Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Oregon: Current Laws and Where to Buy

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Oregon

Oregon issued 1,883 hemp cultivation licenses and permitted planting on nearly 64,000 outdoor acres in 2019. As one of the biggest producers of both hemp and marijuana, the state has unique law provisions that support the growth of the cannabis industry. Is full spectrum CBD oil (PCR hemp oil) legal to buy in Oregon? Let’s take a look.

Is Full Spectrum CBD (PCR Hemp Oil) Legal in Oregon?

Oregon is one of the few to authorize the commercial sale of hemp CBD products under its pilot program. The Beaver State will continue to operate under the 2014 Farm Bill for the 2020 growing season, meaning the current rules will remain in place until October 30, 2020. 

Under Oregon Statues, the sale and manufacture of hemp and industrial hemp commodities or products, including products intended for human consumption, is allowed. Under the law, “consumption” means to ingest, inhale, topically apply to the skin or hair.” This means that the sale and marketing of hemp CBD in foods, cosmetics, and smokables is lawful in Oregon, as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. 

The law defines “industrial hemp commodities or products” as “an item processed by a handler containing any industrial hemp or containing any chemical compounds derived from industrial hemp, including CBD derived from industrial hemp.” Industrial hemp commodities or products includes:

  1. Hemp concentrates or extracts;
  2. Hemp edible;
  3. Industrial hemp processed through retting or other processing such that it is suitable fiber for textiles, rope, paper, hempcrete, or other building or fiber materials;
  4. Hemp tincture;
  5. Hemp topical;
  6. A Hemp transdermal patch;
  7. Industrial hemp seed processed such that it is incapable of germination and processed such that is suitable for human consumption;
  8. Industrial hemp seed pressed or otherwise processed into oil. 

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has regulatory authority over the hemp program in the state. All growers, handlers, and seed producers need to be registered with the state Department of Agriculture. Since January 1, 2020, Oregon is also testing for Total THC concentration in pre-harvested hemp. 

Where to Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil in Oregon?

You can buy full spectrum CBD oil online and have it delivered straight to your Oregon home.

CBD Hemp Oil Oregon

Our full spectrum CBD Phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil is a low-THC hemp CBD oil made from organic hemp cultivated by licensed U.S. farmers in Washington State, Colorado, and Oregon. We work with vetted farmers and carefully select the hemp flower best suited for extraction. Our goal with PCR hemp oil is to offer the most potent hemp CBD oil on the market, a high-grade product that brings you the entire hemp plant profile in a bottle. 

If you are skeptical of CBD oils that are stripped of most cannabinoids (and don

T offer the benefits of the “entourage effect”), we feel you. When you buy Mr. Hemp Flower’s PCR hemp oil, you are getting a ‘true’ full spectrum CBD oil that presents a dark brown color as a result of the rich cannabinoid, terpenoid, and phytonutrient profile. With a potent, but natural flavor, PCR hemp oil is a pure, clean product of unmatched quality that offers an abundance of healthy hemp nutrients. 

Order you full spectrum PCR Hemp oil from Mr. Hemp Flower and have it shipped straight to your Maryland home within 3-5 days. 

The Mr. Hemp Flower Difference

If you are looking for a high-potency CBD oil, our full spectrum CBD (PCR) hemp oil is right for you. Mr. Hemp Flower’s PCR hemp oil contains the entire hemp plant profile in a bottle and offers an abundance of hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients. We extract our PCR hemp oil using organic, lab-tested hemp. Not only PCR hemp oil is a true full spectrum CBD oil, which makes it more potent compared to regular oils, but it also offers the benefits of the “entourage effect.”

Extensive research shows that whole-plant hemp extract that contains all of hemp’s compounds can be more effective than hemp extract that contains one hemp cannabinoid (for example, CBD isolate). The “entourage effect” is the theory that all hemp compounds work in synergy to maximize each other’s benefits, which is not the case when using each compound separately. Less processed oils, like PCR hemp oil, are richer in cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients, hence their golden-brown to dark brown color. They also have a stronger earthy flavor.

Organic, Lab-Tested Hemp Oil

We extract our PCR hemp oil from organic hemp cultivated by licensed U.S. farmers in Oregon, Washington State, and Colorado. This oil is a pure, clean product free from pesticides and toxins. Our full spectrum PCR hemp oil is tested by a third-party, independent lab. 

This stuff is great

Really nice looking Hemp, good smell. PCR Tincture is truly something nice to have around. If you are looking for good Hemp, Mr Hemp Flower has it.

Is It Legal to Ship PCR Hemp Oil to Oregon?

Oregon allows the shipping of hemp CBD products with less than 0.3% THC manufactured out-of-state. The state strictly prohibits the shipping of hemp CBD products that contain over 0.3% THC, so distributors who sell hemp CBD products in Oregon must ensure compliance with the Total THC testing standards before shipping. This is why you should always get your CBD oil from a reliable supplier. Mr. Hemp Flower’s PCR hemp oil is lab tested and contains less than 0.3% total THC (you can find the labs on our website). The USPS also allows the shipping of hemp CBD oil that contains the permitted amounts of THC, is lab-tested and derived from hemp cultivated by licensed individuals. 

A Short Overview of Oregon’s Hemp Laws

2016 HB 4060

Governor Brown signed House Bill 4060 into law on May 29, 2016. The bill relates to the regulation of industrial hemp and testing requirements of hemp commodity or product intended for human consumption. 

2015 SB 881

Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 881 into law on June 18, 2015. This bill defines and regulates the industrial hemp seed. 

2009 SB 676

The Governor signed Senate Bill 676 into law on August 4, 2009. This bill permits the production and possession of industrial hemp, as well as trade-in industrial hemp products. 

FAQs on Oregon PCR Hemp Oil Laws

Full spectrum PCR hemp oil is legal to buy in Oregon. The state allows the sales and marketing of hemp CBD products with less than 0.3% THC, including foods, dietary supplements, smokables, cosmetics, and non-alcoholic beverages.

You don’t need a special license to purchase full spectrum PCR hemp oil in Oregon. 

You can lawfully buy full spectrum PCR hemp oil online in Oregon and have it delivered straight to your home within 3-5 days.

PCR hemp oil is considered better than CBD oil (especially CBD isolate) because it’s a true full spectrum tincture it contains the entire hemp plant profile in a bottle. Unlike other CBD oils, PCR hemp oil is rich in all cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients that deliver the entourage effect. 

Full spectrum PCR hemp oil is legal to shop in Oregon. The state authorizes the sale, marketing, and possession of hemp CBD tinctures.

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