Everything You Need to Know Before Buying HHC

buying hhc

What to Look for When Buying HHC

Are you struggling to find quality HHC products? You’re not the only one. Quality HHC is more difficult to source than delta 8 and delta 9 THC because of the way it’s made. This cannabinoid is created through the complex and expensive process of hydrogenation, which is a serious chemical process that hasn’t been mastered by many producers.To hop on the new cannabinoid trend without the proper resources, many sellers offer fake HHC products. Some sell impure formulas because their products wouldn’t pass general safety tests for pesticides, microbes, and heavy metals. There’s also the issue of potency as many products don’t even contain trace amounts of HHC in them.Luckily, transparent and reliable vendors exist and offer real HHC products that you can enjoy without worrying about the quality. Here’s how to recognize a quality HHC product and read the Certificate of Analysis.   

What Is HHC? 

HHC, short for hexahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the hemp plant in minuscule concentrations (less than 0.1%). Hexahydrocannabiol has intoxicating properties. It’s slightly less potent than delta 9 THC and induces a euphoric psychotropic effect similar to THC but more relaxing and sedative. Another quality of this cannabinoid is that it causes less anxiety and paranoia and could be used for medicinal purposes in the future. 

HHC Dispensary: How to Recognize Quality HHC

It’s not easy to find HHC products when shopping in person. But, if you discover a dispensary that carries it, here are some tips to help you select safe and quality products. 

The Store’s Reputation

Many times, buying novel cannabinoids in a local shop seems the most convenient option — even if the experience leaves a bad taste in your mouth. As a relatively new cannabinoid on the market, HHC is not fully regulated, so buying low-quality products that you don’t know how they’ve been made rings the alarm. A safer option is to stick with reputable brands like Mr. Hemp Flower. When you shop from us, you can check product reviews, the Certificate of Analysis, and ask questions. For example, you can check the entire cannabinoid profile of HHC Cheese Flower, an indica-dominant hybrid with 10% HHC and 12% CBD, from a third-party lab available on its product page. The labs contain a scannable QR code and are third-party and not in-house analytics reports that can be easily manipulated.  

Quality of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients is a must-check when buying any product, especially HHC cannabinoid. Top-shelf products are free from any harmful or weird chemicals and heavy metals. HHC products are typically mixed with other cannabinoids and terpenes, so it’s essential to check the cannabinoid ratio of the product and make sure it’s what you’re looking for. For a rich experience, seek a higher HHC/CBD ratio and for a mellower experience, go for a lower percentage. The purity of the product and the cannabinoid ratio can be checked in the product’s Certificate of Analysis. Reputable brands like Mr. Hemp Flower allows each potential customer to inspect the Certificate of Analysis (displayed on the website) and examine the quality of the product. For example, the whole ingredient list for our organic HHC Gummies is available at the bottom of the product page. The gummies are made with all-natural ingredients and contain 50 mg HHC per gummy in passion fruit flavor. 

Manufacturing Process

HHC is made through the process of hydrogenation — which hasn’t been mastered by too many manufacturers. It involves high-pressure hydrogen atoms and catalysts like platinum, palladium, and nickel. The quality of the materials plays a major role in the success of the final product. Once the process is finished, makers go through the effort to filter out and eliminate the metals before selling the item. 


In general, HHC is expensive to make, but products created with high-quality ingredients are typically sold at a higher price. The manufacturing process of HHC is not a walk in the park, so if you encounter a product with a suspiciously low price, avoid it. You will notice a huge difference between those that require you to spend top dollar and those that cut a few corners along the way.  

Brand/Product Reviews

Reading brand and product reviews is key before buying any product, especially one that contains a novel cannabinoid. Reviews tell a lot about the brand and what type of service and products they offer, and whether their customer service is helpful and caring. If you find out that the dispensary you planned on visiting or buying online from offers poorly-reviewed HHC, it’s best to avoid it. 

Customer Service

At Mr. Hemp Flower, one of the most common compliments we hear is on our impeccable customer service. Not to toot our own horn, but superior customer service shows that the brand you’re communicating with cares about your health and wellbeing. Such brands will never offer products that can endanger your health or offer fake HHC extracts. Our customer service is with you from the beginning of your journey until the end, offering assistance to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

The Pros of Buying HHC Online

Shopping for HHC online allows you to find higher-quality products with ease. Here are some of the perks: 

Wide Product Selection

Buying HHC online opens the window to a far more extensive product selection than what you’ll find in a brick-and-mortar store. Most online stores offer free shipping and gift cards for new and repeat customers, so that’s another perk. 

Deals & Some More Deals 

Buying HHC products online gives you the opportunity to buy directly from your favorite brand — while taking advantage of sales and promotions. Cannabinoid products — especially quality ones — are expensive, and investing in them is a recurrent need. If you are a consistent customer at a certain online brand, after a while, you will become a VIP and get access to the best products at the best prices. 

