Most Potent Delta 8 Flower: 7 Strains That’ll ‘Knock You Out’

potent delta 8 flower

Most Potent Delta 8 Flower: 7 Strains That Pack a Punch

Are you looking for a delta 8 flower that packs a punch? Our premium CBD flower is coated with top-shelf delta 8 distillate and goes as high as 20% and as low as 5%. 

We typically associate a strong delta 8 flower with the concentration of delta 8 THC it contains. But, even at 5%, our flower packs a punch because it’s rich in cannabinoids and terpenes that activate the entourage effect. 

This article offers an in-depth explanation of our seven most potent delta 8 THC flower strains and everything that makes them special. 

What Is Delta 8 THC Flower? 

Delta 8 flower is CBD hemp flower coated with delta 8 THC distillate.

CBD flower, also known as hemp flower, is a dried and cured flower of mature hemp plants. Unlike intoxicating marijuana flower that contains high levels of THC and may contain low or average levels of CBD, hemp flower is high in CBD and low in THC. 

Hemp flower became legal under the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized all parts of the hemp plant, including its cannabinoids. Under the Farm Bill, the delta 9 THC concentration in hemp must not exceed 0.3% by dry weight.

CBD flower is not intoxicating, but when delta 8 THC is added to it, it becomes one. Delta 8 THC occurs naturally in the hemp plant, but, unlike delta 9 THC or CBD, it’s not directly synthesized by plant metabolism. Rather, it’s a by-product of THC degradation and occurs in the lowest concentrations or less than 1%. 

This cannabinoid produces a euphoric feeling similar to delta 9, but milder, more soothing, and with less anxiety. Delta 8 THC doesn’t alter the strain’s flavor but does contribute to the activation of the entourage effect.

7 Most Potent Delta 8 Flower Strains

At Mr. Hemp Flower, we are experts in CBD flower and delta 8, so this combination is right up our alley. We offer premium delta 8 flower in unmatched potency that you can’t find anywhere else. Here are some of the most potent delta 8 flower strains you can enjoy to the fullest: 

Cheese Delta 8 Flower: Most Potent 

Flower type: Indica-dominant hybrid with relaxing effects.   

Cheese Delta 8 Hemp Flower is an indica-dominant hybrid that goes perfectly well with delta 8 THC because it offers strong stress-relieving effects that calm the mind and relieve muscle tension. Cheese has a dank, pungent aroma profile that doesn’t compare to any other hemp flower strain. It’s reminiscent of cheddar but spiced up with floral, earthy, herbal notes. 

Suitable for afternoons and evenings, you’ll enjoy the unique flavor profile and calmness Cheese provides. This strain is especially suitable for overthinkers and people with neurotic tendencies. A Skunk #1 and Afghani cross, this strain presents a heady buzz and mood-boosting effects without being overly potent. 

Cannabinoid Content: 

  • Delta 8 THC – 22%
  • CBD – 10%
  • Delta 9 THC – 0.3%
  • Total cannabinoids: 35%

Wedding Cake Delta 8 Flower: First Runner-Up  

Flower type: Indica-leaning hybrid with stimulating effects.

Wedding Cake is an indica-leaning hybrid with 21.50% delta 8 THC that’s best reserved for times when you need a creative stimulus. You will feel its powerful mood-boosting effects on the first inhale as it helps you clear your mind and focus. Wedding Cake features a pungent, citrus flavor on the inhale, but you’ll savor a sweet undertone as you exhale. 

Its robust terpene profile activates the entourage effects with compounds like humulene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Users enjoy this strain during the afternoon and evening hours to relieve stress, pain, regulate nausea, and lack of appetite. 

Cannabinoid Content: 

  • Delta 8 THC – 21.50% (215mg/g)
  • CBD – 10.63%
  • CBN – 0.32%
  • CBC – 0.33%
  • Delta 9 THC – 0.3%
  • Total cannabinoids: 45.48%

Camas Valley Kush: Most Cannabinoid-Rich 

Flower type: Sativa-dominant with uplifting effects and a unique aromatic bouquet.

Camas Valley Kush is the first sativa-dominant strain on this list and offers incredible features. Coming in at 18.74% delta 8 THC, this flower presents potency and a complex aroma and flavor. Camas Valley Kush is an exceptional cultivar known for its dense, big, and beautiful buds that house a range of terpenes, including pinene, humulene, and linalool. 

This flower has a sweet, herbal scent that transforms into a fresh minty flavor as you exhale. Although it’s a sativa-dominant flower, Camas Valley Kush is best reserved for the evenings. But, be warned: with its 50% total cannabinoid strength, it’s one of the highest potencies for outdoor hemp that our team has encountered. 

