Buying Hemp Cigarettes in Oregon: Where to Find Them, Laws for Buying & Selling, and Best Hemp Cig Brands

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When it comes to hemp cigarettes, Oregon’s been something of a leader, thanks to the state’s progressive stance on hemp and cannabis. As one of the OG “green” states, Oregon was the second state to allow the medical usage of marijuana, and one of the first to approve its recreational usage.

But, as a state with regulations enacted before the 2018 Farm Bill, can Oregon citizens expect these laws to change?

If you’re concerned about any possible upcoming changes, don’t worry: Mr. Hemp Flower is here for you.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Benefits and Uses of Hemp Cigarettes
  • Is It Legal To Buy and Sell Hemp Cigarettes in Oregon?
  • Choosing Quality: Mr. Hemp Flower’s Hemp Cigs
  • Quality Craftsmanship & Customer Service
  • Proof in the Results: Lab Tests, Results and Terpenes

Benefits and Uses of Hemp Cigarettes 

The benefit hemp flower has over the other types of CBD products is its speed of effects. When you smoke CBD flower the beneficial contents get into your bloodstream quickly. So, you can feel the effects within minutes of consuming. Depending on who you ask, this could be the main reason people smoke instead of using CBD oil or eating a CBD gummy.

These two delivery methods, sublingual application (CBD oil) and ingestion (CBD gummies) have their upsides too. They take longer to get into your system than inhalation, yet they have longer-lasting effects. Consumers who want a steady dose of CBD rather than redosing frequently might choose one of these options.

Hemp flower share’s some characteristics in common with the plant marijuana, but unlike its relative, it doesn’t possess nearly as much THC, and as a result, it won’t get you high.

Instead, hemp flower’s rich in CBD, which a growing number of individuals are turning to for its supposed therapeutic effects.

But why hemp cigarettes, specifically, and not, say, tinctures?

The main advantage is the speed of its effects.

When inhaled, hemp smokables don’t have to bypass the digestive tract, but instead get delivered straight to the bloodstream. On top of that, hemp cigarettes are convenient to use, and for many smokers, enjoying a hemp cig holds familiarity.

In fact, it may be useful for those trying to kick a nicotine habit. According to a blind study from the University College London, nicotine-dependent subjects who were given CBD reduced cigarette usage by 40%, while those who took placebos noticed no difference.

And for that reason, cigarette users find the use of hemp flower cigarettes as a useful transitional step in quitting.

Not only are hemp cigarettes relaxing and offer some familiarity, but they can even offer the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in unrefined hemp. 

This can further promote the synergistic connection between all cannabinoids, which is known as the entourage effect and may promote CBD’s overall benefits.

While you can read more about the benefits of hemp flower here, smoking hemp cigarettes may offer their own unique set of benefits for the user, especially for those trying to quit nicotine addiction.

Is It Legal To Buy Hemp Cigarettes in Oregon?

So now that we know some of the benefits of hemp cigarettes, it’s time to ask the big question: are hemp cigarettes legal in the state of Oregon?

In short, yes. 

In fact, hemp-derived CBD has been, to some extent, legal for a good while, now.

In 1998, Oregon legalized the medical use of marijuana, which was approved for recreational use in 2014 under President Obama’s Farm Bill that year, and industrial hemp was officially legalized in 2015.

This spurred the legalized cultivation of hemp by growers, who recognized that hemp flower is the perfect source for a CBD-rich smoke.

However, Oregon growers and manufacturers are concerned that they’ll need to make some changes come 2021, as the state may need to re-align its regulations with the federal 2018 Farm Bill. That being said, this shouldn’t too deeply impact Oregon’s hemp cig consumers.

For vendors who don’t want to go through the additional hoops of licensing to grow or process their own hemp, domestically importing hemp cigs from North Carolina is a great option. You can check out our wholesale program here.

Choosing Quality: Where to Buy the Best CBD Cigarettes in Oregon

Since hemp flower can be legally possessed in the state of Oregon, residents should be able to find hemp cigarettes wherever CBD products are available.

But we all know the most popular way to attain quality CBD cigarettes: online!

Wherever you shop, make sure that the brand is reputable. If you’re shopping in-store, check the label for the:

  • CBD content
  • Net weight
  • Supplement & ingredient facts
  • Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate
  • Batch number or QR code
  • Manufacturer/distributor information

With that said, let’s talk about the easiest, safest way to guarantee quality hemp cigs: by shopping online with Mr. Hemp Flower.

Quality Craftsmanship & Customer Service

If we haven’t made it clear yet, we’re passionate about giving our people the best hemp smoke experience possible.

That’s why we don’t stop at sourcing great hemp. And we don’t fill our hemp cigs with just ground hemp flower–most brands do this, but we believe we can do better.

That’s why we fill our cigarettes with premium hemp flower and kief.

Known for its appearance and consistency of an ultra-fine, lightweight dust, kief comes from the resinous trichomes found in hemp, and are loaded with terps and cannabinoids.

The kief in hemp flower is made up of the resinous glands that house the CBD and terpenes, so sifting together just a pinch can transform your hemp smoking experience.

On top of that, our CBD cigarettes are nicotine and tobacco-free, making them a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Last but not least, we have unbeatable customer service. Here are some of our reviews from real customers:

“Love this company and every one of their products!! Amazing quality products and great customer service/updates on orders.”  

“Good stuff and excellent customer service as well. The total package!”

“These kief and hemp smokes are great. The filters remove all the tar making the experience much better. will order more soon. also, the service is excellent.”

Our customer service representatives are easy to reach with any inquiries you might have, which you can submit here. On a typical business day, we usually answer our customers’ questions within 3-4 hours.

For vendors in Oregon, we invite you to drop by our wholesale page here.

Proof in the Results: Terpenes in Mr. Hemp Flower CBD Cigarettes

No matter the state, every hemp seller should include a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab that can be accessed either online, or comes attached with the product.

When you see our lab tests, you’ll see not only the attention and care we put into making this product worthy of our customers, but you’ll see the spectrum of terps you’ll be enjoying. 

On our site, we have all of our certificates of analysis fully accessible, and you can see our lab tests for CBD cigarettes here.

Alpha-Bisabolol-1.31 mg/g (.13%)

Known for its possible effects on anxiety and depression, as well as chronic pain, research is beginning to connect alpha-bisabolol to possible pain remedies. With its delicate, floral aroma, you may have recognized it from chamomile tea!

Guaiol-1.02 mg/g (.10%)

Guaiol is a terpene known for its clean, cypress scent and antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. On top of that, it may also be a viable source of defense against systemic inflammation, which could be applicable to multiple forms of pain. In fact, most of the evidence points to guaiol’s potential for combating pain, like this 2010 study.

Beta-Pinene-.626 mg/g (.06%)

Beta pinene has an especially piney fragrance, and while it, too, has evidence of working well against pain symptoms, beta-pinene also acts as an expectorant, meaning that it helps promote the clearing of air passageways to help treat coughs.

Trans-Caryophyllene .464 mg/g (.05%)

As a powerful neuroprotectant, caryophyllene can be useful against inflammatory pain by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our brains.

Buy Hemp Cigarettes in North Dakota


Hemp cigs are low in THC, which means you won’t be feeling any intoxicating effects, but you may feel significantly calmer, and possibly even a bit more focused.

Age restrictions sometimes vary in different locations, but for buying hemp cigarettes in Oregon, the age requirement is consistently 18.

Unless otherwise stated on packaging, hemp cigarettes do not contain nicotine, which renders them without the highly addictive properties of traditional cigarettes.

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