The Medicinal Benefits of Hemp Flower

Hemp Flower Benefits

CBD hemp flower is one of the most desirable products on the market. This organic, non-intoxicating part of the hemp plant offers an abundance of medicinal (and other) benefits. 

Last Update: June 17, 2023

Article Summary

  • The hemp plant is part of the Cannabis sativa L. cultivars and is a tall, sturdy aromatic annual herb.
  • The hemp flower, also known as CBD flower or hemp bud, is an essential part of the female hemp plant. It can be used for cannabinoid extraction or as a dried and cured product to create smokable hemp.
  • Research shows many potential benefits of the components of hemp, particularly CBD flower. Cannabidiol (CBD), the main non-intoxicating cannabinoid in hemp, may alleviate symptoms like pain, anxiousness, moodiness and low appetite. 
  • The terpenes in hemp, including myrcene and pinene, are known for their calming and relaxing effects. Terpenes play an essential role in choosing the right hemp flower strain because they significantly affect the features of the strain.  
  • CBD flower can also potentially help improve sleep quality, reduce inflammation, and assist in smoking cessation.
  • Hemp-derived products can be beneficial for skin and hair health and provide a multitude of other benefits.
  • CBD flower is a federally legal product in the U.S. under the 2018 Farm Bill, which allowed its sale and distribution at the limit of 0.3% THC by dry weight.
  • CBD hemp flower can be vaped, smoked, or used for preparing healthy meals. 

Medicinal Benefits of Using CBD Hemp Flower 

CBD flower is a no-waste way of getting the healing effects of hemp. It contains no nicotine, tobacco, additives, or other residual compounds that may be present in processed CBD products. 

The combination of high CBD and low THC can be used to help with chronic pain, symptoms of arthritis, anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia.

CBD flower can be smoked or vaped and presents an effective way of getting the benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes in your system quickly. 

That’s why it tends to aid acute flares and pain that require immediate attention.

CBD Hemp Flower Provides Fast Delivery of CBD 

CBD hemp flower receives such praise because it’s the quickest and most effective way to absorb CBD in your system.  

Vaping and smoking bring CBD directly into the bloodstream through the lungs, avoiding the first-pass metabolism. This makes vaping and smoking an effective way to get the benefits of the hemp plant into the body. 

Although research is limited, studies support the fact that these methods of consumption offer a higher bioavailability (a key indicator of drug absorption).

Compared to oral consumption, which has bioavailability rates between 4% and 20%, smoking or inhaling CBD flower may offer a bioavailability of 56% [1]. 

But let’s not limit hemp flower’s content to CBD only. CBD hemp flower also contains trace amounts of THC and terpenes, which play a significant role in its overall benefits. 

CBD shows anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that may help with anxiousness and stress. According to research, THC is necessary for people with more serious ailments, especially when combined with CBD.

Even if taken in lower doses, such as those found in the hemp flower, THC produces beneficial effects, giving the user the advantage of the entourage effect.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of CBD hemp flowers:

Potential Sleep Aid

Sleep deprivation affects about 1 in 3 American adults, out of which 40% report unintentionally falling asleep during the day at least once a month [2]. 

People dealing with sleep deprivation have tried everything under the sky to get a good night’s rest but to no avail. Although studies are in their infancy and show limited results, there’s some evidence that CBD may help the body enter a restful state. 

One review of studies on cannabinoids and sleep (in animals) showed that lower doses of CBD decreased the time mice needed to fall asleep and reach their REM phase [3]. 

Anecdotal evidence shows that CBD helps some people fall asleep fast and wake up feeling refreshed. The effects of CBD flower are felt almost immediately and last between 30 minutes and 45 minutes — an ideal timeframe for people dealing with sleep issues. 

Certain people report feeling more awake and alert with CBD flower, which may come down to the type of strain they use. Unlike pure CBD isolate, CBD flower is full spectrum and contains lots of terpenes. 

Some terpenes have sedating effects, while others energize and uplift. Getting the hemp flower strain right and the amount of CBD and terpenes correct for your body may be challenging, but achieving a good combination will be worth it.  

The compounds in CBD flower have the ability to interact with the receptors in the brain that play an important role in mood and anxiety.

May Help You Quit Smoking

CBD may help people quit smoking by inhibiting the metabolism of nicotine, a new study shows [4]

The study was conducted by Washington State University researchers and revealed that CBD could inhibit several enzymes, including CYP2A6, a main one for nicotine metabolism. The researchers discovered that the enzyme CYP2A6 metabolizes 70% of nicotine [4]

Another double-blind study where 24 smokers were given an inhaler to take when craving a cigarette showed a positive correlation between CBD and reduced cigarette consumption. Half of the group was given a placebo inhaler, while the other half of the group was given a CBD inhaler. The group with the CBD inhaler smoked 40% fewer cigarettes, while the other group saw no change [5].