Cannabinoid Content: 

  • Delta 8 THC – 18.74% 
  • CBD – 30.99%
  • CBG – 1.5%
  • Delta 9 THC – 0.14%
  • Total cannabinoids: 51%

Rogue Lifter Delta 8 Flower: Most Uplifting 

Rogue Lifter delta 8 flower is a premium flower with uplifting and energizing effects that improve mood and stress. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a flower that’s stronger than CBD flower, but not as strong as THC flower. 

Rogue Lifter presents a great cannabinoid and terpene profile that promotes relief and relaxation. Its aromatic bouquet includes pinene, limonene, myrcene, and linalool, which give the flower an intense and deliciously earthy and spice-like aroma. While uplifting, this strain tends to give users a stimulating cerebral high that has a calming vibe.    

Cannabinoid Content: 

  • Delta 8 THC – 18% 
  • CBD – 13%
  • CBG – 1.9%
  • Delta 9 THC – 0.3%
  • Total cannabinoids: over 33%

Frosted Lime Delta 8 Flower: Customer’s Favorite 

Frosted Lime enchants with its lime green, light, fluffy buds that are sticky from the thick coat of evenly distributed, 5.3% delta 8 distillate. This sativa-dominant strain is a great daytime choice for users looking to take a nice break to calm their thoughts. 

The relaxing effects of Frosted Lime are supported by its entire cannabinoid and terpene profile. Based on reviews, Frosted Lime is a customer favorite strain because of its taste and mellow effects. 

Cannabinoid Content: 

  • Delta 8 THC – 5.3% 
  • CBD – 14.8%
  • CBG – 0.7%
  • Delta 9 THC – 0.3%
  • Total cannabinoids: over 21.1% 

Bubba Kush 38: Most Soothing     

Flower type: Indica-dominant hybrid with mild, soothing effects.  

Bubba Kush 38 is a cross between two classic hemp strains: Bubba Remedy and Kush. At 5% delta 8 content, it features relaxing and comforting effects that are perfect for users who need a safe gateway from anxious thoughts and overthinking. Don’t be fooled by the “low” delta 8 content, 5% is 50mg/g of delta 8, which is still enough to give you a great body high and a milder head high. 

Bubba Kush 38 presents huge buds that spread an incredible aroma. The moment you light up this flower, you’ll notice its invigorating notes that range from sweet and fruity to spicy and earthy. 

Cannabinoid Content: 

  • Delta 8 THC – 5% 
  • CBD – 11.56%
  • Delta 9 THC – 0.3%
  • Total cannabinoids: 26.76%

Goliath Delta 8 Flower: Most Delicious 

Goliath delta 8 flower is covered in nearly 5% delta 8 distillate, which is a bit on the lower side, but it still packs a punch. This expertly grown flower comes in at nearly 20% CBD and over 1.2% total terpenes. It smokes smoothly and evenly, and it’s one of the best hemp flower strains you can find online. Goliath is delicious, smells incredible, and gives the user an overall body high. 

Cannabinoid Content: 

  • Delta 8 THC – 4.4% 
  • CBD – 20%
  • CBG – 0.8%
  • Delta 9 THC – 0.3%
  • Total cannabinoids: 21.61% 

Types of Delta 8 THC Flower

Delta 8 THC flower is basically a CBD flower sprayed with delta 8 THC, so it’s available in different types and potencies. 

Any quantity of delta 8 boosts the potency of the CBD flower because this cannabinoid works synergistically with the other cannabinoids and terpenes to activate the entourage effect. Like regular cannabis flower, CBD flower can be grouped as sativa, indica, or hybrid. But, the delta 8 THC adds some differences in this classification.  

  1. Sativa

Sativa CBD or sativa-dominant hemp flower strain is one of the major cannabis categories. It refers to daytime strains that provide an uplifting, euphoric feeling with little to no drowsiness. 

Marijuana sativa strains are typically low in CBD and high in THC, while with hemp, the cannabinoid ratio is different. Hemp contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC and is always high in CBD, but the overall profile and effects of the strain determine whether it’s considered an indica or sativa. 

Sativa hemp strains are uplifting, while indicas are soothing and relaxing. So, adding delta 8 THC to a sativa hemp strain may “mess up” its energizing properties because delta 8 is more soothing and sedative. But, typically, it makes the strain’s effects more pronounced or stabilizes them. 

  1. Indica

Indica dominant strains are soothing and sedative and promote relaxation and calmness. Most indica strains are evening strains and are used for sleep. Because of its soothing, mellow effects, delta 8 THC tends to work great with indica strains to maximize their effects. 

  1. Hybrid

Hybrid hemp strains are combinations of indica and sativa strains and balance out the effects of both types. Adding delta 8 THC to a hybrid strain may make the effects of the strain more indica or sativa dominant, depending on the user and their sensitivity to the compound.  

