Trim Run … What Is It Exactly? See Here

Trim Run

Trim Run

ˈtrim ˈrən | Noun

Trim run, often referred to as trim run concentrate, is a product made from the trimmings (usually leaves) of the cannabis plant. After harvesting the cannabis plant, growers are left with large amounts of leaves, stems, and tiny nugs. Using various types of extraction, they produce massive batches of this concentrate typically from the small sugar leaves that grow within the hemp bud. This concentrate doesn’t contain a large amount of beneficial cannabinoids as concentrates made from full buds. But, they are still sufficiently potent for some users. 

“This trim run concentrate leaves a peppery flavor that lingers in my throat long after smoking it.” 

“Did you know that trim run is a cannabis concentrate made from the small sugar leaves that grow within the cannabis bud?”

What’s the difference between Trim Run and Nug Run?  

Trim run is typically less expensive to make and less potent than nug run. It’s less expensive because cannabis manufacturers are recycling the parts of the plant that would normally be thrown away as waste. To make nug run, manufacturers use only the buds harvested from a mature cannabis plant. Nug run concentrates are considered superior to trim run because they are made solely from the buds. 

Regarding its potency, these two concentrates are on a similar level. To take advantage of all parts of the cannabis plant and minimize waste, manufacturers make butane hash oil (BHO) with trim. The potency of BHO is similar to other concentrates, including nug run and live resin.  

Nug run concentrates exhibit a more intense aroma because they contain more terpenes. There also might be a difference in flavor between these two concentrates. Some people don’t notice it, while others claim that nug run concentrates taste better than trim runs. Again, the reason for that might be because the former ones possess a much fuller cannabinoid and terpene profile. 

According to users, trim runs have a less pronounced or peppery taste and “feel” that lingers in the throat. They don’t report experiencing such a feel with nug runs.