Anti-inflammatory Properties

CBD flower is naturally rich in cannabinoids and terpenes that may exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. These compounds work with the endocannabinoid system to support the body’s natural ability to heal [6]. 

CBD, in particular, can affect the body’s immune cells and modulate the body’s inflammatory response. Research on animals shows that CBD may be promising for reducing acute inflammation in rats [7, 8]. 

Terpenes like alpha-pinene and myrcene also show potential acute anti-inflammatory effects [9].  

May Help with Pain

CBD and THC are medically approved drugs for certain types of pain, like neuropathic pain due to MS (Sativex in the UK) and cancer pain (Canada) [10]. 

Several studies show that CBD and THC are well tolerated and effective for patients dealing with chronic pain. This is due to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of CBD flower’s compounds [11, 12]. 

Regardless if you are dealing with acute pain or soreness caused by a minor or major injury or inflammation in your muscles after working out, whole spectrum products like CBD flower can help.

Mental Health Uses

Mental health conditions like PTSD, depression, and anxiety are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs. 

In recent years, more and more people are choosing hemp-derived CBD as a natural approach to dealing with certain symptoms. 

Most people use hemp cannabinoids to alleviate stress, relax, and get the drowsy feeling that helps them fall asleep more easily [10]. 

Compared to medications, CBD is not addictive and shows very few to no side effects.

Good for the Skin

Hemp is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients that are great for the skin.

Amino acids can help the skin generate collagen and elastin which keeps it moisturized and reduces wrinkles.

Other Benefits of Smoking CBD Hemp Flower

Aside from its potential therapeutic uses, you can enjoy CBD flower recreationally to boost your mood or relax with a good movie.

CBD Hemp Flower is Tasty 

Hemp flower buds are a delicious treat after a long day of work or on days when you want to chill by yourself. They are non-intoxicating, so no mind-altering effects, but an uplifting feeling that puts you in a good state of mind.

CBD hemp flower contains many aromatic compounds known as terpenes, contributing to its potent aroma and flavor. While it takes some trial and error to find the right strain for you, once you do, it’ll be the experience you keep returning to. 

CBD Hemp Flower is Fast-Acting 

You can expect the effects of CBD flower to kick in within 5 to 10 minutes and last for a maximum of 45 minutes. This allows you to enter a state of relaxation pretty quickly and reap the strain’s benefits when needed. 

With oils, tinctures, or gummies, you sometimes have to wait up to 2 hours for the effects to kick in, which is not ideal for people who need quick relief. Our CBD hemp flower tests at 0.3% THC, so regular users can typically go on about their day and be productive.

CBD Hemp Flower Offers the Entourage Effect

Full spectrum hemp extracts contain hemp’s active ingredients, which, according to science, work better when taken together. So, no wonder full spectrum hemp extracts are recommended as a better solution than isolates. 

The synergy between hemp’s compounds is known as the “entourage effect,” and CBD flower is an unbeatable product in this regard. CBD hemp flower contains the entire hemp cannabinoid and terpene profile [13]. 

This includes active primary and secondary cannabinoids and terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamins. The only product that comes close to this level of active ingredients is PCR hemp oil or phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. 

Other full spectrum oils don’t come close to the array of active compounds in hemp flower. When grown organically, CBD flower is clean and processed, providing a window to the naturally occurring precious hemp compounds. 

Click here if you want to know more about phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil.

What is CBD Hemp Flower? 

Hemp flower (also known as CBD flower, CBD bud) is one of the most used parts of the hemp plant. It’s used to make high-end CBD oils, hemp oil, and of course, smokable hemp flower products

Hemp CBD flowers come from the female hemp plant and are dense and sticky from being covered in trichomes — the main parts that produce cannabinoids and terpenes. 

CBD flower is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), the main non-intoxicating cannabinoid in cannabis. It contains a decent concentration of terpenes, including myrcene, pinene, limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene.  

Many people prefer CBD flower over THC flower because the side effects are way milder. CBD flower doesn’t cause as much anxiety, paranoia, and intrusive thoughts as THC flower. 

While it can get the user a bit “zoned out,” CBD flower produces chill effects and the user can focus and maintain a conversation. 

CBD Flower vs. THC Flower

CBD flower is non-intoxicating cannabis that contains high levels of CBD and trace amounts of THC, while THC flower primarily contains the intoxicating cannabis compound THC. On the outside, CBD flower and THC flower look identical — lush green buds with plenty of sparkling trichomes. 

But if you look at it, THC flower has a higher number of crystal formations and a deeper complexity than CBD flower. THC flower is also considered superior in strain options, smell, and potency because the cannabis market has invested more resources towards this product. 

