is a very popular hemp derivative available to consumers, thanks to a legal loophole. To regulate this cannabinoid, states have either embraced a friendly approach or issued a ban on D8. Recently, the Bluegrass State rolled out a ban on the distribution and sale of this cannabinoid.  Is It Legal: Kentucky Delta-8 Laws  […]

Delta-8 THC Laws in Louisiana | Is It the Friendliest Delta-8 Southern State?

Delta 8 Louisiana

It’s not a secret that the South has a bit of an issue with “dropping” Delta-8 banns. Not Louisiana, though.  The Pelican State embraced a friendly approach regarding the sale and possession of D8 products. Well, for now, at least. You know how it goes, “nothin’ is for sure, nothin’ is for certain, nothin’ lasts […]

Which Delta-8 THC Products Are Legal to Buy in Maine

Delta 8 Maine

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol is the “new” THC on the block. As a tetrahydrocannabinol with milder intoxicating properties, D8 is available to consumers, thanks to a legal loophole. So, where does D8 fit in the current Maine hemp legislation? Is it legal to buy? And if so, where to find the best products at the best prices? […]

How Long Will Delta-8 THC Remain Legal in New Jersey?

Delta 8 New Jersey Laws

Delta-8 THC is a close relative of THC — the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis — sold online and in stores in New Jersey while its legality is being debated. Where does Delta-8 fit in New Jersey’s cannabis regulations? Can you legally buy it in the Garden State?  Is It Legal: New Jersey Delta-8 Laws  […]

Is Delta-8 Considered Schedule I Substance in New York? Where Can You Buy It?

Delta 8 New York Laws

Update 22/05/2021 New York is the latest state to issue a regulatory proposal that bans Delta-8 THC. The ban is NOT immediate, which means you have a couple of months until the proposed rulemaking is enacted!  Stock up NOW! Do you live in New York and want some Delta-8 shipped to your door?    GET FIRE […]