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Wholesale Hemp Flower

If you have a hard time keeping up with the demand for smokable hemp flower — but hold high standards on what you put on your shelves — partnering with Mr. Hemp Flower to find USA grown, premium wholesale hemp flower is your answer!

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Smokable Hemp Flower- One of the Fastest Growing Hemp Sectors 

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The Industry

The hemp market noticed explosive growth in 2019. Although the main chunk of sales, headlines, and forecasts went to hemp cannabidiol — CBD tinctures hit about $1 billion in sales in 2019 — the smokable hemp flower market is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative sectors. 

According to Virginia Lee, CBD research manager at Brightfield Group — a Chicago-based cannabis market research firm — an estimated $70.6 million of hemp CBD pre-roll and raw flower were sold in the U.S. in 2019. [1]

That’s a massive growth from 2018 when the Brightfield Group estimated the smokable hemp market at $11.5 million, which again, was an expansion of 250% from 2017. [2]

Things are looking up for the hemp industry in 2020 and beyond. 

  • BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research projects that the collective market for CBD sales in the United States will surpass $20 billion by 2024. 
  • In a recent report, Brightfield Group estimates that the total U.S. CBD market could reach $24.4 billion by 2025. 

The distribution channels for the hemp market are also changing — in 2017, 35% of sales were made online. Now, the entrance of chained retailers is the primary cause of market growth.

According to a Brightfield Group report on hemp CBD, “Large pharmacy, retail, and grocery chains are entering the market with a wide variety of large-scale pilot programs. Given their reach, scalability, and mainstream familiarity, those in this distribution channel are expected to garner 26% of market revenues in 2019.” [3

The numbers are expected to rise as we loosen up the stigma around smokable hemp, and more and more people learn about the most pristine way of consuming this incredible plant. 

Purchase USA Grown Hemp Flower From Mr. Hemp Flower!

Retail products

Premium sourced hemp flower is hard to find. Unless… you have an established relationship with vetted growers who provide you with top of the line stuff and strains you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

After years of making connections with expert hemp growers, we’re at a point where we can offer you premium sourced hemp flower (both pre-packaged and bulk) and help you keep your standards high.

What Does Mr. Hemp Flower Offer?

Everything you see on our site can be pre-packaged and sold with Mr. Hemp Flower’s branding or you can purchase strains in bulk.  

Retail Ready, Pre-packaged Hemp Flower for Your Store

Have you checked our site already? If so, you’d noticed beautiful and large flowers, nice pre-rolls and smokables wrapped in aesthetically pleasing packaging. 

Take a good look because that’s exactly what you’re going to receive. Our pictures fully represent the CBD-rich flower and smokable products we offer to hundreds of satisfied customers — and now, you can have them in your shop. 

All of our buds in pre-packaged products and premium strains are hand-trimmed.

Attract More Customers

Attract more customers to your shop with the help of our marketing materials. Aesthetics play a huge role in getting the interest of new visitors, so our packaging is designed to make customers want to buy the product.

The Mr. Hemp Flower packaging is a sleek, professional, and discreet packaging that fits well with the aesthetics of every shop. Our packaging has a classy feel to it, is labeled properly, and the box is odor-free. 

Together with your pre-packaged items, you’ll get marketing materials designed to help you gain a competitive advantage. Having the right knowledge on each strain will help you and your team guide each customer through the buying process and make the right recommendation. 

 Bulk Hemp Flower (not pre-packaged)

If you need a couple of pounds of hemp flower that you can break down and put your brand on it, we’ve got you covered. 

All our strains are available in bulk. You can order 2-3 pounds of hemp flower, break it down, put it in a jar, and you can create your own brand. We fully support hemp flower businesses that believe in the power of hemp and are spreading the word about it, so we are here for you if you have any questions. 

Our bulk hemp flower is mostly machine trimmed. Premium strains can come perfectly hand trimmed by our team. 

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Is Reselling Hemp Flower Legal? 

The hemp market is growing under constant legal changes. The legality of reselling hemp flower depends on current federal and state laws. 

In 2018, President Trump signed the Farm Bill that legalized the production of industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity and removed hemp from the list of controlled substances. 

On October 29, 2019, the USDA released its Interim Rule for regulations establishing a domestic hemp program — a major step in the full implementation of the 2018 Bill. 

The Interim Rule went into effect immediately upon being published in the Federal Register, but, luckily, it’s not final.  

The Case for Total THC Testing 

There are two main issues with the USDA’s Interim Rule. First, the rule provides that any state plan must include a procedure for testing that can accurately identify the Total THC content in each plant. Second, the rule requires labs that test hemp for THC levels to be registered with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Under the Interim Rule, the total THC testing must consider the potential conversion of delta-9 THC acid into THC. It must measure the Total THC concentration derived from the sum of the THC and THC-A content, on a dry weight basis. For comparison, the 2018 Farm Bill calls for the testing of delta-9 THC only. 

