Entourage effect … What Is It Exactly? See Here

Entourage effect

Entourage effect

ˈɒntʊrɑːʒ | Noun

A theory that refers to the combined effect of different cannabis compounds that work in synergy to produce a greater effect than working individually to produce separate effects. Cannabidiol (CBD) by itself performs differently than in conjunction with THC. Both cannabinoids perform differently when working together with terpenes. 

“The presence of terpenes in CBD oil enhances the entourage effect and manifests therapeutic benefits.”

“Cannabidiol performs better when paired with THC and terpenes due to the entourage effect.”

Ensemble or Entourage? 

Some scientists lean more towards the term “ensemble” rather than “entourage” because the latter implies that all cannabis compounds support one leading compound. “Ensemble,” on the other hand, implies that all compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) work together equally.