Where to Buy Top-Shelf Delta-8 THC in West Virginia

delta 8 west virginia

When most people think of THC, they associate it with Delta-9 THC, the primary psychotropic compound of cannabis that gets them high. But, D-9 is just one form of THC found in cannabis. There’s a new, milder type of THC being sold in West Virginia known as Delta-8 THC. What is it and is it legal to buy in the Mountain State? 

Do you live in West Virginia and want some Delta-8 shipped to your door? 


Is It Legal: West Virginia Delta-8 Laws 

The short and simple answer is: YES! Hemp-derived Delta-8 is LEGAL in West Virginia.

What Is Delta-8? 

Delta-8 THC is an analog of Delta-9 THC the primary type of THC in cannabis. These two chemicals share a closely similar molecular structure with a minor difference in the arrangement of their atomic bonds. Researchers believe that this subtle difference makes D-8 THC roughly twice less psychotropic than D-9 THC because it potentially influences how this cannabinoid binds to receptors in the endocannabinoid system. 

D-8’s mildly intoxicating nature and gentle tendency to side effects are attractive to users. While these traits made this derivative extremely popular, there’s so much more to it than just getting high. As per the National Cancer Institute definition, D-8 THC could help with nausea, appetite, pain, and anxiety.

Where to Buy Delta-8 in West Virginia

Because this cannabinoid is legal in West Virginia, you’ll likely find it at local CBD shops, smoke shops, and even convenience stores and gas stations. Still, the best option is to order it online. 

Buying D-8 products online comes with a few advantages, including fast shipping, better offers, transparency, and reliability. Online shops offer a range of top-shelf products at lower prices because they don’t have the typical expenses of maintaining a brick-and-mortar store. 

You’re also more likely to find a wide range of high-quality D-8 products in online shops. Most importantly, you’ll have it much easier to scan each product, ask questions, and request valid test reports. 

At Mr. Hemp Flower, you can find a range of top-shelf D-8 products, including concentrates, soft gel capsules, hemp flower, Delta-8 THC gummies, pre-rolls. Each item comes with a detailed Certificate of Analysis, and if necessary, a terpene report. 

You’ll notice that we’ve made it effortless for you to scan the page and find the labs that contain percentages of each cannabinoid present in the product. We value quality over anything else when it comes to our products. 

Each item comes with a Certificate of Analysis that shows the product is compliant with the Hemp Farming Act and contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. That said, always make sure to check the report of the product you’re about to purchase to see if it’s within the legal levels of THC. 

Continued, Is Delta-8 Legal in West Virginia? 

YES, hemp-derived Delta-8 THC is LEGAL in West Virginia.

Many states banned D-8 THC outright, but not West Virginia. For now, the state hasn’t explicitly outlawed the distribution and sale of D-8 products. 

After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, West Virginia adhered to federal policy and legalized hemp and all derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salt, and salts of isomers with a Delta-9 THC concentration of no more than 0.3%. 

The state has had active hemp laws since 2002, but it expanded its legislation to grant licensing and comply with the Hemp Farming Act. The Mountain State also excludes THC found in industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. 

This means that D-8 THC is not considered a controlled substance in West Virginia. The state doesn’t have any possession limits for hemp or hemp products. But, some retailers sell D-8 only to adults aged 21 or older. 

Marijuana and THC derived from marijuana is illegal in West Virginia. So, when you’re buying D-8 products, make sure to check both the origin of the product and the levels of Delta-9 it contains.

Delta-8 THC and Federal Law 

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has yet to see eye to eye with the cannabis industry. So many uncertainties around federal law and cannabis create confusion around the legality of Delta-8 THC. The legal status of this compound remains murky because there’s a pile of unanswered questions and unaddressed issues by the federal government. 

While D-8 THC that’s naturally present in the hemp plant is fully legal under the Hemp Farming Act, the status of D-8 THC manufactured from hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) causes confusion. 

Because this hemp derivative is present in the plant in trace amounts, chemists use isomerization to convert hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) into D-8. Most D-8 THC infused in products you see online and at local shops is made using this process. 

So now, the chemical conversion of the compound is at the root of the legal confusion. The main question surrounding it is whether D-8 made from hemp is a “synthetically derived” compound. Because federal law doesn’t explicitly define the term “synthetic,” there’s a possibility that the DEA could treat CBD-derived D-8 THC as “synthetically derived THC.” 

Bottom line

Delta-8 THC is legal to buy in West Virginia. The Mountain State hasn’t explicitly banned the distribution and sale of products containing this cannabinoid. Residents of West Virginia can order a wide range of D-8 items online safely and discreetly.  

delta 8 west virginia laws

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Yes! D-8 THC is still legal to buy in West Virginia. The state hasn’t explicitly banned this hemp derivative, so residents can purchase a range of D-8 products online legally.    

The safest route to buying top-shelf D-8 products is ordering online. Mr. Hemp Flower is a reliable brand that delivers tested D-8 products to all friendly states.

Get it till it’s available! Residents of the Mountain State can shop a range of D-8 products online safely and discreetly.

No, so far, 15 states have banned or restricted D-8 THC, including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Mississippi, New York, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

More research is needed in this area, but D-8 THC is considered safe. This hemp derivative exhibits milder psychotropic effects than D-9 THC.  

Read our legal disclaimer HERE. While we try to stay as up-to-date as possible on all state laws, you should do your own due diligence and work with a legal professional to ensure you are operating legally in your state or territory at all times. 

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