Official Harlequin CBD Strain Review by Mr. Hemp Flower

Harlequin Strain Review

Welcome to the official review of Harlequin CBD hemp flower by Mr. Hemp Flower where you’ll get everything you need to know about this strain. This review is designed to give you an in-depth look at Harlequin’s properties and effects to help you with your strain shopping decisions. We’ll first provide a general overview of […]

Using Delta-8 -THC for Pain — How Does Delta-8 THC Work As a Pain Reliever

Delta-8 for Pain

Using delta-8-THC for pain — how effective is delta-8 for pain management? If managing pain becomes harder and harder, you are not alone. Approximately one in five Americans suffers from chronic pain on a regular basis, facing limited treatment options for pain management. If you are dealing with pain and are keeping your options open, […]

Official Mojito Hemp Flower CBD Strain Review

Mojito Strain Review

This is the official strain review for Mojito CBD Hemp Flower. It provides the most accurate and in-depth look at the strain and is designed to help you decide if it’s the best fit for your circumstances. We’ll unpack and explain Mojito hemp’s phytocannabinoid and terpene profile, along with providing accurate information on its genetic […]

Buying Hemp Cigarettes in Nebraska: Where to Find Them, Laws for Buying & Selling, and Best Brands

Hemp Cigarettes in Nebraska

It’s no secret that CBD’s sweeping the nation: these days, we can find tinctures, topicals, and edibles ready to purchase, but do you know about the skyrocketing hemp cigarettes? Hemp cigs can be a fast & effective way to obtain your CBD (and much more), but we realize you may still have some questions: First […]

Are Hemp Cigs Legal in Nevada? How to Buy Hemp Cigarettes in the Old Line State

Hemp Cigarettes in Nevada

The past 2 years have been significant for the hemp industry: not only with the inception of the 2018 Farm Bill but with it, the amount of research and development that’s gone into creating a wide selection of hemp-derived products, including cannabinoid-rich hemp cigarettes. However, some states have made specific bans on hemp smokables, largely […]

Delta-8 for Nausea: Does it REALLY Work? [Side-Effects and Where to Buy]

Delta-8 thc for Nausea

Delta-8 THC is a potent antiemetic — possibly the most effective hangover cure you’ll ever come across. In a search for a hangover cure? Maybe a natural remedy against motion sickness? Scientific evidence testifies about the power of hemp cannabinoids as antiemetics. An antiemetic is an agent with the ability to prevent or treat nausea […]

Does Delta-8 Get You High? [The Truth]

Delta 8 THC high

Does delta-8 THC get you high? Is delta-8 THC right for you? Your most burning questions, answered! The hemp plant is a complex entity with over 100 naturally occurring compounds known as phytocannabinoids. A secondary cannabinoid, delta-8 THC’s impressive therapeutic benefits and mild psychotropic effects stole traditional THC’s spotlight. About to try delta-8 THC for […]

Montana Hemp Laws: Hemp Cigarettes, Their Benefits, and State Laws

Hemp Cigarettes in Montana

In the growing, ever-innovating scene of hemp products, you might be surprised to find that there’s a growing love for something simple: hemp cigarettes have gained quite a bit of traction as a highly bioavailable CBD source. But in some states, hemp cigarettes have gained a bit of a legal gray area. For instance, some […]

Buying Hemp Cigarettes in Michigan: Where to Find Them, Laws for Buying & Selling, and Best Brands

Hemp Cigarettes in Michigan

Amongst the many choices you have for hemp-derived products, hemp cigarettes have become an especially popular way to relax with the help of CBD, plus the whole spectrum of cannabinoids, terps, and flavonoids. And as you might’ve heard already, cannabis is now legal in the state of Michigan, but what laws apply to hemp smokables? […]

Mississippi Hemp Laws: Hemp Cigarettes, Their Benefits, and State Laws

Hemp Cigarettes in Mississippi

Among the wide variety of CBD products, hemp flower cigarettes have gained traction as a way to get the effects of full-spectrum hemp fast. And with the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, many states have enjoyed the greater accessibility allowed for hemp–not only with hemp cigarettes but other smokables, tinctures, edibles, and topicals. But […]