CBD Hemp Flower: How Long Do Its Effects Last?

Effects of CBD Flower

How Long Do The Effects of CBD Flower Last? CBD flower is one of the most popular ways of consuming cannabidiol (CBD). Although it’s practical and fast-acting, its effects seem to wear off quickly, which makes the user crave a more intense experience.  This article answers what to expect regarding the length of effects of […]

Top Five Cannabinoids to Increase Productivity At Work

Best Cannabinoids

Best Cannabinoids for Productivity at Work  From Maya Angelou to William Shakespeare, many successful authors used cannabis to spark creativity and enter a state of flow. Cannabis has been linked to laziness and memory problems, but modern science looks into the plant’s complete composition — and there’s undoubtedly much more to it than THC. Although […]

Demystifying Endocannabinoid Deficiency — Here’s What We Know So Far

Endocannabinoid deficiency_Feature

Have you ever heard of clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CED)?  It’s a theory based on the assumption that certain conditions with an unknown cause — like migraine, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome — stem from an unbalanced endocannabinoid system (ECS).   Although CED remains a theory, a few studies link the improvement of symptoms in these conditions […]

Roll the Perfect CBD Pre-Roll — Tips & Tricks

Perfect CBD Pre Roll

How to Roll The Perfect CBD Pre-Roll When time is on your side, the coziest activity you can do is lighting up a CBD pre-roll crafted by your own hands. It’s a precise job of a few steps that, if followed, will give you the perfectly rolled CBD pre-roll. This article explains everything you need […]

CBD Gummies For Sleep: Why CBD Is Revered for Its Ability to Promote Sleep

CBD Gummies for sleep

CBD Gummies for Sleep Lack of sleep can seriously affect your mental health, appetite, concentration, and relationships. Luckily, some natural remedies may help you fall asleep — including hemp’s non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBD. This article explores the effectiveness of CBD gummies for sleep, how to dose them, and where to buy the best sleep gummies.  Best […]

Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Oregon: Current Laws and Where to Buy

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Oregon

Oregon issued 1,883 hemp cultivation licenses and permitted planting on nearly 64,000 outdoor acres in 2019. As one of the biggest producers of both hemp and marijuana, the state has unique law provisions that support the growth of the cannabis industry. Is full spectrum CBD oil (PCR hemp oil) legal to buy in Oregon? Let’s […]

Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Oklahoma [Legalities and Where to Buy in 2020]

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Oklahoma

Oklahoma is in the process of drafting a hemp plan for USDA review, but that didn’t stop the Sooner State from authorizing the sale and manufacturing of hemp CBD products. The state is one of the few to set clear guidelines when it comes to sales and possession of hemp CBD products. Is full spectrum […]

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Laws: Is Hemp CBD Oil in Ohio Legal in 2020?

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Ohio

Ohio is among the very first three states to win approval on its hemp plan by the USDA. The state is in the process of implementing the new hemp plan under the 2018 Farm Bill and regulating the cultivation of hemp and the processing of hemp-derived CBD products. Does Ohio law authorize the sale of […]

Can You Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil in North Dakota in 2020

Full spectrum CBD Oil North Dakota

North Dakota stores are selling hemp-derived CBD oil, but the state has yet to regulate these products.  The state decided to operate under its current pilot hemp program for the 2020 season, which means that it’s unlikely it will change the current legal status of hemp CBD products. Can you buy full spectrum CBD oil […]

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