To verify whether you’re dealing with THC flower or CBD flower, simply check the Certificate of Analysis of the product. CBD flower will always contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. 

If you want to spot the differences between THCa flower and CBD flower, order yours today and share your experience with us. 

A Cannabis Experience WIthout the High: How to Use CBD Flower Effectively? 

To use CBD hemp flower effectively, you need to choose the right CBD flower strain.

The best approach is to choose the strain with the terpene profile you’ll enjoy most. Terpenes give the CBD flower its specific aroma and flavor, so look for the primary terpenes the strain contains. Here are some of the most common ones: 

  • Myrcene: Exhibits relaxing and sedating effects and is best used when you are looking to chill on your couch or perform a low-key activity. 
  • Limonene: Known for its citrus flavor, limonene has an energizing effect. 
  • Linalool: The primary terpene in lavender has relaxing properties.   
  • Caryophyllene: This terpene gives the CBD flower its spicy flavor.
  • Pinene: The main terpene in pines that gives the CBD flower its energizing effects and a woody smell.    

Smoking vs. Vaping Hemp

It is important to mention that smoking CBD flower isn’t going to be the absolute best method for consuming CBD flower…simply because of the unhealthiness of inhaling smoke. 

Smoking hemp flower should be especially avoided by those with respiratory issues, minors, or seniors that have been advised against smoke inhalation.

Dry herb vaping can be a great alternative to smoking for some people. CBD flower can also be prepared into a tincture or incorporated in meals.

Like CBD oil and other products, hemp flower is considered safe to use by humans. 

Pregnant and nursing women should avoid the use of hemp products because this is still an unexplored area and there may be a risk of adverse developmental effects on the baby.

CBD Hemp Flower Dosing Recommendations

As a rule of thumb, start with a few puffs of CBD pre-roll and see how it makes you feel. Then, increase the dose daily or weekly, depending on the results you’re getting. 

It’s recommended to discuss the right dosage of CBD for you with a doctor if you plan on using it for a prolonged period of time. 

The dosing of CBD flower depends on the strain and how that specific strain affects the person. Terpenes and other cannabinoids also play a role in the effects of the strain. The dosage typically depends on the person’s overall health, metabolism, body size, and goals. 

CBD is safe to take in higher doses (100-200 mg) for up to 6 months, but taking breaks in between is recommended to reset the endocannabinoid receptors. To overdose on CBD, one will need to take extremely high doses for a prolonged period of time.

While a certain CBD flower strain may work great for people with chronic pain or inflammation, people with anxiety may find that the levels of, for example, limonene in the strain influence their mood or give them too much energy.

To solve this problem, they should go with a strain that has a higher percentage of CBD but a lower percentage of limonene terpene.

Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal?

Yes, CBD hemp flower with less than 0.3% THC by dry weight is completely legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Hemp has become legal on a federal level after President Trump’s signing of the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD flower and all parts of hemp are legal only if it has THC within the limits of 0.3%. 

All the products sold by Mr. Hemp Flower are permitted to purchase in every state in the U.S. without a prescription. 

It’s important to get your hemp flower from reliable sources that also provide third-party lab results that allow you to see the real levels of THC in the product.

Possible Side Effects and Drug Interactions from Smoking Hemp

In general, CBD hemp flower is safe to use. There are few reported side effects from regular hemp/CBD use, including:

  • Changes in mood and appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Drug Interactions

Compounds found in the hemp plant, such as CBD, may interact with several medications, including prescription drugs, dietary supplements, and over-the-counter medications.

Hemp components can interfere with the way the liver processes other medications, impacting the levels of the drug in the system and potentially causing severe side effects.

Before taking hemp flower or even pure CBD oil, make sure to discuss with your doctor to slowly eliminate the use of medication.

Allergic Reactions to CBD Flower

In rare cases, CBD flower can cause an allergic reaction. 

Some people have found that they break into hives if CBD flower touches their skin. This is because of the pollen that the hemp buds contain (produced by male plants) and potentially the terpenes in the CBD flower. 

So, people allergic to grass, pollen, trees, and other plants may be allergic to CBD flower. Typical symptoms of CBD flower allergy include itching, runny nose, red, swollen eyes, and even skin rashes and hives [14]. 

Vomiting and Nausea (CHS)

Also known as cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, cannabis flower can cause recurrent, severe vomiting and nausea. 

Although this syndrome is generally caused by THC, vomiting and nausea can happen in some people using CBD flower as well. If you notice that cannabinoids are making you feel unwell, seek medical help. 

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

There’s not much research about the effects of cannabinoids on pregnancy and breastfeeding, but pregnant women are not advised to use CBD flower. 

First, smoking or inhaling smoke during pregnancy is believed to lower the oxygen supply to the unborn child, which may affect its brain development and immune system later in life [15]. 

