The Future of Delta-8 THC’s Legality in Alabama | Did State Lawmakers Ban Delta-8?

Delta 8 Alabama

Alabama lawmakers were on the brink of criminalizing Delta-8 and Delta-10. Luckily, they tabled for discussion the proposed amendment until at least next year. The laws concerning Delta-8 THC are subject to change and vary by state and local jurisdiction. Is Delta-8 legal in Alabama? If so, where to buy safely?  

Is It Legal: Alabama Delta-8 Laws 

The short and simple answer is YES, hemp-derived Delta-8 is legal in Alabama.

What Is Delta-8? 

Delta-8 THC is a unique cannabinoid found in the hemp plant in trace amounts (less than 0.1%). This tetrahydrocannabinol is an isomer of Delta-9 THC, meaning it has the same formula as D9 but a different arrangement of atoms.

As a tetrahydrocannabinol with a slightly different chemical structure than its isomer D9, Delta-8 is mildly intoxicating. The psychoactive “high” experienced from consuming D8 is without the adverse effects of anxiety and paranoia. This cannabinoid produces a mellow, relaxed intoxication that keeps the user clear-headed and able to do certain tasks. *Note* D8 will get you high, so please avoid activities like driving.       

Where to Buy Delta-8 in Alabama

The sale and possession of Delta-8 THC in Alabama falls under the hemp regulatory framework. State hemp laws allow the sale of legal hemp products if they’re produced from hemp grown by a licensed grower in accordance with the state’s USDA hemp plan.  

The vast majority of D8 is sold in local CBD shops, but you can also find them in convenience stores and gas stations. Because these products are unregulated, it’s vital to double-check the source of origin. CBD products are tested and clean, making it easier to distinguish between low-quality and top-shelf items. Regardless of the product you’re buying, make sure you check the manufacturer and ask for a lab test or a Certificate of Analysis.

Can I buy D8 online? Absolutely, if you live in Alabama, it can be a smart move to order Delta-8 THC online. It’s the safest and most convenient way to get a consistent supply of D8 shipped to your door. 

At Mr. Hemp Flower, our D8 products comply with the 2018 Farm Bill. Every product offered on our website comes with a Certificate of Analysis and has hundreds of reviews from real customers. We ship to all friendly states and offer products tested by third-party, reputable labs. Check out our best sellers:  

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Continued, Is Delta-8 Legal in Alabama? 

Yes, Delta-8 THC is legal in Alabama. 

Alabama lawmakers were working adamantly to ban D8 products but decided against passing the controversial amendment. The amendment was supposed to add Delta-8 and Delta-10 to the controlled substances list. The Alabama hemp industry vociferously opposed the amendment. 

As of this writing, D8 is readily available to buy in the Cotton State. Alabama state law legalized all derivatives, cannabinoids, and isomers of hemp including all tetrahydrocannabinols other than Delta-9 THC.  This means that Delta-8 THC derived from legally grown hemp material is not considered a controlled substance in Alabama. 

State law doesn’t impose any possession limits for D8 products. Any product that contains or is manufactured using cannabis with over 0.3% is classified as marijuana and is illegal. Illegal possession of cannabis for personal use is punishable by a fine (up to $6000) and incarceration in local county jail. 

Delta-8 THC and Federal Law 

Delta-8 THC is a tetrahydrocannabinol naturally present in the hemp plant in trace amounts (less than 0.1%). The 2018 Farm Bill passed with the belief that hemp is a nourishing, non-intoxicating plant and determined that hemp-derived cannabinoids are not controlled substances.  

The concern now revolves around how D8 is produced. This cannabinoid is present in hemp in minuscule amounts, and extracting it from hemp for commercial production is not yet financially viable. So, manufacturers chemically convert hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) into Delta-8 THC to produce larger volumes. 

In August 2020, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) released its Interim Final Rule on hemp, which stated that “all synthetically derived tetrahydrocannabinols remain Schedule I controlled substances.” The confusion revolves around the question of whether the term “synthetically derived” includes isomerized Delta-8 THC. 

Some experts claim that the process of converting one cannabinoid into another doesn’t fall under the definition of creating synthetically-derived cannabinoids. In chemistry, a synthetically derived cannabinoid is “man-made” and doesn’t use ANY hemp plant matter in the process. The purpose of creating synthetic cannabinoids is to make compounds that mimic the effects of real THC. 

Delta-8 THC doesn’t fall within that category because it’s a REAL tetrahydrocannabinol created using hemp-derived CBD. 

Bottom line

In Alabama, hemp tetrahydrocannabinols are not Schedule I controlled substances. Products made from the hemp plant that contain less than 0.3% THC are legal to sell and use. The legality of Delta-8 in the Cotton State is in a gray area, and D8 products are readily available to buy. 

Delta 8 Alabama


Yes, D8 is legal to buy in Alabama. State regulators were determined to ban the cannabinoid, but after getting pushback from the hemp industry, they decided against it.

In local CBD shops, convenience stores, or order online.

Absolutely, you can safely order D8 products online. We ship to all D8 friendly states, directly to your door.

Twelve states explicitly banned D8, including Utah, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Montana, Mississippi, Idaho, Delaware, Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, and Alaska.

Yes, Delta-8 is a safe compound, but it’s important to make sure the product you’re buying has been produced under safe conditions.

Read our legal disclaimer HERE. While we try to stay as up-to-date as possible on all state laws, you should do your own due diligence and work with a legal professional to ensure you are operating legally in your state or territory at all times. 

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