Alaska Hemp Flower Laws

Alaska hemp flower laws

Is hemp flower legal in Alaska? The Last Frontier is one of the first states to legalize hemp, but it has been slow to implement the law.

Alaska joined the modern hemp industry in 2018 after Gov. Bill Walker signed a law allowing commercial cultivation of hemp. The proposed law was passed under the 2014 Farm Bill. 

What is the legal status of hemp in Alaska? Is it legal to buy CBD or smokable hemp? Let’s take a look.  

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Alaska?

Industrial hemp is an agricultural crop in the state of Alaska. 

The state passed a law in 2018 which authorized the creation of an industrial hemp pilot program. According to the law, industrial hemp is separated from marijuana and defined as “all parts and varieties of the plant Cannabis sativa L. containing not more than 0.3% of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).”  [1]

According to the legal definition, hemp flower is part of the hemp plant, so as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC, hemp flower is permitted in Alaska.

Update 2/14/2020

In May 2019, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources issued proposed hemp rules regarding the cultivation, processing, transportation, sales, and testing of hemp in the state. 

It was expected for the Alaska Division of Agriculture to launch the state industrial hemp program by fall 2019. Unfortunately, the plans of funding a hemp program flopped. 

Unfortunately, in August 2019, Alaska officials cut funding for the state hemp program, stating that there is “no existing industry to support a state-funded program.”

Although hemp CBD sales are high in the Last Frontier, both hemp flower and hemp CBD remain unregulated under state law. The absence of state regulations leave Alaska’s hemp industry subject to federal regulations. 

CBD Hemp Flower Alaska

Although hemp is legal in Alaska, the state still doesn’t have a hemp program in place. Although slow to adopt, state officials have been working on designing a comprehensive state hemp program. 

As of the writing of this article, the Alaska Division of Agriculture has released a notice, proposing regulations authorizing a pilot program for legal hemp. It is expected for the state to launch the industrial hemp program by fall. 

In the notice, the Division discusses that the new proposed regulations are going to include comprehensive procedures and requirements for the participants in the program, including the registration process, obligations and prohibitions regarding production, labeling, seeds, testing, growing areas, etc. [2] [3] David W. Schade, the director of the Division of Agriculture had the following to say:

“Our staff has researched the issues surrounding [the] development of a program, including the challenges of regulating cannabidiol (CBD), one of the compounds found in cannabis plants. We’ve worked with the Department of Law to develop a good legal framework for the industry.”

Once the regulations for the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program have been adopted, individuals who want to grow hemp in Alaska would be required to apply for participation in the industrial Hemp Program. The state’s Division of Agriculture is in charge of reviewing and approving applications in compliance with both statutory and regulatory standards. 

This means that until issuing licenses, farmers are not allowed to grow hemp in Alaska. 

If you are interested in learning some of the highlights of the proposed hemp rules by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, click here.

Short Overview of Alaska Hemp/CBD Laws 

Alaska is one of the most hemp-friendly states. However, regarding the cultivation of hemp itself, the state has not been taking serious steps. Here is a short overview of significant Alaska hemp laws:

2018An Act Relating to the Regulation and Production of Industrial Hemp (SB 6)

In April 2018, Alaska passed Senate Bill 6 (SB 6), in compliance with the 2014 Farm Bill, “to study the growth, cultivation, [and] marketing of industrial hemp.” The bill excluded hemp from the definition of marijuana as well as cannabidiol oil from the definition of ‘hashish oil.’ [5]

2017HB 172

This 2017 Act also related to the regulation and production of hemp and hemp pilot programs; the bill clarified that “adding industrial hemp to food doesn’t create an adulterated food product.” [6]

2015SB 8

With the 2015 Act, Alaska set the foundation for regulation and production of industrial hemp. The Act legalizes hemp and its production as an agricultural crop in the state. [7]

Marijuana is Legal in Alaska

Alaska legalized marijuana in 2014 and has recently allowed consummation of edibles in specially designated marijuana retail stores, but prohibited public smoking. Only people 21 and over are allowed to possess marijuana. Adults aged 21 and older are permitted to grow and give away as many as six marijuana plants. [8]

Implications of Current Hemp Laws in Alaska

Alaska is a hemp-friendly state, but the production of hemp and hemp-derived CBD remains unregulated. So, if you are wondering what the status of CBD oil in Alaska is, here is the answer:

Can you buy CBD oil in Alaska?

