Is HHC Flower Legal in California: Laws & Regulations 2022

HHC Flower in California

Hemp-derived products are finally legal in California, but with some restrictions. The new law contains important provisions for novel intoxicating cannabinoids derived from hemp, including HHC. Can you purchase HHC flower in the Golden State legally? Let’s take a look. 

Is HHC Flower Legal in California?

HHC flower is legal in California. For now, the state hasn’t banned this cannabinoid explicitly. 

California legalized hemp-derived CBD products under Bill AB-45, enacted in late 2021. This bill restricted the use of delta 8 THC and similar THC isomers in hemp products. It redefined the term “tetrahydrocannabinol” and included all THCs in the definition. 

So, any product derived from hemp must contain less than 0.3% total THC to be considered legal. And as mentioned, total THC includes delta 8, delta 9, and delta 10. 

In addition, the law paved the road for the involvement of any other cannabinoid in the definition of “THC.” California lawmakers can restrict any cannabinoid that’s not THC but causes intoxication and is consistent with the provisions of the bill into the definition of THC. 

Unfortunately, HHC is the perfect candidate for this, but, for now, it’s unrestricted in California and remains unregulated. 

What is HHC Flower?  

HHC flower is a regular CBD flower sprayed with HHC isolate. 

Like delta 8, HHC is naturally found in low amounts in hemp. This cannabinoid became popular because it’s resistant to heat and has a longer shelf-life than delta 9. Manufacturers produce it in large quantities in a lab, using hydrogenation. 

Research is scarce on this cannabinoid, but shows potential therapeutic benefits for chronic pain, inflammation, and sleep. Regarding potency and effects, HHC is slightly less intoxicating and stimulating than delta 9. 

Where to Buy HHC Flower in California

You can order HHC flower online from Mr. Hemp Flower if you live in California. 

At Mr. Hemp Flower, you will find top-shelf HHC flower strains, like Dutch Delight and Sour Space Candy HHC. We’ve selected strains that are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes that relax but at the same time uplift and stimulate the mind. 

Here is what to expect from each strain:

  1. Dutch Delight HHC

The strain’s eye-catching, mossy green buds are even stickier when coated with HHC oil. The combination of its soothing effects and the mildly intoxicating properties of HHC make Dutch Delight HHC the perfect relaxing bud. In addition, you’ll love its sweet flavor and calming lavender scent. 

  1. Sour Space Candy HHC

HHC isolate turned this top-shelf strain with an intense, sweet citrus aroma and relaxing effects into the ultimate daytime flower. This combination provides a balanced “high” that uplifts the mood and energizes the body while relaxing it at the same time. It’s suitable for both evening and morning use. 

  1. Hercules HHC 

Hercules HHC is an all-day strain that leans more on the stimulative side and relaxes the body without draining it. This strain is your go-to if you want to avoid feeling sluggish but use it to feel productive and energized at any time of the day. 

HHC Flower in California Laws


Yes, HHC is legal in California. The state has limited the concentration of THCs in a hemp product but hasn’t explicitly banned this intoxicating cannabinoid.

It’s a regular CBD flower coated with pure HHC isolate.

No, HHC is actually less intoxicating than delta 9 and closer in potency to delta 8.

Yes, HHC will get you high. It’s another form of THC with intoxicating properties.

Read our legal disclaimer HERE. While we try to stay as up to date as possible on all state laws, you should do your own due diligence and work with a legal professional to ensure you are operating legally in your state or territory at all times.

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