CBD Pre-Rolls vs. CBD Cigarettes: What’s the Difference?

CBD Pre-Rolls vs. CBD Cigarettes

CBD Pre-Rolls vs. CBD Cigarettes: What’s the Difference? 

Need to decide whether to go with CBD pre-rolls or CBD cigarettes? Although very similar, these two product forms deliver the benefits of the hemp plant in slightly different ways. This article unwraps the differences, advantages, and disadvantages between these two types of products and discusses when to choose one over the other. Let’s dive in. 

What Is A CBD Pre-Roll?

A CBD pre-roll is a flawlessly rolled CBD joint that you can smoke right away. This ready-to-go joint can be bought or rolled at home and is one of the most used hemp flower consumption methods. 

CBD pre-rolls have their roots in recreational marijuana. Cannabis smokers around the world invented the practice of rolling a joint with ground cannabis flower. The rolling paper can be made from different materials, but CBD pre-rolls typically use hemp paper. 

The terms “pre-roll” and “joint” are used interchangeably because they mean the same thing — cannabis flower wrapped in paper. The difference between CBD pre-rolls and weed joints is that the former is filled with low-THC, legal CBD hemp flower. Today, pre-rolls are a practical and convenient way to smoke CBD flower and are used by both seasoned users and newcomers. 

Rolling your own pre-roll takes a bit of practice. Some people enjoy it, but most users like to buy pre-made joints because proper equipment and skill development are needed to roll one that won’t fall apart. With that said, you should definitely try to roll your own pre-roll if that’s an interest of yours, and maybe you’ll end up making it a ritual. 

What Makes A CBD Pre-Roll? 

The three elements that make a CBD pre-roll are: 

Hemp paper

The paper (wrapper) of CBD pre-rolls is the outward (typically white) paper that holds the CBD flower in. It can be made from hemp, more specifically hemp fiber, but it doesn’t contain CBD or other cannabinoids, nor it makes you intoxicated. The wrapper can also be made from wood fibers, flax, or rice straw. 

If you’re crafting your own joint, it’s important to choose “real” paper. In recent years, counterfeit paper has become a problem and should be avoided because it could damage your lungs. So, only buy your rolling paper from established, trustworthy brands. A disadvantage of homemade joints is that they have a short storage life compared to pre-made pre-rolls. 

Hemp flower

CBD pre-rolls are rolled exclusively with strain-specific, ground CBD hemp flower, which is the cannabinoid-rich, dried bud of the plant. 

The CBD flower is high in cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating compound of hemp. You can also encounter high-quality CBG flower that’s rich in other minor cannabinoids and terpenes.  

Mr. Hemp Flower offers top-shelf CBD flower strains that you can grind and roll yourself. Our flower is organically grown and is ultra-rich in cannabinoids and terpenes that grant an excellent experience. If the material inside the pre-roll contains sticks and seeds, you’ll notice a harsh smoke that feels stale and unsatisfying. 

Filter (optional)  

The filter, or the joint’s mouthpiece, is an optional component of a pre-roll. It’s the thick piece of paper at the end of the pre-roll and can be made from paper and wood. The main role of a filter is to filter out the smoke properly without getting hemp plant material to your lungs. That way, the filter also prevents burns. 

The disadvantage of using a filter in your pre-roll — according to smokers — is that it filters the cannabinoids. This, as a result, reduces the potency of the CBD flower.  

What Is A CBD Cigarette? 

A CBD cigarette often called a hempette, is a CBD pre-roll shaped like a cigarette. 

This smokable product contains ground CBD flower and is shaped like a cigarette. CBD cigarettes are often called joints, which is technically true, but they differ in a few ways. 

Hemp cigarettes contain organically grown, natural hemp flower and are 100% tobacco-free. This product provides the user with the richness of cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes contained in hemp flower. 

CBD smokes are made with natural paper that also doesn’t contain any tobacco. They feature various flavors, are packed tightly so that the flower is kept intact when smoking, and are easy to hold. They come in packs, so you can take them when you travel. 

Many people resort to CBD smokes to help them quit smoking, which needs to be explored by science. Hemp cigarettes are a more organic option that’s free of harmful additives and can mimic the experience of smoking a regular cigarette. However, if you’re trying to quit smoking once and for all, you might catch yourself replacing one product form with another, which will not help you achieve your goal.     

What Are CBD Cigarettes Made Out Of?

CBD cigarettes are made out of three essential parts: 

Hemp paper

CBD smokes are also made from hemp fiber rolling paper, which is thick and doesn’t rip off as easily as cigarette rolling paper. Hemp rolling papers contain no THC, so they will not enhance or take away from your CBD experience. They are a natural, environmentally-friendly product that should be purchased from trusted vendors. 

