Truffles Strain Review – High THCA Flower

Truffles High THCA Flower Strain Review

Do you want to know if Truffles THCA flower is a good strain that fits your personality and needs? Ready to try the best THCA hemp strains on the planet?

Discover everything you need to know about the Truffles THCA flower strain in this article. In this strain review, we’re going over all the details of this rich and decadent THCA strain. 

We’ll discuss its terpenes, cannabinoids, genetics, uses, and effects, and by the end, you’ll be an expert on Truffles THCA hemp flower. Let’s roll it up and take a hit of Truffles high THCA flower and discover if this premium hemp flower is your new favorite strain!

Truffles Strain Summary

  • Truffles / Trufflez / Truffle Butter / White Truffle Strain
  • Hydroponic Indoor 
  • 21.10% Total Potency 
  • Indica-Dominant Hybrid
  • Caramel, Buttery, Sweet, Sour, Coffee, Ammonia, Nutty flavor 
  • USA Grown Organic THCA Flower

Last Update: January 31, 2024

Truffles High THCA Flower Strain Review

The Truffles THCA hemp strain goes by many names. Often referred to as Truffle Butter, Trufflez, or the White Truffles Strain, the Truffles strain has various phenotypes, but they all have a distinct sweet, nutty caramel aroma that gives them away. 

The buds grow in fluffy, sticky nugs that are forest green with a caramel hue. And of course, don’t forget a fiery forest of red hairs and frost trichomes that give this THCA-rich hemp flower bud tremendous bag appeal. 

Cultivated indoors using organic sustainable methods, this THCA flower gives a smooth smoke with maximum potency potential. A powerful and popular indica dominant strain, you won’t find these high THCA flowers at your local smoke shop or local dispensary. 

The Truffles hemp flower strain produces a strong body effect with comforting and relieving benefits that promote a strong urge to rest and relax. This THCA hemp flower strain is loaded with THCA content and hemp users will love the sweet, caramel Truffles taste. 


This was my first time trying THCa and I chose Truffles ~ super smooth and mellow ~ did not expect to find myself sitting there grinning from ear to ear ~ where have you been all my life? If you just want to relax and feel fine (for hours) then this is the bud for you. Love the team from MHF ~

Truffles Strain THCA Flower Genetics

The Truffles THCA hemp flower strain unveils a fascinating lineage, a seamless fusion of two renowned varieties: Skittlez and Cherry Noir. Inheriting the best of both worlds, Truffles presents an exquisite interplay of flavors and effects, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship of breeding strains. 

From Skittlez, Truffles inherits its vibrant, multicolored palette and a burst of fruity sweetness, reminiscent of the beloved candy. Cherry Noir, on the other hand, contributes its deep, rich tones and complex undertones, including hints of ripe cherries and subtle earthiness. 

This harmonious union results in a strain that tantalizes the senses, offering a delightful amalgamation of sweet and savory, complexity and simplicity. The combination of Skittlez’s euphoric uplift and Cherry Noir’s soothing embrace creates a balanced experience, providing users with a journey that transcends the ordinary.

Truffle THCA Hemp Flower Terpene Profile

Terpene profiles play a big role in the Truffles hemp buds—they determine how a strain smells, tastes, and affects you. Knowing these details helps you figure out what kind of experience you’re in for, making it easier to choose the perfect strain for what you’re looking for. 

With a significant presence of Myrcene in the Truffles hemp bud, this strain offers a calming and relaxing effect, making it perfect for winding down after a long day. 

The subtle notes of Carene add a touch of freshness, while Limonene brings in a zesty citrusy aroma, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Caryophyllene adds a hint of spiciness, giving the strain a nuanced flavor. Additionally, the presence of Pinene provides a subtle pine aroma, adding to the strain’s complexity. 

Together, these terpenes create a harmonious symphony of flavors and aromas, as well as synergizing the benefits of cannabinoids via the entourage effect, making Truffles THCA flower a delightful choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

  • Carene 0.217%
  • Caryophyllene 0.08%
  • Pinene 0.03%
  • Myrcene 1.24%
  • Limonene 0.4%

Truffles THCA flower’s terpene profile creates euphoric effects, thanks to the cannabinoid content alongside the prominent presence of Myrcene, which induces relaxation and relief. 

Additionally, the subtle spiciness from Caryophyllene adds depth to the experience, and Pinene provides a relaxing, calm focus, providing a balanced and gentle euphoria that makes Truffles a perfect choice for unwinding.


