HHC Flower in West Virginia: Is It Legal & Where to Buy in 2022

HHC Flower in West Virginia

West Virginia has been one of the slowest states to get their medical marijuana program up and running. Hemp-derived products are fully legal in this state, but does that include novel, intoxicating cannabinoids, like HHC, as well? Can you buy HHC flower in the Mountain State? Let’s take a look. 

Is HHC Flower Legal in West Virginia?

HHC flower is likely legal in West Virginia. 

The state doesn’t have specific laws addressing the legality of hemp-derived intoxicating cannabinoids like HHC. Under HB 2694, West Virginia allows the sale and distribution of hemp CBD products without restrictions. Despite federal prohibitions, the state allows the sale of CBD in food. 

West Virginia also hasn’t explicitly banned or restricted the production of delta 8 THC. Because HHC is crafted in a lab from hemp-derived CBD (similar to delta-8), it’s also unrestricted but unregulated in West Virginia.  

Recreational marijuana is illegal in the state, while sales for medical marijuana started on February 3, 2021. You don’t need a license to order HHC flower in West Virginia, so any adult over 21 can buy this intoxicating cannabinoid. 

What is HHC Flower? 

HHC flower is a CBD-rich flower sprayed with HHC isolate. 

HHC is naturally present in the hemp plant in trace amounts. This compound is another form of THC that is slightly less intoxicating than delta 9, but exhibits similar effects on the mind and body. 

The only difference is that it causes less euphoria and stimulation and leans more towards relaxation. HHC can potentially help manage chronic pain and reduce inflammation. It also might be beneficial for reducing nausea and anxiety. 

Where to Buy HHC Flower in West Virginia

If you live in West Virginia, you can order HHC flower online from Mr. Hemp Flower. 

Our organic, CBD-rich flower is sprayed with pure and tested HHC isolate. Grown on local farms in North Carolina and Oregon by experienced farmers, our CBD flower exhibits rich resinous buds with a strong flavor. 

Currently, we offer these top three HHC flower strains: 

  1. Dutch Delight HHC

Dutch Delight’s calming effects pair incredibly well with the relaxing properties of HHC. This strain is rich in terpenes and major cannabinoids like CBD, CBDA, THC, and CBCA. Its flowers are sticky and ooze with resinous oils that leave a sweet flavor when smoked. Its effects may feel like a slow, smoothing wave that releases tension and pain to many users.   

  1. Sour Space Candy HHC 

Sour Space Candy is an uplifting bud rich in pinene and limonene. This CBD-dominant cultivar is known for bringing the user stress-relieving, energizing, and relaxing properties. It pairs well with the mildly intoxicating effects of HHC and may increase focus and mental clarity.     

  1. Hercules HHC

Hercules HHC is an all-day strain that stimulates the mind but doesn’t drain the body. This flower will keep you productive from morning to evening without making you sluggish. 

HHC Flower in West Virginia Laws


HHC is likely legal in West Virginia. The state hasn’t explicitly banned the sale and distribution of this cannabinoid.

HHC flower is a CBD flower sprayed with pure HHC isolate.

There are no official reports on its potency, but according to anecdotal evidence, HHC is slightly less potent than delta 9.

Yes, HHC gets you intoxicated, but slightly less than delta 9.

Read our legal disclaimer HERE. While we try to stay as up to date as possible on all state laws, you should do your own due diligence and work with a legal professional to ensure you are operating legally in your state or territory at all times.

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