Due to the potency of cannabinoids, it is recommended to avoid any type of cannabis during pregnancy because they may affect the brain development of the fetus. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Hemp Flower Products

Organic Hemp

Hemp flowers are full-spectrum which is a preferable option recommended to consumers.

Because you are consuming the dried and cured version, looking for hemp flower grown organically is important. You don’t want any pesticides or other contaminants in the flower you’re inhaling, and that’s supposed to make you feel better. 

Since the very beginning, Mr. Hemp Flower has offered organic hemp buds grown by experienced farmers in Oregon, Washington, and North Carolina. 

Third-Party Lab Results

To be sure you’re getting hemp and not marijuana, always check the Certificate of Analysis of the CBD flower. 

If you are buying from a reliable source, they will have third-party test results readily available on their website.

The CBD flower should always have less than 0.3% THC listed on the labs, so try to stick to this requirement when purchasing the product.

Buy Online

The best approach for CBD flower is to order them online. 

CBD flower is legal in the U.S., but some consumers may still encounter troubles due to its resemblance with marijuana. Hence, the CBD flower market is narrow, leaving consumers with very little choice of quality dispensaries where they can shop.

That’s why so many users order their hemp buds online from Mr. Hemp Flower.

Organically grown with care, our hemp flower is adequately tested for its ingredients by accredited labs, so you know you’ll be getting the good stuff from a high-quality hemp flower.

What Exactly Is A Hemp Plant?

Hemp is a Cannabis sativa L. variety and a member of the cannabis family. A close relative to marijuana, hemp is grown for both industrial and medicinal uses. 

The rise of CBD spread the word about hemp as the cannabis plant that doesn’t get the user intoxicated. But, this plant is much more versatile than originally thought.  

Hemp’s fiber and seed have been used as long as 8,000 years B.C. for the production of various things, including clothing, accessories, drinks, skin products, and even cars. In the past, before commercial hemp was banned for production, notable figures such as Henry Ford were its big supporters.

Today, hemp gained in popularity thanks to the rise of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is the main non-psychoactive ingredient in hemp flower that has been researched for a variety of potential benefits.  

Hemp plants as a whole are often used to extract CBD, including seeds, stalks, and stems altogether, known as “biomass.”

Hemp Fiber

The hemp fiber is a dominant class of the bast natural fibers family, which includes flax, jute, kenaf, roselle, ramie, sunn, and urena. The hemp fiber is a strong member of this family and is used to make more durable and longer-lasting products than other natural fibers. 

Hemp Seeds 

Aside from the hemp fiber, hempseed is a practical, edible and highly nutritional hemp product that can be consumed regularly [16]. 

The hempseed is considered a nut that’s high in fiber and contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It can be pressed and used to create hempseed oil rich in nutrients important for heart health. 

Aside from its impressive profile of omega fatty acids, the hempseed has traces of THC and CBD that won’t exhibit mind-altering effects. 

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are different species of plant within the Cannabis family. These two plants are different in appearance and chemical makeup.

The hemp plant typically grows taller and skinnier than marijuana, showing slender leaves mostly concentrated towards the top of the plant.

Marijuana, on the other hand, has broad leaves, dense buds, and an overall bushy look.

Hemp plants are grown closely together, while marijuana plants are grown within 6 feet apart. Probably the most important difference is the one between the plant’s chemical composition.

Marijuana contains high amounts of THC, while hemp has lower amounts of THC, which is why it has been legalized in the US.

Both varieties of cannabis, hemp and marijuana have been prohibited since the 1970 Controlled Substances Act. Until hemp was legalized for commercial purposes in 2018, it was considered a Schedule I drug.

FAQs on Benefits of Using CBD Hemp Flower

No, CBD hemp flower won’t get you high, even if it’s the most potent strain around.

This is because the CBD flower contains less than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to get you intoxicated. CBD flower’s potency comes from its combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.

There’s a very small chance that you’ll fail a drug test after consuming CBD flower, but it’s possible.

The accumulation of THC in regular smokers (even in such small amounts) may be enough for the drug test to detect it in urine. This typically happens in very heavy CBD users or people who take more time to metabolize the cannabinoid.

The legal age limit for CBD flower in most states is 18 and older. Some states have an age limit of 21 and older for inhalable hemp products.

Yes, CBD flower is a smokable product. Smoking CBD flower is one of the fastest and most effective options for consuming cannabidiol (CBD). For most users, it’s a relaxing and enjoyable activity.

Yes, you can vape CBD hemp flower in a dry herb vaporizer or vape pen.

Many people prefer vaping smokable hemp rather than smoking or other methods. Some consumers have a reaction to the terpenes in CBD flower, so vaping is a better option for them. For others, vaping is a gentler option because it’s easier on the lungs.

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