CBD oil is legal in Alaska. You can buy it, but because it is unregulated, there is a risk that the products offered may not contain the same levels of CBD listed on their label. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy CBD oil. But, it is important to only buy from reliable sellers that can prove the authenticity behind their products (third-party lab results) and not random bottles offered in retail. 

The current law excludes CBD oil from ‘hashish oil,’ and is defined as “the viscous liquid concentrate of cannabidiol extracted from the plant (genus) Cannabis containing not more than 0.3 percent delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol.” [9

Concerning the regulation of CBD and industrial hemp-derived products, the Consumer Protection Unit under the Alaska Department of Law released a warning in 2018. The warning addressed a “variety of industrial hemp-derived products that are currently not authorized for sale in Alaska.”

Among other things, the warning discussed that users should be wary of any claims “relating to the benefits and effects of CBD oil and products in providing a variety of health and wellness benefits may not have been evaluated by the state or federal agency, including the FDA. This is especially true with any foreign products imported into the state.” [10]

Many states, including Alaska, are in a grey zone regarding the regulation of CBD and hemp. However, they still retain a friendly approach to hemp and hemp CBD products. During a transitional period such as this one, if you want to legally buy hemp products, choosing hemp flower may be the best option. It is the most natural and safest approach to consuming CBD and enjoying its benefits. Read below how to make the right hemp flower purchase. 

Things to Know When Purchasing Hemp in Alaska

Here are some things to know when buying your CBD flower or other hemp CBD-infused products:

Reliable Sellers

When checking the reliability of hemp flower sellers, make sure to ask for third-party lab results that show the percentage of CBD in your hemp flower. Try to look for an average of 14-16% CBDa. It is important to know where your hemp comes from, so make sure to check the process used to cultivate it. Look for organic hemp flower that contains 0.3% THC to stay within legal limits. 

Buy Online: Alaska Hemp for Sale

Alaska is in the process of regulating the production of hemp and hemp-derived products, including hemp flower and CBD oil. While in this gray area, it may be better for you to purchase your products online. Marijuana is legal in Alaska, so you might not face legal issues by buying hemp flower, but it is better to know your source. Online, you can find quality CBD-infused product vendors that offer high-quality, CBD rich products compared to what you have locally. 

MrHempFlower delivers your high CBD flower straight to your door in safe packaging. Get you organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free Special Sauce or Lifter Plus Hemp Flower. Included in your package: third-party lab test results and a note to law enforcement on the federal legality of hemp. 

FAQ on Hemp Flower Alaska State Laws

How much hemp flower can you purchase at once (or one time) in Alaska?

There are no legal limits regarding the quantity of hemp flower you can purchase at once in Alaska. The state is in the middle of creating a hemp program to regulate hemp production, distribution and marketing. Some CBD flower shops may restrict their orders. 

Do you need a special license to purchase hemp flower in Alaska?

You don’t need a special license to buy hemp flower in Alaska.

Is it legal to sell hemp flower in Alaska?

All parts of the hemp plant, not excluding the hemp flower, are legal in Alaska. That being said, the state is in the process of regulating the production, and marketing of hemp and hemp-derived products. 

Is CBD from hemp legal in Alaska?

CBD from hemp is legal in Alaska. The state has enacted a law that excludes CBD oil from the legal definition of ‘hashish oil.’ 

Where can you buy hemp flower in Alaska?

Both hemp and marijuana are legal in Alaska. You can buy hemp from retailers, dispensaries, and online vendors. 

Is CBD oil legal in Alaska?

Yes, CBD oil is legal to buy in Alaska but remains unregulated. The state officials are preparing a hemp program that will also regulate the production and marketing of hemp-derived products, including CBD oil. It is expected for Alaskans to have their hemp program in place by the fall of 2019. 

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