Carene, a terpene with a sweet and earthy flavor, brings a calming influence to Truffles THCA flower, encouraging relaxation and stress relief. 


Caryophyllene, characterized by its spicy and peppery notes, adds a touch of warmth to the strain’s taste and can provide comforting and relieving effects. 


Pinene, with its piney aroma, not only contributes to the strain’s refreshing taste but also offers a sense of mental clarity and focus. 

Truffles THCA Strain Cannabinoids Profile

Choosing the right strain is all about understanding what you’re getting into and to do that you need to look at a strain’s cannabinoids. These Truffles THCA flower buds hit the sweet spot with a 21.10% total cannabinoid concentration, featuring a solid 19.15% THCA and 1.95% CBGA. 

This means you’re in for a well-balanced experience, blending the benefits of relaxation with a touch of euphoria. This strain’s profile will provide a powerful comforting and relieving effect for the body and mind. Whether you want to unwind or get creative, Truffles THCA buds have got you covered. 

  • CBGA 1.95%
  • THC-A 19.15%
  • Total Cannabinoids 21.10% 

It’s more than just percentages – it’s about finding that perfect vibe, and Truffles is here to deliver. So, if you’re after a chill, balanced high, Truffles THCA flower might just be your new best friend.

Buy Truffles High THCA Flower Strain

Best Uses for Truffles THCA Flower

Truffles THCA flower, with its balanced blend of 19.15% THCA and 1.95% CBGA, offers a versatile experience suited for various occasions. Its relaxing effects make it ideal for unwinding after a long day, melting away stress and tension. The subtle euphoria it brings can enhance creative endeavors, making it a great choice for artists, writers, or anyone seeking inspiration. 

Truffles is also an excellent social strain, encouraging easy conversations and laughter without overwhelming intensity. Whether you’re looking for a calming evening smoke, a creative boost, or a way to enhance social interactions, Truffles THCA flower fits the bill. Its smooth, well-rounded effects ensure a pleasant experience, making it suitable for both experienced cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Enjoy Truffles THC-A buds in the company of friends, during a creative session, or simply when you need a moment of relaxation and calm. Truffles THC-A flower is your ticket to a mellow, enjoyable high, perfect for a variety of everyday activities.

Truffles High THC-A Flower Summary

Are you ready to experience the delightful world of Truffles THCA flower? Don’t miss out on its relaxing, versatile effects and tantalizing flavors. 

Elevate your experience with this exceptional strain, carefully crafted to provide a well-rounded and enjoyable smoke. 

Whether you’re looking to unwind after a busy day, enhance your creative endeavors, or simply enjoy the company of friends, Truffles THC-A flower is the perfect choice. 

Buy Truffles THCA Strain Online

Indulge in its smooth, calming effects and savor the nuanced blend of caramel, buttery sweetness, and subtle coffee notes. Click the link now and bring home Truffles THCA flower to add a touch of bliss to your everyday moments.

Click here to purchase Truffles THC-A flower now and embark on a journey of relaxation, creativity, and social enjoyment. You can also browse our entire catalog of THCA strains, including THCA diamond-infused pre-rolls, as well as CBD flower products, hemp CBD products, delta 9 edibles, and endless high-quality hemp products to choose from. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Truffle is an Indica-hybrid strain derived from Skittlez crossed with Cherry Noir, offering a balanced blend of potent indica and heady sativa effects.

Trufflez is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, combining characteristics of both sativa and indica varieties, but primarily Indica. 

THCA flower refers to a strain of hemp cultivated specifically for its high THCA cannabinoids. Unlike THC, THCA is non-intoxicating in its raw form. 

THCA flower and CBD flower are both legally considered hemp, but they are not the same. CBD flower has very little THCA content, while THCA flower contains high amounts of THCA. 

THCA is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in raw cannabis. THCA hemp strains are legal because it doesn’t convert to THC until heated, ensuring it complies with legal THC limits (less than 0.3% delta 9 THC); similar to CBD products like CBD hemp flower and delta 9 THC edibles. 

THCA flower offers users a flower with power and potency that is federally legal and you can order online.

Yes, hemp flower and bud are terms often used interchangeably, both referring to the flowering part of the hemp plant.

The choice between THCA and Delta 8 depends on individual preferences and desired effects, as they offer different experiences.

No, Delta 9 and THCA are not the same. THCA is the precursor to THC; it becomes Delta 9 THC, the active form of THC when heated or decarboxylated.

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