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Delta 8 Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the few states without a medical marijuana program. In a state where patients don’t have access to legal THC, delta 8 THC quickly became a legal, widely available replacement. 

Is delta 8 legal in the Volunteer State? Can you order it in the mail? If so, where to buy it safely? Let’s take a look. 

Last Update: August 22, 2023

Article Summary

  • Delta 8 THC products are legal in Tennessee and can be sold to adults 21 and older.
  • The manufacture, sale, possession, and use of hemp-derived delta 8 products is lawful in Tennessee.
  • These products must be stored, offered in child-proof packaging, and sold by licensed sellers.
  • Under SB 378, delta 8 is a “hemp-derived cannabinoid,” alongside delta 10, HHC, and THC-O.
  •  The state prohibits the sale of any hemp-derived product to persons younger than 21.

Is Delta 8 THC in Tennessee Legal? 

Yes, hemp-derived delta 8 THC is legal in Tennessee and can be sold only to individuals 21 and older. 

Tennessee passed SB 378 in May 2023, permitting the manufacture, sale, and possession of hemp-derived delta 8 THC.

The bill also legalized other intoxicating hemp-derived cannabinoids, including delta 10, HHC, THCa, THCv, THCp, and THC-O. Therefore, intoxicating hemp cannabinoids are legal in this state and can be sold by licensed retailers.

The new law requires testing to ensure the products contain no toxins or heavy metals. It’s illegal for anyone under-age to possess products with intoxicating cannabinoids. When people buy delta 8 THC products, an additional 6% tax will be added.

Read more: State-by-State Legality of Delta 8 THC.

Where to Buy Delta 8 in Tennessee?

You can find delta 8 THC sold in local CBD dispensaries now that these products are fully regulated. 

Can I Buy D8 Online in Tennessee?

Absolutely, residents of Tennessee can order a range of delta 8 products online. Buying D8 online is the safest way to get a consistent supply of D8 shipped to your home.  

At Mr. Hemp Flower, we craft our own top-shelf CBD and D8 products. We use locally grown hemp from North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington that complies with USDA’s testing and growing rules.

Each product offered on our website comes with a lab test and has hundreds of reviews from customers. We offer delta 8 hemp flower and pre-rolls, gummies, and an array of edibles

What is Delta 8 THC? 

Delta 8 is a rare cannabis compound that became popular due to its similarity to delta 9. The hemp plant contains trace amounts of D8, which is not enough for extraction. To create D8, manufacturers isolate and convert hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). Meaning, most D8 products on the market are made from CBD. 

As an isomer of traditional delta 9 THC, D8 can cause similar effects but with lower potency. This cannabinoid binds to the body’s endocannabinoid system, causing mild intoxication. Both chemicals have a double bond in their structure (placed in a different carbon atom), which is thought to “stir up” the intoxicating effects that get the user high. 

Customers who’ve tried delta 8 THC report feeling happy and uplifting while also getting relief from symptoms like pain and nausea. Another difference between these two compounds is that D8 doesn’t cause the adverse effects of anxiety and paranoia. It instead produces a “clear-headed,” mellow intoxication that increases the appetite without the typical, intense food cravings caused by THC.  

Delta 8 THC and Federal Law 

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp with less than 0.3% THC and all hemp-derived cannabinoids, including delta 8 THC. Therefore, naturally occurring D8 in the hemp plant is a legal compound. 

The issue here is that D8 is present in the hemp plant in low amounts of less than 0.1%. To create D8 in large amounts, manufacturers use the chemical process of isomerization and convert hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) into Delta-8 THC. The process of converting one cannabinoid into another raised concerns over the legality of this cannabinoid. 

The Drug Enforcement Agency released its Interim Final Rule in which it stated that “all synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinols remain Schedule I controlled substances.” It seems like the DEA indirectly implies that delta 8 THC is a synthetically derived cannabinoid in this case, but still leaves room for debate over what the term “synthetically derived “means. 

Experts claim that a tetrahydrocannabinol is considered synthetically made when it’s created out of non-hemp plant materials. Such tetrahydrocannabinols are artificial, and their purpose is to mimic the effects natural THC has on the endocannabinoid system. When delta 8 is created from CBD, scientists use hemp plant matter to create REAL tetrahydrocannabinol that naturally occurs in cannabis. 

Well, there’s also the other side of the argument that D8 gets the user intoxicated. The initial reason behind legalizing hemp on the federal level was that it’s a useful, non-intoxicating plant that doesn’t get the user high. With D8, the status of hemp and its cannabinoids as non-intoxicating has been questioned. 

Bottom Line

Hemp-derived delta 8 THC is legal to buy, use, sell, and possess in Tennessee by adults 21 and older. The state is one of the few that have regulated this cannabinoid positively and allow its sale and use by adult citizens.

Delta 8 Tennessee

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Yes, hemp-derived D8 is legal to buy in Tennessee by adults aged 21 and older. The Volunteer State legalized hemp and all hemp-derived cannabinoids in 2017. 

The best places to buy are local CBD shops, or you can order it online safely.

Absolutely, this cannabinoid is legal in Tennessee, and you can order D8 products online. Most online shops ship to D8 friendly states, so you probably won’t encounter any issues.

No, twelve states explicitly banned D8, including Utah, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Montana, Mississippi, Idaho, Delaware, Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, and Alaska.

Yes, it’s safe. Delta-8 THC is considered safer than Delta-9. Because it’s a new and unregulated cannabinoid, it’s important to check the origin of the products you’re buying.

Read our legal disclaimer HERE. While we try to stay as up to date as possible on all state laws, you should do your own due diligence and work with a legal professional to ensure you are operating legally in your state or territory at all times.

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