Benefits & Side Effects of HHC: What We Know So Far?

HHC Flower Benefits and Side Effects

Does HHC have any benefits? Not much is known about the newest hemp cannabinoid with intoxicating properties, hexahydrocannabinol. Research is still emerging about its potential advantages and dangers, but anecdotal evidence is, so far, working in its favor. 

This article explores all potential benefits and side effects of this compound and the research behind it. Let’s dive in.  

What is HHC? 

Short for hexahydrocannabinol, HHC is a hydrogenated form of delta 9 THC. It’s one of the 100+ chemical compounds naturally present in the hemp plant known as cannabinoids. 

HHC is a minor hemp cannabinoid that occurs in trace concentrations in the plant. Manufacturers don’t find it financially viable to extract it directly from the plant, as is the case with delta 8 THC, so they create it in large quantities in a lab.  

In the cannabis plant, HHC is formed as a by-product of THC degradation. Most delta 9 THC breaks down into cannabinol (CBN) when exposed to environmental conditions. A small fraction of THC also turns into delta 8 THC and HHC. 

This cannabinoid is roughly 80% of delta 9 THC’s potency, making it slightly more potent than delta 8 THC. It has a similar chemical structure to THC but without the double bonds. HHC is created when the double bonds are broken and replaced with hydrogen. 

What Are the Benefits of HHC?

Anecdotal reports show similarities in effects between THC and HHC. This cannabinoid weighs more heavily on the relaxing side, but it does cause euphoria and stimulates the mind. It leans more towards a laid-back “high” with alterations in visual and auditory perception. Users can experience variations in heart rate and altered cognition. 

Because HHC is so new, there are a few available studies addressing its therapeutic profile. Most of the benefits are shared with THC, with some differences. This is because they have a slightly different chemical structure that affects the binding affinity for the CB receptors of the endocannabinoid system. 

HHC May Ease Chronic Pain

Cannabinoids are known for their pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing benefits. This cannabinoid is relatively new, so it hasn’t been part of human trials that explore its potential analgesic effects. So, most of the research has been done on mice.

One old 1977 study revealed that HHC is equal in potency to morphine when tested on mice as an analgesic. According to the study, this compound may share properties with narcotic painkillers when it comes to easing pain. 

HHC May Alleviate Nausea

THC isomers, including delta 8 and delta 9, are incredibly effective for nausea and vomiting. There’s an overwhelming number of studies in humans that confirm the anti-emetic properties of THC, including in children. 

Due to its similarity to THC, HHC could potentially alleviate nausea and help increase appetite. Although anecdotal evidence confirms it, we need studies to be sure of its anti-nausea properties. 

HHC May Help With Anxiety

The majority of users report feeling less anxious during an HHC high compared to a THC high. 

The dose seems to have a lot to do with it. Low doses of this cannabinoid may decrease stress and anxiety, while higher doses may increase them. HHC’s anxiety-relieving properties may come from its naturally calming effect it has on the mind and body. 

HHC May Promote Sleep

There are no official studies on HHC’s effects on human sleep. But, there is evidence that this cannabinoid may help improve sleep in mice. A 2007 study found that HHC shows similar effects to delta 9 when it comes to sleep and significantly prolonged sleeping time in mice. 

Anecdotal reports confirm the potential of HHC to promote restful sleep. Users have noticed that this compound makes them drowsy when taken in high doses, which testifies for its potential sedative effects. 

Still, because of its stimulating properties, some users may experience the opposite and face insomnia. HHC relaxes the body and has a “chill out” effect, which may be the reason it helps with sleep.  

Quick Recap: What Are the Benefits of HHC?

  • It shares therapeutic effects with THC 
  • It may help manage pain
  • It may help reduce inflammation
  • It may alleviate nausea 
  • It may promote sleep and relaxation

What Are The Side Effects of HHC?

So far, users have shared positive experiences from consuming this cannabinoid. 

Typically, the side effects tend to occur when, unfortunately, the user has bought a low-quality product. There’s also the potential risks of consuming a cannabinoid with psychotropic properties that stimulates the nervous system because each individual reacts to it differently. 

Buying tested products is essential for your safety because the labs prove the purity of the extract, making sure it doesn’t contain harmful components.  

If you can trust the brand that the product is 100% safe, watch out for these common side effects especially in higher doses: 

Mild Drop in Blood Pressure

This compound may cause a mild drop in blood pressure followed by a mild increase in heart rate. As a result, you may start feeling dizzy and lightheaded. 

Dry Mouth & Eyes

If you use cannabinoids often, you are likely familiar with these two side effects. Dry, red eyes are common with intoxicating cannabinoids. 

These side effects are short-lived and result from the interaction between HHC and cannabinoid receptors in the salivary glands and the cannabinoid receptors that determine the moisture of the eyes. 

Increased appetite (munchies)

Increased appetite or “the munchies” is especially common with high doses of delta 9 THC. While helpful in some situations, most of the time, users don’t like the potential weight gain that comes from cannabinoid munchies. Like THC, HHC may also increase appetite in high doses. 


Sleepiness is another typical side effect of cannabinoids that get you high. You may experience this side effect while “stoned,” but it’s short-lived and usually wears off quickly after. 

Other HHC Side Effects

  • Paranoia (typically when consumed in high doses)
  • Anxiety (also triggered by high doses)
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling too happy
  • Getting too high 
  • Extreme dizziness 
HHC Benefits and Side Effects

Where to Buy Top-Shelf HHC? 

Users are facing a lack of transparency regarding the quality and manufacturing practices of HHC products. The only way to be sure you’re getting real HHC is to buy from established brands that provide a Certificate of Analysis and values transparency. 

Mr. Hemp Flower has been in the cannabinoid game since 2016 and has developed relationships with the best players in the game. From farmers to labs, we collaborate with professionals that contribute to producing the best possible products. 

Currently, we offer CBD hemp flower sprayed with 10% HHC. This concentration of HHC is perfect for users looking to relax and enjoy an easy hit. Our sativa-dominant hybrid, Sour Space Candy, will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. For a great start to the weekend, try Hercules HHC hemp flower that gives you a nice buzz.


Some of its benefits include pain relief, relaxation, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, nausea, and anxiety. 

Its safety profile is unknown because we don’t have any research on it. Anecdotal reports show no adverse effects or overdose from this cannabinoid.

This depends more on the product you’re using. Vaping is safe for pure extracts with no toxic, harmful components.

Some of its side effects include anxiety, dry mouth & eyes, dizziness, increased appetite, paranoia, insomnia, and rapid heart rate.

Read our legal disclaimer HERE. While we try to stay as up to date as possible on all state laws, you should do your own due diligence and work with a legal professional to ensure you are operating legally in your state or territory at all times.

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