Tennessee Hemp Laws 101: Buying Hemp Cigarettes in Tennessee

Hemp Cigarettes in Tennessee

The hemp industry is growing rapidly, and this is largely thanks to the popularity of cannabidiol, or CBD. And while CBD is often enjoyed in the form of gummies and tinctures, many enthusiasts are finding exceptional delight with smokable hemp, especially hemp cigarettes.

Hemp cigarettes have become a popular means of relaxation, as it incorporates CBD with its full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Plus, more individuals are turning to hemp cigs to curb their nicotine habits.

However, some states have struggled to allow this form of hemp, as well as hemp flower. This is because these products look incredibly similar to marijuana which, unlike hemp, still has not been made federally legal.

So what about the Volunteer State?

Never fear, Mr. Hemp Flower’s got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll go over:

  • Benefits and Uses of Hemp Cigarettes
  • Is It Legal To Buy and Sell Hemp Cigarettes in Tennessee?
  • Choosing the Best Hemp Cigarettes Online
  • Quality Craftsmanship & Customer Service
  • Proof in the Results: Terpenes in Mr. Hemp Flower’s Hemp Cigs

Benefits and Uses of Hemp Cigarettes 

There are a few reasons hemp cigarettes and other CBD-rich smokables have gotten so much attention: they offer an enjoyable smoke, for one thing, but besides that, they offer the full-spectrum benefits of hemp in its purest form.

And as we’ll see, how it may indeed help curb a smoking habit.

Before we get to that though, let’s clarify one important caveat: smoking any kind of burnt plant matter all the time isn’t going to be good for the lungs, and even in the case of vaping, there’s a lack of evidence proving it to be safe.

However, smoking hemp may be a preferable alternative for those already smoking something else; namely, tobacco.

Hemp cigarettes offer an alternative because they’re a non-carcinogenic, nicotine-free alternative to tobacco products. Plus, the lack of nicotine in hemp cigs makes them non-addictive, and there’s evidence suggesting it’s even helped individuals quit smoking.

And this can spell good news for those individuals: according to a blind study from the University College London, nicotine-dependent subjects who were given CBD reduced cigarette usage by 40%, while those who took placebos noticed no difference.

On top of the potential CBD benefits, hemp cigarettes offer smokers the familiarity they crave in their old smoke breaks, and other studies suggest that smoking hemp can even reverse that innate urge to smoke, which is referred to as “attention bias.”

As a result, those trying to quit tobacco may find some assistance in hemp cigarettes, especially compared to those trying to quit cold turkey.

Plus, they’ll be enjoying the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in unrefined hemp, and this can further promote the synergistic connection between all cannabinoids. As a result, this may promote hemp’s properties overall, creating the phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Is It Legal To Buy Hemp Cigarettes in Tennessee?

So now for the big question: are hemp cigarettes legal in Tennessee?

Yes, hemp flower is legal on a total THC basis; this means that in order for a hemp crop to be compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, both THCA and delta-9 THC levels must be taken into consideration.

That being said, the Tennessee government has mandated rigorous testing to ensure that THC levels remain at or below .3%.

Additionally, all hemp flower purchased must come with a certificate of analysis, and they must be in a sealed container.

Choosing Quality: Where to Buy the Best CBD Cigarettes in Tennessee

Smokable hemp is legal in Tennessee, and it’s becoming widely available for purchase throughout the state.

But sometimes, you might feel limited in your local area, or maybe you’d rather shop from the comfort of your home, online.

And we love this as a way to try hemp flower from other areas, so long as it’s grown within the US.

For instance, Mr. Hemp Flower sources the best hemp flower from Colorado, Washington state, and Oregon.

Let’s go over how Mr. Hemp Flower delivers on all of your CBD needs.

Quality Craftsmanship & Customer Service

Let’s be clear: we don’t mind a standard hemp cigarette.

You know, the kind that consists of a.) decent hemp flower, b.) a rolling paper and c.) a filter. But when these cost extra, it surely leaves one wondering: couldn’t I just make this myself? This is basically a joint! 

And yet, this is the norm for even the best hemp cigarette brands in Tennessee. We, however, wanted to give our customers something that’s well worth their dollar. That’s why we begin with amazing hemp that comes from the best farms this country offers, and then, we complete our premium blend with kief. 

Kief is characterized as an ultra-fine, lightweight dust. As the product of those resin-rich trichomes found in hemp, it’s known for providing both a superb burn and an extra punch of terpenes.

Just a pinch of this stuff can transform your smoking experience, and we incorporated plenty of it to ensure you the best smoke possible. On top of that, our hemp flower cigarettes are nicotine and tobacco-free, making them a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Last but not least, we have unbeatable customer service. Here are some of our reviews from real customers:


Our customer service representatives are easy to reach with any inquiries you might have, which you can submit here. On a typical business day, we usually answer our customers’ questions within 3-4 hours.

Proof in the Results: Terpenes in Mr. Hemp Flower Hemp Cigs

Our Hemp Cigarettes are made with domestic hemp grown by experienced farmers throughout Colorado, Washington State, and Oregon, making for a smoke break primed for promoting the entourage effect.

But fantastic hemp cigarettes take more than great farming practices. You also need precision, and you need passion. And as a company with a love for that entourage effect, we make sure that all of our hemp strains give off high levels of cannabinoids and terps for a full spectrum blend.

Because of this level of care, our hemp cigs contain all of hemp’s naturally occurring beneficial compounds, including CBD, CBG, and a wide variety of beneficial terpenes.

Alpha-Bisabolol-1.31 mg/g (.13%)

This floral terpene is widely associated with its rather popular source: chamomile, but it actually has an impressive history as a traditional medicinal compound. In more modern findings, alpha-bisabolol is known to work well as an anti-irritant as well as an antioxidant, which means it may be useful for everyday pain and irritation.

Guaiol-1.02 mg/g (.10%)

Guaiol is a woodsy, clean-smelling terpene often found in rose and cypress, but offers more than a lovely aroma. Researched for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, guaiol could prove to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Because of this, guaiol is often associated with pain relief. 

Beta-Pinene-.626 mg/g (.06%)

As far as aroma goes, beta-pinene is on the woodsy, piney side, but it’s also become known for its potential expectorant properties, meaning it can help clear out air passages, and it may also be used for combating pain.

Trans-Caryophyllene .464 mg/g (.05%)

Trans-caryophyllene is one of the longest-researched terpenes, and is characterized by its peppery, spicy scent. More notably, it’s been suggested that trans-caryophyllene can act as a neuroprotective agent by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors to bring down inflammation. Consequently, this terpene may play a heavy role in relieving systemic inflammation, which is notably difficult to target.

Buy Hemp Cigarettes in Tennessee


Smoking hemp is legal in Tennessee, be it joints, cigars or cigarettes. However, cannabis bans in the state of Tennessee are still tight, so if you’re carrying hemp flower in public, make sure that you have the certificate of analysis.

While smoking hemp cigarettes won’t get you high, many individuals report feeling a significant improvement with their stress and mood, and others even report success with anxiety. Effects ultimately depend on the individual, though, among other factors.

Unless otherwise stated on packaging, hemp cigarettes do not contain nicotine, which renders them without the highly addictive properties of traditional cigarettes. But even with the best hemp cigarettes, you’re still inhaling burnt plant matter, which does pose a risk of carcinogens.

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