Hash vs Kief vs Shatter vs Wax- a CBD Concentrate Guide

CBD Concentrates

This guide is designed to introduce you to CBD concentrates so that you can learn about the different types of products available.   We’ll explain how each different type of concentrate is made, how they’re used, and what the advantage of each is.    Plus, we’ll give you some helpful tips along the way that will give you a more holistic understanding of CBD concentrates.   What […]

Worlds Best Hemp Cigarettes- What You Should Know Before Buying

Best Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp flower cigarettes have become a favorite, whether it’s to easily & enjoyably obtain the many benefits of CBD, or as a means to help quitting tobacco products. But are your hemp cigs the best quality on the market? And are you familiar with the hemp laws in your state? Here at Mr. Hemp Flower, […]

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