In February, the USDA announced that it is willing to make certain changes to its rules based on public response. The agency decided to delay (temporarily) the request for growers to dispose of the so-called “hot hemp” containing excess THC — as well as the request for hemp producers to use a DEA registered lab to conduct potency tests on their crops. 

The lab testing and disposal requirements are being delayed until October 31, 2021, or until the release of the final rule.

Resell-Friendly Hemp Flower States

  1. Alaska
  2. Arizona 
  3. Arkansas 
  4. Colorado
  5. California 
  6. Connecticut
  7. Florida
  8. Georgia
  9. Illinois
  10. Indiana 
  11. Iowa 
  12. Maine 
  13. Maryland
  14. Massachusetts
  15. Michigan 
  16. Minnesota   
  17. Missouri
  18. Montana
  19. Nevada 
  20. New Jersey 
  21. New Mexico
  22. New York
  23. North Carolina
  24. North Dakota
  25. Ohio 
  26. Oklahoma 
  27. Oregon
  28. Pennsylvania 
  29. Rhode Island
  30. South Carolina
  31. Tennessee
  32. Texas 
  33. Vermont
  34. Virginia 
  35. Washington State
  36. West Virginia
  37. Wisconsin
  38. Wyoming 

States Where Reselling Hemp Flower is Unregulated or Illegal

Alabama Since October 2019, the sale of CBD buds, cigarettes, smokable hemp, etc., to the public is prohibited. 

Idaho — all hemp is illegal in Idaho as state law doesn’t distinguish between hemp and marijuana. 

Louisiana In Louisiana, no person may process or sell any part of hemp for inhalation. 

Kentucky — the sale of hemp flower is only allowed between licensed individuals, not the general public. 

South Dakota — all hemp is illegal in South Dakota.

Utah — illegal to distribute or market smokable hemp in Utah. 

Mississippi — all hemp is illegal in Mississippi.

New Hampshire — the state doesn’t have a program to regulate hemp, will continue operating under their existing program, which only allows growing hemp for research purposes. 

Hawaii — the state allows the production of hemp for agricultural or academic research purposes, and the commercial sale of hemp flower is unregulated.

Nebraska — hemp is legal in Nebraska, but remains unregulated as the state law doesn’t define “hemp products,” but allows its distribution and sale. 

Delaware — Delaware’s hemp plan got approved by the USDA, and the state is in the process of allowing and regulating commercial cultivation of hemp for 2020. The state licensing process is opened until May 7. 

Kansas In Kansas, it is prohibited to manufacture, market, sell, or distribute hemp cigarettes, cigars, hemp buds, ground industrial hemp floral material, or ground industrial hemp leaf material to anyone that doesn’t hold a commercial license. 

*NOTE* Our products are 100% federally legal, and 100% legal in our state (North Carolina). MrHempFlower will sell and ship products to any consumer or retailer in any state, via USPS. It is up to consumers and retailers to abide by their state own state laws.  

Why Mr. Hemp Flower? 

We are a brand known for its quality. Our five-star reviews on both our website and Google tell what we stand for — high-quality hemp flower. 

Over the years, we’ve built relationships with vetted farmers and go through the dreadful selection process for you — we weed through all the crappy hemp flower that’s out there to bring you an amazing product. 

Our hemp flower is so carefully selected that we only offer top of the line stuff —  you won’t be disappointed in the product, and neither will your customers. 

On top of that, our products are properly tested and labeled. In essence, they carry a statement of identity on each package (CBD flower, CBD gummies, etc.) and provide a specific amount of each substance contained within a package (including CBD, delta-9 THC, total cannabinoids, and total terpenes). 

All of our products are legal and contain legally accepted levels of THC. 

If you want to elevate your game and offer hemp flower worth sitting on your shelves, contact us. 

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FAQ - Wholesale Hemp Flower

Is it legal to resell hemp flower?

The legality of reselling hemp flower depends on state and federal laws. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp on a federal level, but the USDA is still in the process of issuing its final rules. Each state has different hemp plans, so you should check in with state licensing agencies before reselling hemp.

Can you purchase hemp flower online in a state that it’s legal in and ship it to a state that it’s not legal in?

Some states don’t distinguish between hemp and marijuana (Idaho, Mississippi) and prohibit shipping and use of any type of hemp within their borders. You should definitely be careful when ordering hemp flower in states where all hemp is prohibited.

How much hemp flower can you purchase at once (or one time)?

Both federal and state laws haven’t put a limit on the quantity of hemp flower licensed individuals are allowed to purchase at once or one time.

Do you need a special license to resell hemp flower?

It depends on the state where you plan to resell. Some states allow retailers to sell hemp flower without a license but impose testing and labeling requirements. Other states prohibit the distribution, marketing, sale, and use of hemp flower altogether.

Do I need to only buy hemp flower grown in my state if I am going to resell it?

In some states, you can only buy and resell hemp flower within the state, while in other states, the only way to resell is to purchase hemp flower produced out of state.

Can I grow my own hemp flower for resell?

If you are a licensed grower, you can grow your own hemp flower for reselling. The legality of it depends on the state where you want to grow and resell and whether or not it allows commercial cultivation of hemp.

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