Adapters … What Are They Exactly? See Here



Ə-ˈdap-tər | Noun

It comes in various forms with different uses. An adapter is an attachment accessory that eases the consumption of hemp flower or CBD concentrates. It’s used to protect a dab rig or bong from heating or catch excess oil or ash and prevent it from infiltrating the water chamber. 

“Once you start using a water pipe adapter for your vaporizer, you won’t go back.”

“If you love vaping, consider buying an adapter. It gives you the pleasure of pulling massive hits of vapor through the chamber.” 

More About This Attachment 

A bong adapter is a bong accessory made from glass. People use it to convert the bong into a dab rig, adjust the size of the bong to the size of the blunt, and change the dab rig into a bong. 

A water pipe adapter rectifies the water pipe and allows the person to pull massive hits of cool vapor through the vaporizer’s chamber. 

This attachment can adjust the bong’s stem size and allow the use of other pieces like a nail. It can also convert a dab rig equipped with dabbing accessories into a bong by replacing the dabbing head. It’s important to note that not all smoking devices are created equally. They may come in average sizes but vary from one another. An accessory like this one allows the use of smaller or wider CBD blunts with no issue.