Legality of Hemp Flower in Wyoming

Wyoming Hemp Flower Laws

Wyoming is in the process of launching a hemp industry that will mirror federal rules and requirements. The Cowboy State won’t issue licenses for growing or processing hemp until the USDA approves the state’s regulatory plan.

Is possession of hemp-derived products legal in Wyoming? Can you buy hemp flower in this state? Let’s take a look at Wyoming hemp laws

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Wyoming?

Technically, hemp flower is legal in Wyoming. In March 2019, Governor Mark Gordon signed the bill into law, legalizing hemp and hemp-derived products. 

The new law authorizes the production and processing of hemp as an agricultural crop and removes hemp and hemp-derived products from the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act. 

Under Wyoming law, the possession, purchase, sale, transportation, and use of hemp and hemp products by any person is allowable without restriction. 

Under the new law, “hemp” or “hemp product” means all parts, seeds and varieties of the plant Cannabis sativa L., whether growing or not, or a product, derivative, extract, cannabinoid, isomer, acid, salt or salt of isomer made from that plant with a THC concentration of not more than three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) on a dry weight basis when using post-decarboxylation or another similarly reliable testing method.  [1]

However, the launching of the hemp industry in Wyoming has been put on hold. The state has yet to issue a regulatory program or licenses for hemp growers or processors, which is set to happen after the USDA approves the proposed state hemp plan. 

According to a status update on hemp issued by the Gov.’s Office, the Governor has been approached about issuing an Executive Order legalizing hemp production or possession in the state. But, because of the need for federal approval of licenses and proper product testing requirements, they’ve decided to wait. [2]

Update April 25, 2020

Wyoming finally won approval of its hemp regulatory plan by the USDA and gave the authority to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) to regulate the hemp industry. The WDA drafted emergency rules that were approved by the Governor to start the 2020 season. According to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, the emergency rules will be in effect for 120 days, while the state goes through a public comment period and the process that leads to approving a final rule. As of this writing, the state is accepting applications for hemp licenses [1]

In 2019, the state passed its first hemp law, but didn’t regulate the sale of hemp CBD products, including smokable CBD flower. We have to wait and see how the state will regulate hemp CBD products under its new program.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Wyoming?

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CBD Hemp Flower Wyoming
Avoid Smoking Hemp Flower in Public

Avoid smoking hemp in public and carrying it around in your car. Hemp is a legal crop, but you don’t want to break the smoking law in your state or have law enforcement question whether or not you’re smoking marijuana. 

Wyoming Industrial Hemp Program 

The Wyoming Hemp Program is currently under review and has not been approved by the USDA. Until the USDA has approved the submitted plan, individuals interested in growing or processing hemp cannot legally grow or process hemp. [3]

Wyoming Governor confirmed that the state has been preparing for the 2020 growing season and is hoping that the state plan will be approved by the start of the season. To properly test the legality of hemp, the Wyoming Department of Agriculture has purchased equipment for testing THC levels. 

Is CBD Oil Legal in Wyoming?

Hemp-derived CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC is legal in Wyoming. The state has yet to regulate the production, sale, and possession of CBD oil and other products. 

For now, only the FDA policy on CBD applies to CBD oil use in Wyoming. That means it is illegal to use CBD in food products, market it as a drug, or a dietary supplement. 

FAQs on Hemp Flower Wyoming State Laws

How much hemp flower can I purchase in wyoming?

Wyoming hasn’t put out a limit on the quantity of hemp flower you are allowed to buy at once. 

Do you need a special license to purchase hemp flower in Wyoming?

Possession, sales, and purchasing hemp flower has not been regulated in Wyoming. That said, you don’t need a special license to buy hemp flower for your personal needs. But if you plan on buying hemp flower to process it into marketable hemp products, you’ll need a license. 

Is it legal to sell hemp flower in Wyoming?

The sale and possession of hemp flower are not regulated in Wyoming.

Is CBD from hemp legal in Wyoming?

Yes, CBD from hemp is legal in Wyoming. The state legalized hemp cannabinoids derived from hemp with less than 0.3% THC, but for now, the rules issued by the FDA apply to CBD use in Wyoming.

Where can you buy hemp flower in Wyoming?

You can easily order hemp flower and hemp smokeables online if you live in Wyoming. We deliver organically-grown hemp flower to your door within 3 days or less after purchase. 

Is CBD oil legal in Wyoming?

The state has yet to regulate the use of hemp-derived CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC. For now, the FDA policy on CBD applies to the sale and use of CBD products in Wyoming. 

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