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Hemp is not new to Florida. The plant was grown in this state until 1957…

Hemp is not new to Florida. The plant was grown in this state until 1957. 

Hemp and hemp CBD products have not been regulated in Florida up until May 2019, when the state Legislature passed the state hemp act and legalized hemp and hemp-derived products, including CBD and hemp flower. 

As of writing this article, the act has yet to take effect on July 1, 2019. Right now, only hemp research is legal in Florida and has been since 2017. 

A short overview of successfully passed Florida hemp and CBD laws:

Update: January 10, 2020

Florida’s Governor DeSantis signed Senate Bill 1020 in June 2019. The bill went into effect on July 1, legalizing hemp, and the retail sale of “hemp extract.” 

The hemp Act legalized hemp “and any part of that plant,” as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, so under that definition, hemp flower with less than 0.3% THC is legal in Florida. 

But, the Act doesn’t provide any rules and regulations regarding the sale of hemp flower.  

The bill gives the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regulatory authority over Hemp and Hemp Extract. So, the Department issued a rule regulating “hemp extract,” which became effective January 1, 2020. 

As of January 2, 2020, Florida agriculture officials started permitting and inspecting retail establishments selling CBD and hemp products under the new rule. 

The state is one of the first to regulate CBD in food products by issuing Hemp Food Establishment Permits

Hemp farming is not allowed in the Sunshine State until the USDA approves their hemp plan and the state Department of Agriculture issues licenses. 

2019—State Hemp Program [1]

Florida Legislature gave final approval to a bill that permits the creation of an agricultural hemp program in Florida. After getting approved by the Legislature, the bill was delivered to the Governor Ron DeSantis and awaits his signature. 

2017—Industrial Hemp Pilot Projects [2]

In June, 2017, the state passed a bill that allows launching “industrial hemp Pilot Projects.” The bill permitted authorizing specified state universities to partner with public, nonprofit, and private entities to develop industrial hemp pilot projects. 

2016—Florida Legalized Medical Marijuana [3]

Medical marijuana was legalized in Florida in 2016. A year later, smokable marijuana has been banned due to concerns that it poses health risks. Soon after the ban, medical marijuana advocates brought the case in front of a judge who ruled in favor of medical cannabis patients, giving them the right to smoke marijuana in private places.

Can you buy hemp flower in FL?


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Florida About to Legalize Hemp and Hemp CBD

The Sunshine State will soon be joining more than 40 states that have legalized hemp farming and hemp-derived products. Let’s take a look at the current ‘grey, but pretty friendly’ legal situation regarding hemp in Florida.

Can you legally grow hemp in Florida?

Since the 2014 Farm Bill, only the University of Florida and Florida A&M University have been granted hemp planting permits.

The pilot program allowed researchers to study the invasive power of hemp plants and the possibility for the plant threatening Florida’s environments. Researchers discovered that hemp is successfully adapting to the state’s growing conditions. 

By 2020, it is expected for the state to issue licenses and allow farmers to start growing hemp.

According to the 2019 state bill, hemp is an agricultural commodity and “hemp-derived cannabinoids, including but not limited to, cannabidiol, are not controlled substances or adulterants.” [1]

The bill also implies that “a person or entity seeking to cultivate, handle, process, transport, or sell hemp, hemp products, or hemp extract must register with the department.” 

What about CBD?

CBD is legal to buy and sell under federal law. The new federal law set the path for states to create their own hemp laws and regulate production and distribution internally. 

Florida hasn’t legalized and regulated CBD yet. After passing the 2019 hemp act, it is expected for the Florida Department of Agriculture to push legislation and make federal and state law consistent. More importantly, the department is likely to put out guidelines to ensure hemp product safety. 

So far, both retailers and consumers haven’t had major issues with the police regarding selling and buying hemp. However, it is advised for consumers to ask questions and check lab reports before buying unregulated CBD products. 

The Future Looks Bright Regarding Florida Hemp Legislation

CBD in Florida remains unregulated, but the state’s Director of Cannabis is not sleeping on that. In one of her talks, she delivered a clear message that Florida has potential to profit from the huge hemp products demand, CBD in particular. 

In her talk, she said, “There is an immediate demand for that today. There is a shortage of that product today. There are outstanding orders for large amounts of isolate by large manufacturers of everyday products that you’d recognize.” [5]

After the passage of the state hemp act, the state’s Agriculture Department will subject both retailers and manufacturers to lab testing to ensure CBD product safety. 

The act allows the creation of a state hemp program within the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The program should define hemp, provide requirements for program registration, distribution, and retail sale of hemp, hemp products, and hemp extract. [1]

After getting signed by Governor DeSantis, the state hemp program will get its final approval.

Regardless, Florida’s Director of Cannabis, Holly Bell, said that her team has already started making plans, mostly about implementing permits.

“Once we get our rules done, we’ll post them to the system called FAR (Florida Administrative Register), then the public can review them and make comments. The internal group will review them, make sure we’ve done our job. If we have no objections, then we can adopt our rules and start a program.” [5]

Bell expects to start implementing permits late fall, stating that 2020 is going to be a great year for industrial hemp in Florida. 

Things to Know When Purchasing Hemp in Florida

The purchasing of hemp flower in Florida is still unregulated. Hemp flower dispensaries are tolerated, and people are using hemp flower without major issues. However, there are some things to know before purchasing hemp flower in Florida.

Only Buy From a Reliable Supplier 

We cannot stress enough how important this is in times when state regulations are unclear or non-explicit. Buying hemp flower from a reliable supplier gives you security. With a reliable supplier that provides you with third-party lab testing, you can rest assured you are getting a legal plant with 0.3% THC. Reliable suppliers pack their CBD flower by including a notice to law enforcement that the package sent is hemp, not marijuana. 

Purchase Online

Hemp flower enthusiasts prefer online purchasing. Both CBD and hemp flower shops operate in Florida, but due to the resemblance of hemp buds to pot, some users may have an encounter with law enforcement. By buying your hemp flower online, your package gets delivered straight to your door. 

MrHempFlower.com offers you organically grown hemp with high CBD levels and less than 0.3% THC. Our best strains include Special Sauce and Sour Space Candy. Aside from hemp flower, our CBD products are delivered throughout the state of Florida and are tested through an independent lab. 

Florida Hemp for Sale: Organically Grown Hemp Flower

When you decide to buy hemp flower in Florida, make sure your vendor provides organically grown hemp buds and hemp smokables. Our hemp flower is sourced from the best producers in the industry, is 100% pesticide-free and non-GMO. 

FAQ on Hemp Flower In Florida

No, you don’t need a special license to purchase hemp in Florida. The state legalized medical marijuana, so you can obtain weed for medicinal purposes in Florida only with an MMJ card. After legalizing hemp, Florida will issue growing licenses to hemp growers.

Florida Legislature passed the act regarding the state hemp program created to promote the cultivation, handling, processing, and sale of hemp, hemp products, and hemp extracts in May 2019. After the act takes effect on July 1, 2019, hemp and hemp products are legal in Florida.

You can buy hemp flower in Florida at a local dispensary. Due to hemp flower not being regulated in Florida, law enforcement officials may confuse it with pot. This won’t get you convicted, but no one wants to get in trouble for no reason. So, a great alternative is to order hemp flower from an online store that delivers your order directly, like Mr.HempFlower.com

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