Hemp flower

CBD cigarettes are exclusively made out of CBD-rich hemp flower. They don’t contain any tobacco or nicotine whatsoever. Instead, they are rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, and after inhalation, they bring potent beneficial effects to the body. 

A side-effect of smoking a CBD cigarette is the irritation smoke does to the lungs, so you need to weigh in on the pros and cons of this product before using it. Aside from inhaling smoke, CBD is not addictive, while nicotine in regular cigarettes is highly addictive. 


Although an optional part, CBD cigarettes do contain a filter or a crutch (cardboard tube) like tobacco cigarettes. They usually feature a crotch to make the cigarette easier to hold and prevent plant matter from entering the mouth. 

CBD Pre-Rolls vs. CBD Cigarettes: Differences & Similarities 

So, what makes these two different? 

Differences in CBD Flower Content 

The main difference between CBD pre-rolls and cigarettes is their CBD flower content. 

CBD pre-rolls are typically strain-specific and are filled with a single high-CBD flower strain, while CBD cigarettes are a mix of several different strains. CBD pre-rolls can also be sprayed with delta-8 THC or HHC and have an outside roll of a concentrate like kief. CBD cigarettes, on the other hand, don’t typically contain additional cannabinoids but may have some kief mixed with the flower content to improve potency.  

So, if you prefer consuming a specific hemp flower strain, CBD pre-rolls might be a better option. Both CBD pre-rolls and CBD cigarettes have a natural cannabis scent that has  earthy, skunky undertones. The scent of CBD products is way less potent than marijuana products. 

Differences in Size

Another difference is that they come in various sizes and strengths. Classic CBD pre-rolls hold the standard 1-gram size but are also available as a king-sized joint. CBD cigarettes can be smaller or larger, but they typically are typically available within the range of 0.7 grams to 1 gram.

Differences in Shape and Form 

The third difference between CBD pre-rolls and CBD cigarettes is that CBD cigarettes contain a filter or a crotch almost exclusively, while in CBD pre-rolls, the filter is optional. The pre-rolls have a cone-like shape, while CBD cigarettes have the standard cylinder shape. 

Another visible difference between the two is that CBD pre-rolls come in single pouches, may contain more hemp plant matter, and burn quicker than CBD cigarettes. 

CBD pre-rolls are a simple, ready-to-use, inexpensive product that’s especially popular among newcomers. Their main purpose was to mimic the feeling of a joint, so they do give a more aggressive smoke. 

Differences in Smoking Experience

One of the disadvantages of pre-rolls is that they burn quickly because of the lightness of the paper. Unlike cigarettes, pre-rolls have a more difficult “pull” when smoking because they are more tightly packed.  

CBD smokes offer a user-friendly experience and are easier to pull than pre-rolls because the flower is packed differently. According to users, they offer a less aggressive, smoother smoke that lasts longer. 

The Best CBD Pre-Rolls and Hemp Cigarettes 

If you’re looking for premium CBD pre-rolls and cigarettes that are rolled to perfection and provide quick relief, check out Mr. Hemp Flower. We grow our CBD flower using organic practices and provide a Certificate of Analysis as proof of clean, cannabinoid-rich products with no contaminants. 

Our customers love our Hemp Cigarettes because, in their words, they “smoke like a cigarette, taste and feel like high-grade CBD-rich hemp.” Coming in at 20 smokes per pack, our cigarettes offer top-notch quality and a pleasant, mellow feeling that will help you rest and recharge. 

The Mr. Hemp Flower Hemp Cigarettes are crafted with a proprietary blend of several different strains and hemp kief, which make a smooth smoke. Each cigarette contains about 0.7g to 1g of hemp flower. 

We offer a range of strain-specific pre-rolls, including: 

Our hemp pre-rolls are made with CBD or CBG flower grown and produced by local US farmers. They come with a Certificate of Analysis, which is a detailed report of total cannabinoids and terpenes, and other important variables.

FAQs on CBD Pre-Rolls vs. CBD Cigarettes

Smoking CBD is not done solely for recreational purposes because it provides multiple benefits to the user. That being said, smoking has a negative consequence on your lungs, so you shouldn’t rely on it as your only source of CBD.

Yes, CBD pre-rolls provide calming effects on your mind and pain-relieving effects on your body. They are potentially the best way of using CBD for medical purposes because they offer a very quick onset of effects.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not an addictive substance. Smoking may be habit-forming, but cigarettes are an addictive habit because of nicotine.

Inhaling smoke into your lungs comes at a risk, regardless if you’re taking regular tobacco or CBD cigarettes. But if you don’t want to quit smoking, CBD cigarettes are a much better alternative than regular cigarettes.

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