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Wholesale CBD Flower for the Ohio Marketplace- Laws and Regs

Wholesale Hemp Flower Ohio

Partner with Mr. Hemp Flower and cash in on the emerging marketplace for wholesale hemp flower in Ohio. With an approved hemp plan by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) — and friendly hemp-CBD regulations — Ohio is laying the groundwork for a successful hemp CBD industry. Do you want to cash in on […]

Cherry Crème Brulee Strain Review

This official review covers the high CBD indoor hemp cultivar, Cherry Crème Brulee. We’ll go over all the important data including this strain’s genetics and character. You’ll learn about Cherry Crème Brulee Hemp Flower’s profile, effects, and best uses. Plus, be sure to read to the end to get a special offer on pre-rolls and […]

Ceiba CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Ceiba Strain Review

This strain review covers everything you need to know about the CBD hemp strain, Ceiba. We’ll go over its genetics, chemical composition, and give you the best-recommended uses, plus our overall rating. This Ceiba review aims to help you make an informed strain decision on hemp flower. Be sure to read it all the way […]

Gorilla Glue Strain Review

Gorilla Glue Strain Review

This review goes in-depth into the Gorilla Glue CBD Hemp Flower strain. You’ll get an accurate and detailed description of its characteristics, profile, genetics, effects, and best uses. Make sure to read to the end to get Mr. Hemp Flower’s official overall rating and special offers on pre-rolls and wholesale flower options. First, we’ll give […]

Cheese CBD Hemp Flower Strain Review

Cheese Strain Review

This review covers the hemp flower strain, Cheese CBD, and goes in-depth on everything you need to know.   By providing the most accurate review and description of Cheese CBD, we hope to help you make the best-informed decision for your circumstances. First, we’ll give you a general description of the character and effect regarding […]

Worlds Best Hemp Cigarettes- What You Should Know Before Buying

Best Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp flower cigarettes have become a favorite, whether it’s to easily & enjoyably obtain the many benefits of CBD, or as a means to help quitting tobacco products. But are your hemp cigs the best quality on the market? And are you familiar with the hemp laws in your state? Here at Mr. Hemp Flower, […]

White Widow CBG Strain Review

White Widow Hemp Strain Review

This review will take you in-depth into White Widow CBG hemp flower. It includes a zoomed in look at the strain’s profile and genetic lineage.   First we’ll provide a general review of the strain’s characteristics and highlights. Then, in the following sections we unpack White Widow CBG’s profile including terpene and phytocannabinoid content. Be […]

Where to Buy Wholesale 100% Legal CBD-Rich Hemp Flower in New York

Wholesale Hemp Flower in New York

Partner with Mr. Hemp Flower and cash in on the emerging marketplace for wholesale hemp flower in New York. New York will continue operating under its 2014 hemp pilot program for the 2020 growing season. The state Department of Agriculture and Markets issued over 260 hemp licenses in 2019. The Empire State is one of […]

Buy Wholesale Retail-Ready and Bulk Smokable Hemp Flower in North Carolina

Wholesale Hemp Flower in North Carolina

Partner with Mr. Hemp Flower and cash in on the emerging marketplace for wholesale hemp flower in North Carolina. North Carolina is one of the largest hemp producers in the nation. With over 1500 licenses issued in 2019, the state is well on its way to becoming a dominant player in the hemp industry. The […]