Texas Hemp Cigarettes: Hemp Cigarette Benefits and State Laws

Hemp Cigarettes in Texas

Marijuana may not be legal in all 50 states, but hemp is federally legal in all 50 states under the 2018 Farm Bill. And this includes a variety of hemp forms, including tinctures, oils, edibles, and smokables.

As a result, many individuals have turned to hemp cigarettes as a way to relax and unwind, all the while enjoying a highly bioavailable source of CBD.

But in some states, hemp cigarettes have gained a bit of a legal gray area. For instance, some states have allowed CBD tinctures, but banned hemp smokables!

So what’s the case for the state of Texas, where marijuana is decriminalized, but still illegal, while CBD products are allowed?

If you’re confused, Mr. Hemp Flower is here for you.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Benefits and Uses of Hemp Cigarettes
  • Is It Legal To Buy and Sell Hemp Cigarettes in Texas?
  • Choosing Quality: Mr. Hemp Flower’s Hemp Cigs
  • Quality Craftsmanship & Customer Service
  • Proof in the Results: Lab Tests, Results and Terpenes

Benefits and Uses of Hemp Cigarettes 

While hemp shares some physical characteristics with cannabis, they do have one distinction: unlike weed, hemp won’t get you high since it possesses significantly less THC.

However, hemp is rich in cannabidiol, or CBD, among several other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, which many a rapidly growing number of individuals are beginning to turn to in order to relieve their pain, anxiety and lack of sleep.

Additionally, growing research suggests that it possesses components that make it a strong candidate for soothing chronic pain.

Now, while it should be clarified that inhaling any kind of plant matter may pose health risks, hemp cigarettes are a non-carcinogenic, nicotine-free alternative to tobacco products. Plus, the lack of nicotine in hemp cigs makes them non-addictive and has even helped individuals quit smoking.

For instance, research from a blind study at University College London showed that nicotine-dependent subjects who were given CBD reduced cigarette usage by 40%, while those who took placebos noticed no difference.

Plus, you’re still getting the same benefits of CBD and terpenes that you’d enjoy from any other CBD product, but more quickly and without the digestion process of tinctures or edibles.

Is It Legal To Buy Hemp Cigarettes in Texas?

So, onto the big question: are hemp cigarettes legal in Texas?

Yes! Smokable hemp flower is legal in Texas, although it’s not advised to consume it in public.

According to House Bill 1325, industrial hemp refers to any part of the Cannabis sativa plant, including “its derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, salts, acids, and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis.”

This is in alignment with the federal definition of hemp, as per the 2018 Farm Bill, and as such, hemp-derived products, including hemp smokables, are legal for possession in the Lone Star State.

Smokable hemp flower is also legal to sell in the state of Texas, but it’s still illegal to grow.

With that in mind, purchasing hemp flower on a wholesale basis is a great option for Texas CBD vendors.

You can find our wholesale page here.

Choosing Quality: Where to Buy the Best CBD Cigarettes in Texas

Since hemp flower can be legally possessed in the state of Texas, residents will be able to find hemp cigarettes wherever CBD products are available.

But because hemp is still not locally grown within Texas, all hemp is going to come from out of state. So why not try online, where you’ll have the greatest range of choices?

Wherever you shop, make sure that the brand is reputable. If you’re shopping in-store, check the label for the:

  • CBD content
  • Net weight
  • Supplement & ingredient facts
  • Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate
  • Batch number or QR code
  • Manufacturer/distributor information

With that said, let’s talk about the easiest, safest way to guarantee quality hemp cigs: by shopping online with Mr. Hemp Flower.

Quality Craftsmanship & Customer Service

When we imagine the best hemp cigarettes in Texas, we imagine hemp cigs that supply potency, a smooth, easy smoke, and the best quality hemp.

And that’s what we strive for at Mr. Hemp Flower.

