CBD Rich Hemp Flower Vs Industrial Hemp

Growing Hemp Flower

Hemp is officially legal in the US but many are confused about the difference between CBD Hemp Flower, Marijuana, and Industrial Hemp. Learn about the differences in these types of cannabis and what you should know about CBD Hemp Flower in 2019.

What is CBD Hemp Flower?

CBD Hemp Flower is a dried herb that can be used similarly to marijuana, without the hallucinogenic and psychotropic side effects.

Hemp refers to varieties of the cannabis plant with certain chemical properties, such as containing less than .3% THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis.

Hemp’s chemical profile is highlighted primarily by CBD, or cannabidiol, which is just one of over 120 different beneficial compounds. These compounds, called cannabinoids, are produced primarily within the mature flowers of the female hemp plant.

The cannabinoid chemicals (CBD, THC, etc.) are synthesized within structures located on the calyxes, or buds, of the hemp flowers, called trichomes.

The vast majority of the therapeutic cannabinoids, such as CBD, aren’t produced until the final weeks of the plant’s full maturity.

When Hemp is grown for CBD flower, it looks nearly identical to its “cousin” marijuana. Just like marijuana flower, CBD Hemp flower can be smoked or vaporized, and can also be used to make concentrates like oils, tinctures, or infusions.

CBD Hemp Flower vs. Industrial Hemp

Growing CBD Hemp Flowers

As you’ve learned, hemp is very versatile and can be used in the production of at least 50,000 different consumer products.

The most commonly known industrial use of hemp is for textile fibers such as rope, but its properties allow it to be used for much more.

Hemp’s tall fibrous stalk, nutritious seeds, and biomass are a renewable resource for a number of different industries. Some of the amazing that Hemp it can be used to make include –

  • Biofuel
  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Batteries
  • Paper, canvas
  • Non-toxic ink
  • Seeds, oils, butter
  • Clothes, carpet, other textiles
  • And many more

Industrial hemp, however, is cultivated differently than CBD-rich Hemp Flower. Instead of growing plants for their resinous flowers, like marijuana growers do, industrial hemp farmers plant large fields of plants sown closely together.

This forces the plants to grow straight up towards the sky as they compete for space, similar to bamboo, and increases the yield of hemp stalk, seed, and biomass.

While industrial Hemp is an incredible renewable resource, it’s not an ideal source of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids.

This is true for a number of reasons, but mostly it’s due to the fact that industrial hemp is grown for its fibrous stalk and nutritious seeds rather than its CBD-rich flowers.

CBD from Marijuana

As we mentioned, both marijuana and hemp are two types of the same plant species known as cannabis. Any type of cannabis has the potential to produce cannabinoid compounds such as CBD or THC.

With hemp now legal in the US, many are wondering if CBD from marijuana and CBD from Hemp have the same properties. The CBD in marijuana is the same as the CBD in Hemp Flower, but there is one major difference.

Marijuana typically contains high amounts of THC, which, even in small dosages, can induce symptoms of anxiety, panic, and cognitive impairments.

The presence of the THC in CBD Hemp flower boosts CBD’s therapeutic potential, but is not enough to induce the adverse side effects associated with smoking marijuana.

If you’re concerned about the effects of THC, or simply do not enjoy the psychoactive sensations of marijuana, CBD Hemp Flower is for you.

CBD in Hemp Flower provides the relaxing, therapeutic benefits of cannabis compounds without inducing unwanted cognitive impairments. 

Just like marijuana, CBD Hemp Flower is available in many different varieties, called strains, each with their own unique flavors, aromas, and effects.

Want to sleep better at night or relax muscle and nervous tension? Looking for an all-natural way to lower blood pressure or relieve stress? There’s a CBD strain that can help.

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