Anther … What Is It Exactly? See Here



Noun | ˈanTHər

An anther is part of the hemp plant’s anatomy, an oval-shaped sac situated towards the end of the stamen. In this little sac, the male hemp plant produces, stores, and releases pollen. When the hemp plant is in its natural environment, anthers release pollen grains into the air, and they blow freely in the wind. When used for breeding purposes, growers collect the pollen from the anthers and apply it to female plants to produce a new stain or a cross of two different strains.  

“The most interesting part of the hemp plant are the anthers or oval-shaped sacs that resemble bananas.”

“Did you know that the anther is part of the male hemp flower that produces fertilizing pollen?”

More About the Anther

It’s the part of the stamen located within the male hemp flower that produces, stores, and releases pollen. They are attached to the stamen and have a long shape, hence their nickname “bananas.” 

These pollen sacs may also appear on female hemp plants, typically after exposure to environmental stress or due to genetic factors. Such plants are known as hermaphrodites and develop both stamens and female pistils. Anthers may appear in several colors, from light yellow to deep red. Most plants yield about half a dozen of these pollen sacs that encircle that flower’s center. 

What Does It Do? 

Its primary function is to produce the pollen of flowering plants. The pollen made in male hemp plants provides the sperm needed for reproduction. In its natural habitat, the anther attracts pollinators, like bumblebees. These bees help disseminate pollen to the pistils of the female hemp plant, which pollinates the female flower. 

Once pollinated, the female flower develops seeds, which stalls the buds’ growth and resin production. The final harvest will contain seeds if pollination of all hemp plants occurs. To prevent that, breeders collect the pollen produced by these oval-shaped sacs and select a few female plants for breeding. This allows breeders to create a variety of hemp plants as well as offer lush and fully developed buds from non-pollinated plants.  

Final Thoughts

An anther is an oval-shaped sac, an essential part of the hemp plant that helps with the reproduction and creation of new strains.