Access to Lab Reports

Only HHC products offered online present the freedom of investigating companies and comparing prices and quality of different products. You also have exclusive access to lab tests and a Certificate of Analysis. These two documents are verified reports that provide information about a particular product and show the presence and potency of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

How Is HHC Made? 

There are three potential methods of creating HHC, including:

  1. Hydrogenation — the most popular one and involves delta 8 THC. 
  2. Using CBD and artificial gastric juice.  
  3. From the terpenes citronellol and L-carvone, which hasn’t been officially confirmed. 
Here, we’re going to discuss hydrogenation because it’s the most common method. 

There are different ways to create HHC, and all of them involve using metal as a catalyst (a substance that speeds up the reaction). Most manufacturers convert hemp-derived delta 8 THC to HHC. 

  1. First, they extract CBD from raw hemp plants and isomerize CBD isolate into delta 8 THC with potency ranging between 96 and 99%. 
  2. Then, makers put delta 8 THC through the complex process of hydrogenation with catalysts, which is the exact process used to turn butter into margarine. 
  3. Because hydrogenation uses metal as a catalyst, some people are using expensive white metals to create this cannabinoid. Those that use expensive metals sell the product at a higher price. 
  4. Finally, filtration. The metal needs to be taken out of the solution properly because if not, it’s harmful to the user’s health. 

The process essentially breaks apart delta 8’s double bond. Both delta 8 and delta 9 contain double bonds located in the eight carbon chain in delta 8 and the ninth carbon chain in delta 9 THC. To create HHC, makers add in two hydrogen atoms, after which the component is stabilized and contains no double bonds in its chemical structure. Hydrogenation is a serious process that involves scientific know-how. Some makers haven’t mastered the process of hydrogenation and end up with a product that’s basically unconverted delta 8 THC. Poorly executed hydrogenation might also result in a cocktail of unknown cannabinoids or minor compounds. That being said, pure HHC isolate is also a red flag and might be a synthetic substance chemically similar to HHC. The best way to discern fakes from real HHC products is to read the Certificate of Analysis.

How to Read a Certificate of Analysis

Before you jump into reading the CoA, make sure you identify the lab that performs the analysis. HHC is a new cannabinoid and only a handful of labs are equipped to perform accurate analytical analyses that identify and measure the compound’s potency. Mr. Hemp Flower collaborates with the most trustworthy labs in the hemp testing world, so our results are accurate and reliable. Many brands sell products that contain cannabinoids with a different chemical structure as HHC and falsely labeled products that might be dangerous and violate the 2018 Farm Bill. One thing to look for when checking a product’s CoA is the percentage of “unknown cannabinoids.” Typically, a proper test doesn’t show a significant percentage of unknown or minor cannabinoids and contains a higher percentage of CBD and delta 9 THC within the legal limits. If there are some terpenes and minor cannabinoids, they will be listed and present in trace amounts. These things also don’t fully guarantee you’re buying an authentic HHC product because many companies steal the CoA from better companies by adding their logo on it and tricking consumers. So, how to tell you’re dealing with a genuine product? Well, real labs contain a QR code at the bottom of the document. If you scan the code, it will show identical information to the labs listed on the CoA on the lab testing site. If the lab test doesn’t contain a QR code, the product is probably a fake. From our full spectrum CBD gummies to our HHC flower, every product offered on our website has a scannable QR code at the bottom of the Certificate of Analysis.   

Why Buy HHC from Mr. Hemp Flower? 

There are valid reasons you should be worried about purchasing fake HHC distillate online. Mr. Hemp Flower is here to ease your struggles and offer pure, tested, and quality HHC products that you can trust.We source our hemp from trusted Colorado and Oregon growers that are passionate about the hemp plant and use organic methods of cultivation. All our HHC products come from hemp-derived CBD and delta 8 THC and we offer full traceability and transparency from seed to sale. You can rest assured you’re buying legal, 100% Farm Bill compliant items. 

Conclusion: What to Look For When Buying HHC

HHC is new on the market, so finding a quality product is a journey. Unless you’re buying from a reputable and trusted vendor, you may end up with a fake. While you might find a dispensary that carries HHC, the best way to find a quality product is online. Mr. Hemp Flower offers real and quality HHC products that come with a Certificate of Analysis. We offer a premium selection of HHC gummies and flower that you’ll love. 


When buying HHC, look for a Certificate of Analysis. Always check the brand or dispensary offering the product and check for customer reviews.

It depends on who makes it — if it comes from a reputable vendor, it’s safe to use. So far, there haven’t been reports of extreme adverse effects from consuming HHC products. 

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