Dab Mat … What Is It Exactly? See Here

Dab Mat

Dab Mat

ˈdab ˈmat | Noun

Also known as a dab pad, a dab mat is a mat placed under the dab rig. Its purpose is to protect the surface from any residue that may drip off the dab nail.

“A dab mat truly saved my furniture from getting all of the waxy residues from CBD concentrates.”

“I was hesitant to get a dab mat at first because I didn’t realize that it gives you peace of mind by keeping everything protected.”

Purpose of a Dab Mat

The main purpose of this tool is to protect the surface, for example, a table, from dripping concentrate. When you add your CBD concentrate to the hot dab nail, some of the sticky or waxy residues may drip off the end. If the residue gets on your wood table, it can be hard to remove. A dab mat cushions a rig from scratching or breaking and serves as a great spot to put your dabber on when it’s not in use.  

With this accessory, the surface underneath your dab rig will stay intact from wax oil or other dab-related residues. An interesting feature of padded dab mats is that it offers additional protection to the dab rig. If it accidentally falls over, a padded dab mat can help prevent breakage. 

This accessory comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials; there is no one-size-fits-all. Recently, collecting dab mats has become a thing in people who love dabbing. They enjoy the usefulness and interesting designs of this accessory to the point where they have large collections of dab mats in their setup. 

Ideally, this accessory is large enough to cover the surface area underneath a dab rig. But, it should also provide space for spreading out other accessories, like nails, the concentrate, etc. You can get one online from major retailers or specialty cannabis websites. They hold a selection of dab mats for purchase, made out of easy to clean materials, like rubber or silicon. You can also choose from a plain one, a custom one with preferred artwork, or other designs.

How to Clean It? 

As mentioned, a dab mat is typically made out of materials that are easy to clean. Therefore, you can clean it with soap and water. If it’s made out of silicone and contains a lot of buildup, scrub it with a paste of baking soda and warm water, let it soak, and then rinse. 

Final Thoughts

A dab mat is a mat or a pad placed under the dab rig and protects the surface from residue concentrate dripping on it.