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Delta 8 is available in all forms, including delta 8 capsules. Today, we’re here to tell you why Crazy8s Softgels Capsules are the best.

Delta 8 Capsules: Why Crazy8s  Are the Best For Poppin’

When CBD made waves in the mainstream market, most of us were thinking the same thing: “This is it, right?”

However, the world of cannabis just got bigger! Researchers and hemp experts have discovered a truly unique compound: delta 8 THC is extracted or synthesized from hemp. And while it’s similar to delta 9 THC, AKA the THC in weed, you don’t have to deal with the legal obstacles or paranoia. Since delta 8 is a hemp product, it’s legal in the United States.

Delta 8 Benefits: Why Choose Delta 8? – Best D8 Capsules

So, why choose delta 8 THC? What sets it apart from delta 9?

Until recently, CBD has held the spotlight as the hemp-derived substance that’s legal throughout the country. However, CBD is not the only compound found in hemp and cannabis plants.

Of course, THC is “the other compound,” and while it’s closely related to CBD, these two cannabinoids are incredibly different in their effects. Specifically, THC is psychoactive and makes you high, while CBD does not.

The main kind of THC we tend to see is delta 9, which is the form of THC that’s associated with marijuana. And while delta 9 is enjoyed by countless individuals, it’s not without its issues.

For one, delta 9 THC is still illegal in most of the country, which makes it simply unattainable. But on top of that, delta 9 THC isn’t for everyone. Some people experience side effects like paranoia, anxiety and nausea, which take away any possible benefits associated with THC.

In comes delta 8.

Delta 8 is chemically similar to delta 9 in that they both have a double bond in their structure, though the placements are different.

And like delta 9, delta 8 possesses psychoactive properties, meaning that they can create a mildly intoxicating effect, which can make the user high.

However, delta 8’s effects are far more mild and balanced out than delta 9. And as a result, delta 8 THC has a reputation for less paranoia or anxiety.

This means that if marijuana or delta 9 isn’t working for you, delta 8 might be well worth a shot!

Why Try The Best Delta 8 Capsules?

Just like CBD, delta 8 is available in all sorts of forms, including gummies, topicals, vapes, and much more.

So why take delta 8 capsules?

Every delta 8 product has its own benefits. But in the case of delta 8 capsules, discretion and control are the major features.

Delta 8 capsules are delta 8 in an encapsulated form, with casings that gradually digest in the stomach to slowly release the delta 8.

This makes the onset of effects different from that of other products. For instance, inhaling delta 8 is going to create an effect very quickly, but the effects are going to end quickly, too. But with the case of delta 8 capsules, you’re going to feel a more gradual, steady high as the casing breaks down.

Our delta 8 capsules come in a softgel form, which makes for an easy-to-swallow experience.

Potency & Pricing

We realize that when it comes to edibles and capsules, bioavailability tends to be a weakness, which makes it less appealing to many folks.

And to make things more frustrating, delta 8 is mainly available in small quantities since it’s trickier to obtain compared to CBD.

Thanks to our strong relationships with suppliers and our up-to-date technology, adapting to delta 8 has been a snap for us. That’s why it’s possible for us to make our delta 8 capsules so affordable at such a high concentration, which is 30mg per cap. And all the while, we never compromise quality for price.

At this time, we offer our delta 8 capsules for sale at 900mg per bottle for $64.99.

No B.S.

We understand that a lot of folks are worried about delta 8’s legitimacy. 

And just like CBD, good products come with good companies, and it all goes down to sourcing and transparency.

At Mr. Hemp Flower, we’re not here to make a quick buck on the delta 8 trend. We’re here for the long haul because we believe in the power of hemp.

This is why we only work with USA farmers who have years of experience in the hemp industry, and some have been in it for over a decade. These farmers cultivate this hemp with expertise, not chemicals, to grow the best crop possible.

And by manufacturing our own products, we cut out the middleman and so we can guarantee great prices and transparency. Since we’re the manufacturers, we’re the ones who receive the results from 3rd-party labs. And we always make sure to post our certificates of analysis to our product pages, so you can see the results for yourself!

Fast, Dependable Shipping

Ordering delta 8 capsules online is convenient, but waiting for packages can feel like such a pain!

We’re completely grateful that you’d choose to shop from us online, so we try to make this part as easy as possible for you.

We strive for fast shipping, and we make sure to include allthe necessary paperwork to keep your products from getting delayed.

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