What’s The Deal With Hemp Flower in Hawaii? Is Hemp Flower Legal to Buy?

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In 2018, only 1 acre of hemp was grown in Hawaii. The same year, the state issued 10 licenses to farmers interested in harvesting the crop. Farmers are allowed to sell their crops, but the state still hasn’t regulated that part of the process.

What is the legal status of smokable flower in The Aloha State? Can you buy CBD in Hawaii? Let’s take a look at the current legal status of hemp in Hawaii

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Hawaii?

Hemp and all of its parts, including hemp flower, are legal federally. The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the controlled substances list. Hemp products containing 0.3% THC are legal in all 50 states

In Hawaii, cultivation of hemp is allowed only under the Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program. The pilot hemp program was passed under the 2014 Farm Bill. The 2014 Farm Bill, Section 7606 authorizes pilot programs to sale and market hemp raw materials under the research program. [1]

Although Hawaii allows some production of hemp, the selling of hemp flower remains unregulated in this state. In 2016, Hawaii Governor Ige signed Act 228, which created a pilot program for the cultivation of industrial hemp for agricultural or academic research. This means that the state is yet to propose rules and regulations regarding commercial use of hemp. [2

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Hawaii?

Because hemp flower remains unregulated in the state of Hawaii, many people decide to buy this product online. Small quantities of hemp are delivered legally by the United States Postal Service (USPS). 

Hawaii Hemp Flower for Sale 

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How to Safely Order Your Hemp Flower Online

Here is what you need to know about ordering your hemp flower online:

Select a Reliable Supplier

Buying quality hemp flower online is overwhelming. To make the process a bit easier, always make sure to check the origin of the hemp. There are several indicators you’d be dealing with a reliable supplier, including:

Hemp flower has become a popular alternative to processed hemp CBD products because it is a natural source of CBD. So, it is important to choose a supplier that offers organically-grown hemp flower. Choose MrHempFlower for non-GMO and pesticide-free hemp flower delivered to your state. 

  • Experienced growers

Finding CBD-rich hemp flowers grown by experienced farmers can be quite tricky online. The hemp industry is growing, and so is the number of inexperienced people jumping at the opportunity. That means you are likely to end up with low-quality hemp flower. 

We understand that creating a CBD-rich hemp flower is a process that requires knowledge, skills, and experience. Not everyone can do it right. That’s why all of our products are sourced from growers that have more than five years of experience in the field. Our growers have created some great strains over the years, and now, you get the chance to taste them. 

  • Independent lab results

You need to be certain that the hemp flower you are ordering online contains less than 0.3% THC. We test all of our products rigorously through a third-party, independent lab. Together with the lab analysis that confirmed the purity of the product, we also offer notice to law enforcement in every package.

Hawaii Hemp Laws

Is CBD Legal in Hawaii?

Regarding CBD, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture has made it clear that the current proposed hemp program regulates only the cultivation of industrial hemp, which excludes the processing of industrial hemp or hemp-derived products. Regardless, according to local news outlets, there are many CBD shops in Hawaii that sell CBD oil and other products. [3]

Although the hemp pilot program doesn’t place restrictions on the cultivation of industrial hemp and CBD, the Hawaii Department of Health clarified the lawful use of CBD. According to the Department,

“Hawaii law prohibits adding any cannabis-derived substances to food, beverages, or cosmetics for manufacture, distribution, or sale.” [4]

The statement by the Department continues that the state’s statutes are aligned with the standard by the FDA, which has not approved the use of CBD in over-the-counter products. The Department prohibits adding CBD to food, beverages, and cosmetics, or selling CBD as a “dietary supplement” in Hawaii. 

Can You Grow Hemp in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, it is legal to grow hemp under the 2014 Farm Bill. Hawaii’s Gov. Ige wants to stay in compliance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) before legalizing hemp for commercial purposes. 

The USDA has yet to publish administrative rules regarding the cultivation of hemp for commercial purposes. Until then, the USDA instructed states to do nothing that exceeds the interpretation of the 2014 Farm Bill Section 7606. However, more than 40 states have decided to give their economies a boost by legalizing hemp and allowing its growing, processing, distribution, and sales. 

The Aloha State granted ten hemp licenses to eligible farmers under the state’s research program. The state would issue licenses only four times a year, but applicants are allowed to apply at any time. [5]

The Department of Agriculture is not going to provide hemp processing facilities nor buy hemp from growers. Over the issue of processing of hemp and selling hemp products outside Hawaii, the Hawaii DOA does not have regulatory oversight. 

Medical Marijuana is Legal in Hawaii 

The state legalized medical marijuana in 2000 and decriminalized recreational marijuana in 2019. The Hawaii Department of Health is in charge of managing the two medical cannabis programs in Hawaii. 

Not all CBD is prohibited in Hawaii. Qualified patients can acquire medical cannabis from a dispensary with a valid medical marijuana card and a document of identification. [6]

FAQ on Hemp Flower Hawaii State Laws

There is no limit to the amount of hemp flower you can purchase in Hawaii. Some hemp flower shops have put their own limit on the amount of hemp flower available for purchase.

If you are a regular buyer, you don’t need a special license to buy hemp flower. Once the state regulates commercial hemp, if you plan on purchasing hemp to process it, you’d likely need a license.

The selling of raw hemp materials remains unregulated in Hawaii. The state has yet to propose rules and regulations to regulate the selling of hemp flower. 

CBD from hemp is legal in all 50 states. In Hawaii, CBD from hemp is not allowed in food products, or being sold as a dietary supplement or drug. In Hawaii, it is not legal to market CBD using health claims. 

Because of the complicated relationship between state law and hemp flower, in Hawaii, many people purchase their hemp flower online. 

CBD oil from hemp is legal in all 50 states. Hawaii is still waiting on the USDA to set regulations on CBD oil. Until then, CBD oil is only allowed to patients with a medical marijuana card. 

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