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The Medicinal Benefits of Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower Benefits

In case you haven’t noticed—hemp flowers are a big deal lately. People are ordering hemp buds to make use of all the medical benefits this amazing plant has to offer…without getting high.  What Exactly Is A Hemp Plant? Hemp is a member of the cannabis family and a close relative to marijuana. Hemp is known […]

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum CBD Oil….What’s The Difference? Is one more beneficial than the other? Which one is best for me? These answers and more below: The Cannabinoid Spectrum Explained CBD is a naturally occurring compound—also known as a cannabinoid—in the hemp plant. Aside from CBD, the hemp plant is rich in a hundred […]

CBD vs. CBN: Health Benefits, Effects, and Legality


People are slowly picking up on the benefits of cannabinol (CBN), one of the first to be discovered cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and with a good reason: this compound is known as the most powerful sedative in cannabis that helps people with insomnia. Aside from that, CBN helps with bone regeneration and shows pain-relieving […]

CBD for Pain Management: 2019 Stats and Facts

CBD For Pain

Ever since CBD became the go-to remedy for almost every ailment you could think of, CBD users have become more careful before buying. Understandably so, as some cannabis producers are desperately trying to get their piece of the pie, recommending CBD products, especially CBD oil, as a solution for ailments that have not been explored […]