Nug Run … What Is It Exactly? See Here

Nug Run

Nug Run

ˈnəɡ ˈrən | Noun

A concentrate extracted from small nugs of high-quality cannabis buds. These buds are grown specifically for extraction and serve as the primary material for the most flavorful and potent nug run concentrates. Created only from the most trichome-rich part of cannabis, nug run is considered a high-quality hash oil used to produce brittle shatter. It can also have a liquid, creamy, or sauce-like consistency.  

“This nug run shatter truly reveals the bursting terpene flavors of this cannabis strain.”

 “Did you know that nug run is also known as butane-extracted hash oil (BHO)?” 

What Does Nug Run Mean?

“Nug” is a term to describe the cannabis flowers harvested from a mature cannabis plant. They are potent, terpene-rich buds, highly desirable for extraction of concentrates. Nug run describes the concentrated oil extracted from dried and cured buds exposed after trimming the fan and sugar leaves. Nug run concentrate is rich in trichomes that are the plant’s powerhouse of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Types of Nugs Used for Extraction 

Processors choose from various nugs to perform a nug run extraction. In most cases, the extraction artist (the extraction technician) uses the flower available to them. Here are some options: 


The central flower cluster of cannabis buds that grow at the end of stems. These are typically the most desired part of cannabis because they house the highest concentration of mature and fully developed trichomes. They also have less moisture than colas packaged in whole form for consumers. 


Larf describes the immature buds that didn’t fully flourish as a result of genetic factors or environmental conditions. Lack of nutrients, lighting, or feeding cycles may result in  LARF nugs (Light, Airy, and Really Fluffy). Cultivators coined this term to shorten the description of these nugs, which, despite their name, are commonly used to create cannabis concentrates. Some growers pick their plants early to create a special batch of concentrates because terpenes start to develop during flowering stages. So, these nugs display a very potent aroma and high terpene concentration. 

Popcorn nugs

As the name suggests, popcorn nugs are of dime-to-quarter size but don’t let that fool you. They have a similar ratio of trichomes as coals. These nugs are often not offered for sale to consumers because of their small size. They can be pressed into rosin, smoked, vaped, or infused into edibles.  

What is Live Resin Nug Run?

It’s nug run concentrate, but on another level. Most nug run concentrates are made from dried and cured cannabis buds. Live resin nug run uses fresh, flash-frozen nugs that don’t undergo the drying process. 

The term “live resin” implies an extract derived from freshly frozen, high-quality cannabis material that retains all terpenes that could be lost during the drying and curing process. Live resin concentrates are associated with intense flavors and aromas that remind of the live cannabis strain. 

Some processors remove the small sugar leaves before creating live resin nug run but never use large fan leaves. When the term live resin is included in the name of the concentrate, it may imply the use of whole colas the central flower cluster from the female plant as input material.    

Nug Run vs. Trim Run: Which is Better? 

The differences between nug run and trim run come down to personal preferences. It’s useful to compare them based on odor, color, and taste to get some perspective. Experienced users consider nug run concentrates superior to trim run. Before we dive into the differences between the two, let’s define trim run. 

What is Trim Run? 

Trim run concentrates are made from leaves and other materials removed from harvested cannabis plants. You know the sugar leaves coated with trichomes that grow among the flowering buds? They are the most desirable trim run cuttings. Manufactures use butane hash oil extraction to separate the cannabinoids and trichomes from this plant material that otherwise goes to waste. This concentrate reduces waste and turns it into a viable product desired by consumers.  

Is Nug Run Better Than Trim Run? 

The cannabinoid potency is consistent across both concentrates, but people prefer nug run primarily for its taste and smell.  


Nug run concentrates have a superior and more potent smell and aroma than trim run concentrates. They often preserve the essence and aroma of the natural cannabis flower. Trim concentrates don’t achieve the same pungent and complex scents, which is an indication for users that a product is made from trim.


Because nug run concentrates are made primarily from sugar leaves, they taste more like terpenes. Trim runs concentrates taste more like chlorophyll. They are not nearly as potent or rich in flavor and can leave a peppery feeling in the mouth or throat. On the contrary, nug run tends to have a superior texture, making it smoother on the throat and lungs. You will immediately notice the difference when dabbing.


Nug run concentrates have a glassy amber-gold color. They are translucent without any leftover plant material in the slab. Trim runs tend to have a darker color with dark green to brown hues due to the trim material. 

Difference in Price

Manufacturers package nug run concentrates in high-quality containers that list potency information and sell at a higher price. Trim run concentrates come at a lower price than nug run products. 

Final thoughts

Made from the most trichome-rich part of cannabis, nug run is a high-quality extract used to produce terpene-rich concentrates.