Legality of THCA Flower in Minnesota After Cannabis Legalization

Is THCA Flower Legal in Minnesota

Minnesota legalized recreational cannabis in August 2023, setting the highest legal limit on private possession in the nation. In the state, hemp and marijuana products are regulated differently, which determines the legal status of THCA flower in Minnesota. 

Is THCA flower legal to purchase in Minnesota? In this article, we explore the current legal status of this type of flower, possession limits, and whether you can order online.

Last Update: April 24, 2024 


  • THCA flower is illegal in Minnesota because it’s not considered ‘hemp’ under state law.
  • State law limits the “acceptable hemp THC level” in hemp products to no more than 0.3% by weight. Under state law, THC includes both delta 9 and THCA.  
  • This means that Minnesota has a total THC standard for finished hemp products, making most commercially sold THCA flower strains illegal. 
  • If you’re 21 and over, you can purchase THCA flower in Minnesota, but only from a licensed marijuana dispensary. 
  • Minnesota legalized cannabis for recreational use in August 2023. If you’re 21 and over, you can possess up to two ounces of weed for personal use. 

Where to Buy THCA Flower in Minnesota? 

The best place to buy THCA flower in Minnesota is online, delivered to your door. 

Despite the potential illegality of THCA flower in Minnesota, you can still find and purchase this product in the state at your own risk. But, if you want the best experience the legal way, the best alternative to THCA flower is our delta 9 THC gummies

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Is THCA Flower Legal in Minnesota? 

State law doesn’t consider THCA flower legal hemp. 

Under current law, THCA hemp flower is cannabis in Minnesota. This is because state law requires THCA to be calculated towards the total delta 9 THC content in hemp products. 

The “acceptable hemp THC level” in a hemp product must not exceed 0.3%, with THC including both delta 9 THC and THCA. 

The high levels of THCA in this type of flower make it illegal under state law because Minnesota has a total THC standard (THCA + delta 9 THC) for hemp products. 

This makes the legal status of THCA flower in Minnesota complex as the state recently legalized marijuana. Due to its resemblance to regular cannabis flower, THCA flower is legal to purchase in this state. 

If marketed and sold as hemp, THCA flower is illegal in Minnesota. However, you can purchase it from a licensed marijuana dispensary because it practically falls under cannabis regulations. 

While you can’t purchase THCA hemp flower in Minnesota as hemp, you can buy regular cannabis flower. In August 2023, Minnesota legalized the sale, use, and possession of cannabis for recreational purposes. If you’re 21 and older, you can possess up to 2 ounces of weed within state borders. 

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What is THCA Flower? 

THCA flower is hemp flower that’s in line with the 2018 Farm Bill but has an almost identical cannabinoid profile to marijuana flower. 

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or THCA, is the main compound in this type of flower, which transforms to delta 9 THC when heated. THCA flower will get you intoxicated just as much as regular cannabis flower. 

Is THCA Legal Federally? 

Hemp-derived THCA is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. 

According to expert cannabis lawyer Rod Kight, finished hemp products like THCA flower, are legal if their delta 9 THC levels don’t exceed 0.3% by dry weight. Kight states that the concentration of delta 9 THC in the product is the only metric that counts in finished hemp products. This means that the concentration of THCA in the product is not calculated under federal law. 

The only time the THCA levels are taken into account is in pre-harvested hemp, not finished products. So, if the product contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC — regardless of its THCA levels — it’s legal hemp federally. 

Is THCA a Controlled Substance in Minnesota?

Hemp-derived THCA in a concentration of no more than 0.3% is not a controlled substance in Minnesota. 

The levels of THCA in marketable hemp products must not exceed 0.3% by dry weight. This is because state law includes THCA in the definition of THC. 

Minnesota legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2023, so THCA flower is legal if sold as weed in licensed marijuana dispensaries. If you’re 21 and older, you can buy cannabis flower from a licensed dispensary. 

Can I Order THCA Flower Online in Minnesota? 

Yes, you can order THCA flower in Minnesota online, but from licensed marijuana dispensaries.

Under state law, hemp products with high THCA levels (above 0.3%) can be sold as marijuana products in licensed dispensaries. State law considers hemp products lawful if their total THC concentration (THC + THCA) doesn’t exceed 0.3% by dry weight.

Buy THCA Flower in Minnesota

Are There Any THCA Possession Limits in Minnesota?

You can possess up to two ounces of THCA flower in Minnesota. This product falls under marijuana regulations and is not considered hemp under state law. 

State law regulates hemp flower with total THC levels of 0.3% as marijuana. You can purchase it only in licensed marijuana dispensaries. 

Is THCA Flower Safe? 

Yes, THCA flower is safe, especially if purchased from licensed shops.

For safe consumption, match the amount you consume to your tolerance levels. High doses of THCA flower can lead to adverse effects, such as: 

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety 

Mild to moderate side effects are common, especially in beginners. But, they typically resolve on their own after a few hours, so make sure you rest and drink plenty of water in the meantime. 

Final Thoughts: Is THCA Flower Legal in Minnesota? 

THCA flower sold as hemp is not legal in Minnesota. 

State law doesn’t consider hemp products with THCA levels over 0.3% lawful. With that said, you can legally purchase regular cannabis flower with THCA levels of over 0.3% by dry weight if you’re 21 and over. 

FAQs on THCA Flower Minnesota

Yes, THCA flower is sold in Minnesota by licensed marijuana dispensaries. 

Undecarboxylated, hemp-derived THCA is legal in states that legalized hemp and hemp THCs. 

Chances are, you will fail a drug test after consuming heated (decarboxylated) THCA. Heat converts THCA into delta 9 THC, the primary intoxicating compound in hemp. 

Yes, you can send or receive THCA flower via USPS in Minnesota if the acceptable THC levels are less than 0.3% by dry weight. This is a risky move because THCA converts to THC when exposed to heat (fast) or other environmental factors (slow). 

A typical way to prove your product is legal THCA flower is to have a Certificate of Analysis issued by a third-party lab with it. Depending on state law, you might be asked to test the product further and prove it’s legal hemp with the new test. 

Yes, it will. THCA flower responds to heat by providing the typical marijuana experience as the THCA in it converts into delta 9 THC. 

You can, but you shouldn’t, and here’s why. THCA flower looks and smells the same as marijuana. Marijuana is still federally illegal, so you might get in trouble by traveling with this type of flower. 

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