THCA Flower in Colorado: Is It Banned?

Is THCA Flower Legal in Colorado

Is THCA flower in Colorado legal to buy? The state regulated hemp-derived cannabinoids with intoxicating, non-intoxicating, and potentially intoxicating properties differently. Where does this put THCA flower, and how do you navigate the changing legal landscape around this product? 

In this article, we’ll dive into the legality of this type of flower, where to buy it, possession limits and safety.

Last Update: April 25, 2024


  • THCA flower is not legal in Colorado because the state has a “total THC” law for finished hemp products. 
  • Under state law, cannabinoids are classified as intoxicating, non-intoxicating, and potentially intoxicating. 
  • The state allows the sale, use, and possession of non-intoxicating smokable hemp products with a low THC percentage. 
  • Marijuana is legal in this state for recreational and medicinal use. 
  • The best alternative to legal THCA flower is regular cannabis flower, which you can buy in licensed dispensaries. 
  • THCA flower is lawful hemp federally if its delta 9 levels don’t exceed 0.3% by weight. 

Where to Buy THCA Flower in Colorado? 

THCA flower is not a legal product in Colorado, so you should avoid purchasing it. 

You can still buy regular cannabis flower in this state from a licensed dispensary if you’re 21 and over. 

If the laws change, our expertly grown THCA flower awaits. It’s a tested product that comes with a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) issued by a third-party lab. The CoA provides proof you’re buying legal hemp with high cannabinoid and terpene levels. 

USA-based, licensed growers cultivate our THCA flower with the goal of preserving the strain’s terpene and cannabinoid profile. Our hemp flower boasts 20% to 30% total THC potency but stays within the federal legal threshold, thanks to their expertise and care. 

If you want to treat yourself to premium THCA flower grown by USA-based, licensed hemp cultivators, click here.

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Is THCa Flower Legal in Colorado?

THCA flower is illegal in Colorado because the state has a total THC law for finished hemp products. 

Under state law (SB23-271), effective June 7, 2023, a hemp product is a finished product derived from hemp that contains no more than 1.75 mg of THC per serving. In addition, the product must not contain a ratio of CBD to THC greater than or equal to 15:1. 

It’s difficult to determine a serving size with hemp flower, so the law creates confusion around the legal status of this product. Typically, a one-gram pre-roll contains anywhere from 10% to 15% total THC (delta 9 + THCA), which translates into 100 to 150 mg of THC per pre-roll. 

Also, due to the high THCA content in this type of flower, most products contain lower levels of CBD and higher levels of THC. This is not in line with the provisions of the new bill, making THCA flower a potentially illegal product. 

One thing to note is that the law doesn’t include THCA in intoxicating cannabinoids, but it does include acids in the definition of THC. State law defines THC as: 

“The substance contained in the plant cannabis species, in the resinous extracts of the cannabis species, or a carboxylic acid of, derivative of, salt of, isomer of, or salt or acid of an isomer of these substances.”

This bill distinguishes between non-intoxicating, intoxicating, and potentially intoxicating cannabinoids. It includes delta 10, delta 9, delta 8 and its isomers, etc., in the definition of THC. 

What is THCA Flower? 

THCA flower is a hemp bud with high levels of THCa and low levels of delta 9 THC. Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid and the main cannabinoid in this type of flower. 

This cannabinoid is the precursor to THC. So, when heated, it converts into THC and produces an intoxication that’s typical for a regular cannabis bud. 

Buy THCA Flower in Colorado

Is THCA Legal Federally? 

If the delta 9 THC levels don’t exceed 0.3% by dry weight, the product is legal hemp under federal law. 

The delta 9 THC levels in a finished product are the only metric that determines its legality federally. In fact, some cannabis lawyers claim that states that have a ‘total THC’ law for finished products may go against federal law as they are essentially changing the definition of hemp. 

Regarding testing of hemp flower, federal law requires cultivators to test their crops for the total THC levels (0.3% THC + 87.7% THCA) pre-harvest. This test accounts for the potential conversion of THCA into THC. 

If the total THC levels of the hemp flower don’t exceed 0.3% during this initial test or 30 days before harvest, the hemp flower is legal hemp. 

Is THCA a Controlled Substance in Colorado?

No, THCA is not a controlled substance in Colorado. 

State law removed hemp from the controlled substances list and hemp tetrahydrocannabinols from the definition of THCs. Current law also excludes THCA from the definition of synthetic cannabinoids. 

Is THCA Flower Safe?

Yes, THCA flower is as safe as regular cannabis flower. 

The key to avoiding any risks and adverse effects with this product is to buy from reputable sources and manage the dosage. 

Your hemp flower should be free from contaminants and toxic by-products. Also, if this is your first time trying it, you must manage the dose and start with 5mg or a single puff. 

This is really important because when the amount you take matches your tolerance levels, you’ll avoid intense adverse effects. The most common negative effects of consuming THCA flower are: 

  • Dry mouth 
  • Red eyes 
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Lightheadedness
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia 

It’s normal to experience a few minor side effects, so try to stay calm and relax until they clear out. 

Are There Any THCA Possession Limits in Colorado?

No, Colorado has no set possession limits on THCA flower

Due to the ‘total THC’ law in finished hemp products, THCA flower is potentially unlawful in Colorado. The state has no regulations regarding its possession and use. But you can buy low-THC hemp flower without limits on strength and possession. 

Final Thoughts: Is THCA Flower Legal in Colorado? 

THCA flower is likely illegal in Colorado. 

The state has a complicated hemp law that requires testing of hemp products for their total THC levels. 

Lawful hemp products must not contain more than 1.75 mg per serving, which is a lower threshold than the previous law. In addition, the product’s CBD to THC ratio must not be greater or equal to 15:1. 

The law distinguishes between intoxicating, non-intoxicating and potentially intoxicating (novel) cannabinoids. Non-intoxicating CBD flower with low levels of THC is legal in this state. 

FAQs on THCA Flower Colorado

No, THCA flower is not sold in Colorado. The state regulates hemp products strictly and prohibits the sale of hemp products with total THC levels of over 0.3%. 

THCA is legal in states that legalized hemp and removed hemp tetrahydrocannabinols from the list of controlled substances. 

Yes, frequent use of THCA flower will cause a drug test to pop positive. This product contains high amounts of THCA that, when heated, convert into THC, hence offering a marijuana experience. 

Sending or receiving THCA flower via USPS in Colorado is risky. State law limits the amount of total THC in a serving to 1.75 mg.

The only way to prove a product is legal hemp is to carry a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with the product. A third-party, reputable lab issues this document, which proves the THCA flower is legal hemp and contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. 

Yes, THCA flower will get you intoxicated if you expose it to heat. This type of flower has a high concentration of THCA that converts into the psychoactive molecule delta 9 THC. Otherwise, THCA is not naturally intoxicating. 

Technically, you can if the product is considered legal under state law. It’s important to carry documentation that proves the product is legal hemp based on its delta 9 THC levels.

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