Can You Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil in North Dakota in 2020

Full spectrum CBD Oil North Dakota

North Dakota stores are selling hemp-derived CBD oil, but the state has yet to regulate these products. 

The state decided to operate under its current pilot hemp program for the 2020 season, which means that it’s unlikely it will change the current legal status of hemp CBD products. Can you buy full spectrum CBD oil legally in North Dakota? Let’s take a look.

Is Full Spectrum CBD (PCR Hemp Oil) Legal in North Dakota?

Full spectrum CBD (PCR hemp oil) remains unregulated in North Dakota. The state passed House Bill 1349 in April 2019, which regulates the cultivation of hemp but does not address the regulation of hemp CBD products. 

While the state provides licenses for growers and processors, it hasn’t regulated the sale and marketing of CBD oil. On the official website, the state Attorney General published short guidelines on “products that contain CBD,” in which they defer to FDA’s regulations and guidelines on “cannabis-derived products [1].” 

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) makes it clear that the North Dakota pilot program is only for research purposes. NDDA states that “the purpose of the pilot program is to increase the understanding of how industrial hemp fits into the current agricultural landscape, and investigate how it may contribute to the economy of North Dakota”

pcr hemp oil north dakota

Where to Buy PCR Hemp Oil in North Dakota?

North Dakota is not the friendliest state for buying full spectrum CBD oil. Finding hemp CBD products locally may be challenging, which is why many people order online. Mr. Hemp Flower offers high-grade full spectrum CBD oil (PCR Hemp Oil), a product that can’t be found locally. We ship directly to your home, in discreet packaging, within 3-5 days. 

The Mr. Hemp Flower Difference

Our PCR hemp oil is organic, high-grade full spectrum CBD oil that provides you with the entire hemp plant profile in a bottle. A product like our PCR hemp oil is hard to find in North Dakota’s local shops. 

If you’ve noticed that our hemp oil has a gorgeous golden brown color, that’s because it’s made from whole-plant extract that has a stronger earthy flavor and a darker color due to the presence of a great percentage of hemp cannabinoids and terpenes. If you’d like to know how to recognize a high-quality CBD oil, check out our ultimate guide on Full Spectrum PCR Hemp Oil

Made in the USA

We make our own products, including our PCR hemp oil. This hemp oil is made using hemp flower cultivated by licensed U.S. growers, primarily in Colorado, Washington State, and Oregon. We nurture long-term partnerships with local farmers who have over five years of experience growing different strains of hemp. 


We test all of our products. You will find lab analysis for our PCR hemp oil on our website. Just like all of our products, our hemp oil is also tested by an independent, third-party lab.

Pesticide-Free, Non-GMO 

The hemp flowers we use to extract our full spectrum hemp oil are organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free.

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Is It Legal to Ship PCR Hemp Oil to North Dakota?

North Dakota doesn’t regulate the sale of commercial hemp CBD products under its pilot program. North Dakota is one of the states where the transportation of hemp CBD products, such as full spectrum PCR Hemp Oil, is unclear. 

The USPS allows the shipping of hemp CBD products in small quantities after hemp became a legal crop. The USPS has set rules for shipping, so these products must be derived from hemp, must be tested for their THC levels (which have to test lower than 0.3%), and have to come from licensed hemp. 

A Short Overview of Hemp CBD Laws in North Dakota 

2019 — HB 1349

The Governor signed HB 1349 in April 2019, relating to the regulation of hemp. The bill legalized the commercial production of hemp in North Dakota and created the foundation for regulating hemp, including licensure

2009  — HCR 3026

North Dakota Senate President signed a concurrent resolution urging the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to allow the state to regulate hemp farming on its own, without requiring federal applications, licenses, or fees. 

2005  — HB 1492

A bill for an Act to amend sections of the North Dakota Century Code relating to feral hemp seed. 

1999  — HB 1428

This bill for an Act authorized the production of industrial hemp in North Dakota and was signed by Governor Schafer in April 1999. The bill also enacted a new chapter relating to the designation of industrial hemp as a noxious weed.  

1997 — HB 1305

As far as 1997, North Dakota passed HB 1305 for an Act to provide for a study of industrial hemp production by the agricultural experimentation station. 

FAQs on North Dakota PCR Hemp Oil Laws 

North Dakota passed a new law in 2019 which doesn’t address the legality of hemp CBD products. The state is operating under its pilot program, so the legality of PCR hemp oil is murky in this state.

North Dakota doesn’t regulate the commercial sales of hemp-derived CBD extract. The state has legalized medical marijuana and allows patients with a medical marijuana card to buy marijuana-derived CBD oil from licensed dispensaries within the state. 

You can buy PCR hemp oil online if you live in North Dakota, but make sure you are getting it from a reliable company. 

PCR hemp oil is richer in cannabinoids and terpenes, which is why many consider it better than CBD isolate and other broad spectrum and full spectrum oils on the market. PCR hemp oil also contains hemp plant matter, which makes the oil deliver the greatest entourage effect out of all oils. 

North Dakota hasn’t regulated CBD oil and currently doesn’t allow its use for commercial purposes.

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