Benefits & Side Effects of Delta 8 THC Flower

Although inhalation comes with some risks, smoking hemp flower is an efficient way to obtain the main benefits of this cannabinoid. Compared to other products, like gummies and edibles that take an hour to work, smokables offer instant satisfaction. You will feel the effects kick in 30 to 90 seconds after inhalation.

Delta 8 THC is a potent cannabinoid that interacts with the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The endocannabinoid system is an internal network of receptors that helps regulate processes vital to maintaining homeostasis or balance of the body. Here are some of the potential benefits of the interaction between the ECS and delta 8 THC: 

  • Produces a feeling of euphoria and uplifts the mood
  • Produces a feeling of relaxation and comfort
  • May promote sleep
  • May increase appetite
  • May soothe discomfort
  • May reduce pain and muscle soreness
  • May help with digestive issues
  • May lower anxiety  

Side Effects of Delta 8 THC Flower: 

As a psychoactive substance, delta 8 flower may produce some side effects, including:

  • Dry mouth
  • Red eyes
  • Fatigue 
  • Drowsiness
  • Hallucinations
  • Vomiting
  • Tremor
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion

These side effects are pronounced in people with a sensitivity to this substance and people who take high doses without building their tolerance first. To avoid side effects with delta 8, start with a low dose and slowly increase as you observe how it makes you feel. 

How Is Delta 8 THC Flower Made? 

Nature doesn’t produce delta 8 THC flower. So, manufacturers take CBD flower and spray them with delta 8 THC distillate. CBD flower takes about a month to grow to its full size and needs about 8 to 9 weeks to bloom. When they reach peak potency, they are harvested, dried, and cured. 

Delta 8 THC is present in the hemp flower in a concentration of less than 1%. Because it’s present in such low concentration, its extraction from the hemp plant would be inefficient and costly. But, producers have found a way to make this cannabinoid in large quantities using CBD. 

Delta 8 and CBD are isomers of one another and share a similar molecular structure. Through the process of isomerization, producers convert CBD into delta 8 by applying pressure to the molecule and using catalysts. Once the solvents evaporate from the extract, the result is pure delta 8 THC distillate that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

The final stage involves coating the CBD flower with the distillate. The key is to coat it with an equal amount of distillate to produce a true delta 8 flower. 

Is Delta 8 THC Flower Legal? 

Delta 8 flower is as legal as delta 8 THC is.  

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD flower with a concentration of no more than 0.3% by dry weight. Delta 8 THC that’s found naturally in hemp is also legal. But, the legality of delta 8 THC that’s made from CBD is murky because converting one substance into another is a process that creates semi-synthetic substances. 

Because of the way it’s made, many states have banned this cannabinoid. So it’s always wise to check state laws before buying.

Why Choose Mr. Hemp Flower? 

An expert brand with a premium CBD flower line, Mr. Hemp Flower is the industry’s leader for all things hemp flower.

We bring you clean, pure, and tested high-quality produce grown by local farmers. Our team collaborates with local North Carolina, Oregon, and Colorado farmers who grow organic CBD-rich flower tested for mold, pesticides, and heavy metals. Our CBD flower is 100% naturally grown and coated with an equal amount of delta 8 THC distillate. 

We are transparent regarding the origin of the hemp and delta 8 THC by offering a Certificate of Analysis for each product — a rarity on the hemp market. Our delta 8 distillate is tested before being infused in the flower, and is created in a safe and controlled environment by expert chemists.  

Mr. Hemp Flower has a stellar reputation online, which is something you cannot fake. Our products have gotten thousands of five-star reviews, and our customers keep coming back for more. 

Conclusion: Most Potent Delta 8 Flower

If you’re looking for the most potent delta 8 flower, Mr. Hemp Flower’s selection won’t disappoint. From Cheese, an indica hybrid with stimulating effects, to Frosted Lime — the smoothest strain with relaxing effects, Mr. Hemp Flower offers the widest selection of potent delta 8 flower strains. 

Delta 8 THC flower is a popular CBD flower and delta 8 THC combination that provides incredible effects. It’s a high CBD and low delta 8 THC combination that has a positive impact on multiple areas of a person’s wellbeing. 

FAQs on Strongest Delta 8 Flower

CBD flower does contain minuscule amounts of delta 8 THC, which aren’t directly created through the plant’s metabolism, but as a by-product of the degradation of delta 9 THC. 

Delta 8 flower is a CBD flower with delta 8 sprayed on it, making it a more enhanced, potent version.

You feel a floaty, heady sensation that uplifts you and promotes a mellow, relaxed state of mind. It’s a very smooth experience that doesn’t leave you lethargic and is accompanied by several therapeutic benefits.

The strongest delta 8 pre-roll is Mr. Hemp Flowers Stormy Daniels pre-rolls. They are 1 gram pre-rolls sprayed with delta 8 oil and rolled in kief.

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