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Enjoy the relaxing benefits of delicious delta 9 THC products including edibles, gummies, and candy! 

Our recipes are infused with premium full-spectrum hemp-derived delta 9 from organically grown hemp plants and natural, organic ingredients.

Delta 9 THC Gummies

We only use premium hemp extract containing a full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids in all our delta 9 gummies.

The full-spectrum profile of our gummies is verified to activate the synergistic amplification of delta 9 THC’s properties known as the entourage effect. 

The entourage effect means our delta 9 gummies work to provide the relieving effects you need!

10mg Delta 9 Gummies 

Enjoy 10mg delta 9 gummies in two delicious flavors. A fan favorite, our flagship delta 9 gummy is available in 5-count and 30-count packages.


10mg d9 gummies 30 pack

25mg Delta 9 Gummies 

Are you ready to go high-potency? Reach for these tasty 25mg delta 9 THC gummies. These tasty Strawberry-Lime flavors will blow your mind! Available in 5-count packages.

25mg delta 9 gummies - 30 pack

Delta 9 Sleep Gummies with Melatonin + CBN

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? With our delta 9 sleep gummies, you could get a good night’s sleep on a concrete floor. 


Made with a delicious berry flavor and formulated with melatonin, CBN, and myrcene for maximum effect, our delta 9 sleep gummies help you get the rest you deserve. Available in 5-count packages. 


2mg THCp + 10mg Delta 9 Gummies

Do you need maximum strength potency from delta 9 THC gummies? We’ve got it! Try our new Orange Kush THCp gummies made with organic and vegan ingredients. Experienced users only!

Each gummy contains 2mg of THCp, the strongest form of THC known to man, and 10mg of full spectrum delta 9 THC to activate the entourage effect. Available in 5-count packages.

Buy THCp Gummies Here

USA-Grown Organic Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC  

Our focus on producing high-quality products infused with hemp-derived cannabinoids and no artificial ingredients or artificial colors makes our delta 9 products unique in the hemp and CBD industries. 

We source our hemp-derived delta 9 THC exclusively from expert hemp processors that use the cleanest extraction methods and state-of-the-art machinery to create premium delta 9 THC distillate. 

Our hemp farms used for our delta 9 are located in the best states for growing hemp including Oregon, Washington, and Colorado. 

We use only carefully cultivated non-GMO hemp grown using sustainable and organic cultivation methods rich in terpene and cannabinoid content, and we promise to never use imported industrial hemp.

Our delta 9 products contain only the best possible ingredients from seed to shelf and we are committed to offering our customers transparency and excellent customer service.

Third-Party Lab Testing / Certificate of Analysis

All of our source materials used to craft our hemp-derived products are federally legal and lab tested. 

Each product comes with independent third-party labs to ensure our products are accurately labeled and free from any unwanted residue from harmful chemicals such as heavy metals and pesticides.

Check the corresponding product page on our website for easy-to-find third-party lab tests. Plus, every physical hemp product features a traceable QR code so you can see where your delta 9 comes from and know exactly what’s in your edibles. 

Third-party lab-tested products are a hemp industry standard. Lab reports confirm independent third-party lab tests by providing an authenticated certificate of analysis that verifies what types of tests were conducted and the results. 

Lab reports will show the different cannabinoids and terpenes present in the product. It will also show the safety tests that were conducted to screen out unwanted contaminants like pesticides.

Delta 9 Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Get answers to the most common questions we receive about delta 9 from our customers.

Delta 9 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp plants. It belongs to a family of chemical compounds found in hemp plants known as cannabinoids. 

Alongside other cannabinoids, Delta 9 is the primary active compound in THC gummies and other types of hemp-derived products. 

The primary benefits of delta 9 include a strong, relaxing effect on the mind and body, increased appetite, mood, sleep, and comfort, and a sense of relief from aspects related to stress and pain. 

The effects of delta 9 help people to feel comfort and relief from wellness-related issues. The potent effects may also relax tension and nerves in social settings helping people to feel more liberated and calm. 

Further research is required to confirm any health advantages of taking delta 9 THC and other cannabinoids for any specific health conditions. Always consult a medical professional if you have a medical condition before taking delta 9 THC. 

The effects of consuming delta 9 edibles or delta 9 gummies differ somewhat from smoking or inhaling delta 9 THC via flower. 

The effects of inhalation are instantaneous whereas the effects of consumption require the compounds to travel through the digestive system and first pass through the liver before being distributed into the bloodstream. 

This first pass causes a delayed onset of the effects of consuming delta 9 gummies and edibles compared to the immediate onset of smoking. 

While it may take longer for the effects of edibles or gummies to onset, they typically last for several hours, much longer than the effects of smoking. 

Overall, delta 9 THC works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, an innate signaling network responsible for regulating the balance between the body’s homeostatic systems. 

Our customers report that hemp-derived delta 9 helps them to feel more relaxed and comfortable, gives them a better mood and increased appetite, and helps them to achieve a better quality of rest and sleep. 

Since each person has unique circumstances, individual responses to taking delta 9 THC may vary. 

Are you ready to join the thousands of others already enjoying the benefits of delta-9 THC? We have more than a decade of experience in providing customers with excellent customer service in high-quality hemp-derived products. 

Shop for delta 9 safely and with confidence online knowing we keep your data safe and never share it with third parties. Enjoy the safety of our end-to-end encrypted secure checkout system. 

Each order comes with custom email confirmation, receipt, tracking, and dedicated third-party lab test QR codes. Want more? 

Contact our team if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our delta 9 THC products to ask for a hassle-free money-back guarantee return policy. 

We haven’t had to give any returns out so far, and that’s how confident we are you’ll love our delta 9 products.  

There are no recommended dosage guidelines for THC intake, which means each person will need to experiment to find the right dose for their circumstances.

It’s generally recommended to start with a tiny dose and wait to see how delta 9 will affect you. 

Once you know your tolerance level you can slowly increase the dose or take a lower dose as needed.

You must be 21 years of age or older to legally purchase delta 9 THC products.

It typically takes up to an hour for the effects of delta 9 gummies to begin working. 

How long it takes for the effects of delta-9 gummies to begin working depends on the dose, tolerance, metabolism, and other factors. 

Delta 9 gummies are federally legal under the 2018 hemp farm bill. 

According to the farm bill, a hemp-derived product is legal at the federal level as long as it contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC by dry weight volume, the legal THC limit. 

We infuse the maximum amount of THC allowed while keeping our delta 9 products farm bill compliant with the THC weight limit. 

This makes our delta 9 products regulated at the federal level similarly to CBD and other hemp products.

Delta 9 THC is the primary active cannabinoid in hemp and cannabis. It can have mind-altering effects in high dosages. Do not operate heavy machinery while taking delta-9 THC. 

Yes, delta 9 THC is federally legal in the USA.

Yes, delta 9 THC is typically reported to have stronger effects than delta 8 THC, which is in alignment with scientific research regarding potency for delta 9 and delta 8.

Delta 9 edibles are foods, snacks, beverages, and any consumable product infused with delta 9 THC. Delta 9 edibles are the new pot brownies!

Buy delta 9 gummies safely right here on our website.

Delta 9 gummies work by supporting healthy endocannabinoid system activity.

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