HHC Flower in Tennessee: Is It Legal & Where to Buy in 2022

HHC Flower Tennessee

HHC flower in Tennessee? The Volunteer State is one of the few with no medical marijuana program but is making efforts to regulate psychotropic hemp cannabinoids and products that contain over 0.1% total THC. Can you buy HHC flower in the state, given the current situation? Let’s take a look. 

Is HHC Flower Legal in Tennessee?

HHC flower is legal but unregulated in Tennessee. That said, the state has introduced measures that would regulate and tax cannabis products, including delta 8, delta 10, and HHC. 

So, for now, the compound hasn’t been formally outlawed or regulated. Meaning the sale and distribution of semi-synthetic cannabinoids with intoxicating properties (derived from hemp) are not banned and circulate legally around stores.

HHC flower is, for now, legal to buy in Tennessee. The state doesn’t restrict the possession or use of this cannabinoid but is making efforts to regulate this cannabinoid and similar ones, like delta 8 and delta 10. 

In Tennessee, hemp-derived products with no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC are legal to buy.

What is HHC Flower? 

HHC flower doesn’t naturally grow in nature. So, like delta 8 flower, it’s CBD bud sprayed with pure HHC isolate. 

As a cannabinoid, HHC is naturally present in the hemp plant but in trace amounts. Users love it due to its similarity with delta 8’s mild intoxication and euphoria. Because it exhibits altered cognition and changes in visual and auditory perception, this cannabinoid has similarities with delta 9 as well. 

Where to Buy HHC Flower in Tennessee

You can buy HHC flower online legally from Mr. Hemp Flower.

We’ve partnered with local farmers to grow CBD flower organically within a greenhouse. So, you can rest assured you’re getting top-shelf buds coated in high-quality HHC oil that’s been manufactured and tested under strict standards. 

Currently, we offer three HHC flower strains, including: 

  1. Dutch Delight HHC

You’ll enjoy the calming effects of its herbal scent and sweet flavor. If you want a natural approach to pain relief, this strain’s soothing effects come in the form of a slow wave that releases tension and pain.  

  1. Sour Space Candy HHC 

As a strain rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, Sour Space Candy HHC brings a burst of energy and mental clarity. Due to its uplifting properties balanced with HHC’s soothing effects, this strain is the ideal daytime flower.  

  1. Hercules HHC

Traditionally known as an all-day strain, Hercules HHC loosens the body and stimulates the mind. This flower is great for anyone looking to release pain and discomfort and have a productive day without feeling drained or lethargic. 

HHC Flower Tennessee laws


HHC is legal in Tennessee. The state hasn’t formally banned the sale and distribution of this cannabinoid. 

Like delta 8 flower, HHC flower is not produced naturally. So, manufacturers coat regular CBD flower with HHC isolate to create it.

According to anecdotal evidence, this cannabinoid is slightly less euphoric and stimulative than delta 9.

Yes, it does. HHC is another form of THC and has intoxicating properties.

Read our legal disclaimer HERE. While we try to stay as up to date as possible on all state laws, you should do your own due diligence and work with a legal professional to ensure you are operating legally in your state or territory at all times.

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