PCR Hemp Oil in Maryland — Is It Legal?

maryland cbd laws

PCR hemp oil is the most potent full spectrum CBD oil on the market. Also known as phytocannabinoid-rich, a term that describes the abundance of phytocannabinoids in this hemp oil.

PCR hemp oil contains a wide array of phytocannabinoids, including primary cannabinoids (CBD and THC), as well as secondary cannabinoids like CBC, CBD-V, and more. 

This oil is whole-plant hemp extract, which means, it also contains nurturing compounds found in the hemp plant including terpenes, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins. 

Regular CBD oils, including most full spectrum CBD oils, are not made from whole-plant hemp extract, which is why they are poor in cannabinoids. 

One of the most common questions we get from our customers interested in our full spectrum PCR hemp oil is whether or not it’s legal in their state. 

Can you buy full spectrum CBD oil in Maryland? Let’s take a look at the legality of PCR hemp oil in Maryland. 

Is PCR Hemp Oil Legal in Maryland?

For the time being, Maryland is following along FDA’s guidance regarding sale of hemp CBD products. Meaning, PCR hemp oil with less than 0.3% THC is not allowed for sale in Maryland. 

According to the Maryland Department of Health, “​​It is unlawful under the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act to introduce food containing added CBD or THC into interstate commerce, or to market CBD or THC products as, or in, dietary supplements, regardless of whether the substances are hemp-derived.” [1]

Although hemp is legal in Maryland, it is not legal to sell, offer for sale, or receive in commerce any food or beverage that contains CBD or THC, as those products are considered adulterated. 

The state does not address the sale of other products, such as vapes, cosmetics, or topicals. 

Maryland legislature passed several bills that support cultivating, manufacturing, transporting, and selling industrial hemp. 

Governor Hogan signed HB 1123 in April 2019, authorizing the Maryland Department of Agriculture to create a plan for regulating hemp production in the state. 

Maryland hemp production is operating under the 2014 Farm Bill. The state decided to extend its pilot program into 2020. 

Can You Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Maryland?pcr hemp oil in maryland

Order you full spectrum PCR Hemp oil from Mr. Hemp Flower and have it shipped straight to your Maryland home within 3-5 days. 

The Mr. Hemp Flower Difference

Our PCR Hemp Oil is different from regular CBD oil because it’s US-made, organic, whole-plant hemp extract. 

Made in the USA

The first step in the process of creating high-quality full spectrum PCR hemp oil is obtaining hemp flower strains suitable for extraction. 

We source all of our hemp from reputable, US-licensed growers with more than five years of experience in cultivating cannabinoid-rich hemp. Our partners grow hemp on farms in Oregon, Washington State, and Colorado. 

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Our full spectrum PCR hemp oil is made from organic hemp tested as completely safe for extraction. The hemp plants we use are perfect for extraction toxin-free, pesticide-free, and non-GMO hemp plants with high phytocannabinoid content. 

Tested by Third-Party Lab

Our PCR hemp oil comes in 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg option, along with a certificate of analysis by a third-party, independent lab. We only use tested hemp plants for extraction, as well as safe extraction practices to make sure you are getting the purest full spectrum CBD oil. 

Color and Taste of PCR Hemp Oil 

PCR hemp oil is whole-plant hemp oil it contains the entire hemp plant profile. For the oil to keep it’s rich cannabinoid profile, it has to be less processed than other CBD oils. 

That’s why it showcases a beautiful golden brown color darker than regular CBD oils. 

PCR hemp oil has an earthy taste, which together with the color, indicates a quality oil with a rich phytocannabinoid profile.

This stuff is great

Really nice looking Hemp, good smell. PCR Tincture is truly something nice to have around. If you are looking for good Hemp, Mr Hemp Flower has it.

Is It Legal to Ship Full Spectrum CBD Oil to Maryland?

The 2018 Farm Bill allows companies to ship CBD oil in the mail as long as the product is derived from hemp, contains less than 0.3% THC, and is legally produced and tested. 

However, Maryland is not opened to the sale of hemp CBD products. According to the Department of Health, it is unlawful for any establishment to manufacture, sell, offer for sale or receive in commerce any food that is adulterated, including food and beverage containing CBD or THC. [1]

A Short Overview of Hemp CBD Laws in Maryland 

2019 House Bill 1123 [1]

In April 2019, Governor Hogan signed an Act that establishes the Hemp Farming Program, which allows the sale of hemp and hemp products within and outside the state. 

2018 House Bill 698

In May 2018, Governor Hogan signed HB 698 into law, which establishes an Industrial Hemp Pilot Program to support the research of industrial hemp.

2016 House Bill 443

In April 2016, Governor Hogan signed HB 443, authorizing the Department of Agriculture or an institution of higher education to grow or cultivate industrial hemp for research purposes. 

2015 House Bill 803

In May 2015, Governor Hogan signed HB 803, authorizing individuals to plant, grow, harvest, possess, sell, or buy industrial hemp in Maryland after registering with the Department of Agriculture. 

FAQs on Maryland Full Spectrum CBD Oil Laws 

Unfortunately, PCR hemp oil or any CBD oil containing CBD or THC, marketed as or in dietary supplements, is unlawful under federal and state law. 

You don’t need a special license to buy PCR hemp oil in Maryland. The state isn’t really open to hemp CBD products. 

You can buy PCR hemp oil online in Maryland. Order your legally produced, organic PCR hemp oil from Mr. Hemp Flower, and we’ll deliver it directly to your Maryland home within 3-5 days.

PCR hemp oil is whole-plant hemp CBD oil, which is considered the best CBD oil on the market. PCR hemp oil contains the entire hemp profile, including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, fatty acids, and other nutrients.

Products containing CBD or THC, like PCR hemp oil, are considered adulterated in Maryland. 

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