Battery … Buying a Vape Pen Battery? What Is It Exactly? See Here



ˈba-t(ə-)rē | Noun

A power source known as a vape pen battery or a dab pen battery used to heat and vaporize CBD concentrates inside a vape cartridge. Despite so many batteries being available on the market, the most common are 510-threaded and pod compatible ones. Some batteries activate when inhaling from the mouthpiece, while others need to be activated by pressing a button. 

“My vape cartridge uses a 510 thread battery, but I’d like to replace it with a fancier one.“

“If you like to vape your CBD, you should invest in a high-quality battery.”

More About Vape Pen Batteries

Technically, all cannabis batteries serve the same purpose. The models can vary and provide a lot of flexibility to consumers who want a more tailored experience. The standard that fits most vape cartridges is a 510 thread battery. If your vape doesn’t come with a built-in one, you will need to buy one that fits your preferences. 

When buying a battery, check for damage, like frayed wrapping or failing to keep charge. Long battery life is one of the most important things to help you achieve quality output. If you are a heavy user, it probably won’t last the same length of time compared to a more casual user. Check out ProVape for all your vaping needs!