We start with some of the best hemp around, which we source from places like Washington State, Colorado, and Oregon. We chose these locations not only for their top-notch soil and climate conditions, but also because of the experience you’ll find there: some of the most experienced hemp farmers in the country are in these states, and that’s why we partnered up with them.

And while some brands might leave it there, we knew we could do even better.

So in addition to premium hemp flower, we included kief in our hemp cigarettes. 

Kief is a soft, ultra-fine powder that looks a bit like pollen, and it comes from the hemp flower’s resin-rich trichomes. As a result, kief is jam-packed with terpenes, which are what give different hemp strains so many unique profiles.

On top of that, kief’s ultra-fine consistency provides a smooth, even smoke, and we believe that the kief in our hemp cigs gives customers the ultimate smoking experience.

And with these smoke bonuses, our hemp cigarettes make an ideal tobacco-free surrogate for those trying to quit.


Finally, we have unbeatable customer service. Here are some of our reviews from real customers every day:

Our customer service representatives are easy to reach with any inquiries you might have, which you can submit here. On a typical business day, we usually answer our customers’ questions within 3-4 hours.

For vendors in Texas, we invite you to drop by our wholesale page here.

Proof in the Results: Terpenes in Mr. Hemp Flower Hemp Cigs

When smoking hemp flower in its whole-plant form, full-spectrum content forms one of the main features, because this is believed to help contribute to the phenomenon known as the entourage effect, which refers to the synergistic connection theorized to enhance hemp’s overall benefits and effects. But in order to achieve this, you need hemp with optimal levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. And let’s be honest: not all hemp strains are made equal.

But at Mr. Hemp Flower, our hemp’s been nurtured by some of the best growing conditions in the country, as well as some of the most experienced farmers around. And when you get hemp like that in its purest form, you know you’re getting the terps and cannabinoids you want. Don’t believe us? The proof is in the pudding!

On our site, we have all of our certificates of analysis fully accessible, and you can see our lab tests for hemp cigs here.

Alpha-Bisabolol-1.31 mg/g (.13%)

Alpha-bisabolol is known to possess a delicate, floral fragrance, but it may offer something more. According to some studies, alpha-bisabolol has been suggested to offer analgesic and antioxidant properties, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, as suggested by one 2014 study. As a result of these observations, this terpene’s garnered interest in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Besides hemp cigarettes, you can also find this sweet-smelling terpene in chamomile tea.

Guaiol-1.02 mg/g (.10%)

Guaiol has been known to possess a clean, evergreen scent, and plants containing this terpene, like rose, have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. However, this specific component has been gaining attention in particular.

While the pinene terpenes really have the rep as terpenes with a piney scent, guaiol offers its own evergreen notes, as well: specifically, a piney, rosy scent.

Guaiol has been suggested to possess antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, and according to this 2010 study, it may be able to combat pain and systemic inflammation. This is particularly interesting, since this could make guaiol applicable to multiple forms of pain.

Beta-Pinene-.626 mg/g (.06%)

While guaiol has a similar evergreen scent, beta-pinene offers an aroma that’s a bit warmer, more akin to scents like pine and rosemary. In recent years, beta-pinene has gained traction particularly for its expectorant properties. In other words, it may be able to help with the clearing of nasal passageways, assisting with clearing up congestion and treating coughs.

Trans-Caryophyllene .464 mg/g (.05%)

Trans-caryophyllene is a terpene distinguished for its warm, spicy scent, and is present in pepper, spice and cloves. And as a powerful neuroprotectant, caryophyllene can be useful against inflammatory pain by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brains.

Buy Hemp Cigarettes Texas


Hemp cigs are low in THC, which means you won’t be feeling any intoxicating effects, but you may feel significantly calmer, and possibly even a bit more focused.

Unless otherwise stated on packaging, hemp cigarettes do not contain nicotine, which renders them without the highly addictive properties of traditional cigarettes.

While hemp is legal to sell and possess in Texas, it’s still not legal to grow.

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