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ˈbaŋ-ər | Noun

A dish or form of nail used to vaporize ground CBD flower or concentrates on the dab rig or bong. Manufacturers offer bangers in various sizes, but in general, they embrace a circular form and glass, quartz, or titanium materials. The material used to make this product matters. Each material retains heat differently and requires a different cleaning technique. 

“Quartz bangers are way better than titanium ones because they don’t leave that metallic aftertaste.”

“If you want to retain the terps of your CBD concentrate while dabbing, use a quartz banger.”

Why Use a Quartz Banger? 

Quartz is the current superior material for creating bangers. Unlike glass, quartz doesn’t shatter after repeated exposure to high temperatures. This is very important because this device must be able to withstand intensely high temperatures associated with vaping CBD concentrates.

Materials like titanium leave a metallic taste that may spoil the flavor of the concentrate. When using a quartz banger at low heat together with a carb cap the concentrate retains the terpenes and provides a tasty, clean material. Aside from the flavor boost, terpenes provide various potential health benefits.

How to Dab with a Quartz Banger?

The first step is to ensure this accessory fits into the joint of a dab rig or a bong. It comes with male and female joints, and you need to make sure the banger fits the corresponding joint. 

Once you fit this accessory into the joint, heat it and place the concentrate on it using a metal or glass dab tool. As the concentrate starts vaporizing in the quartz bucket, place the cap on the banger before it starts flowing into the joint of the dab rig. Start inhaling as soon as the concentrate hits the bucket. 

How to Heat it? 

You can heat the quartz bucket with a butane torch or electronic heater coil. Apply heat evenly until it begins to glow. How long should you apply heat? It depends on the type of banger you are using. It can take from 20 seconds to five minutes to heat it, depending on the banger’s shape and thickness. Once heated, allow it to cool. When it reaches your preferred dabbing temperature, wait from 15 seconds to a minute before applying the concentrate. 

Do You Need a Carb Cap?

A carb cap accessory allows the concentrate to vaporize at a lower temperature, enhancing the quality and flavor of concentrates. Its role is to regulate airflow and pressure by preventing heat from escaping to the surface. This decreases the concentrate’s boiling point. A carb cap accessory is not necessary for a banger, but it’s highly recommended because it protects it. 

This accessory restricts airflow to the dab nail, allowing the user to dab at lower temperatures, enhancing the flavor of the concentrate. In addition, it helps vaporize all of the dab content, “cleaning” all the waste left in the nail. It also appears that the vapor is thicker when using a carb cap. 

Is a Banger Considered a Nail?

Yes, a banger is a type of nail. When united to a dab rig, the banger nail heats the concentrate to the point of becoming a vapor. Banger nails made from quartz feature a bucket to hold and heat the concentrate before it flows through the rig. 

The three main types of nails are:

  1. Flat-top bangers that have a flat top.
  2. Trough bangers shaped like a feeding trough.
  3. Thermal bangers with an internal cup — airspace divides the cup into outer and inner cups. This type allows the user to vape at lower temperatures. 

What’s a Dab Nail? 

A nail-shaped part of the dab rig used to vaporize essential oils and CBD concentrates. The concentrate is placed on the nail with a dabber and then heated. Dab nails are crafted of glass, quartz, titanium, and ceramic. Some of them fit inside glass joints, and others require a dome. Quartz is the preferred material for making a dab nail. Glass is more expensive but doesn’t offer the same superior heating and flavor experience. It can also crack under frequent and rapid heating. 

Is It Normal for a Banger to Turn Black?

When heated to very high temperatures, over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it turns black and develops a tar-like residue. To keep it in good shape and preserve the concentrate’s flavor, heat it between 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it clean and remove residue after each day of use. If you don’t maintain it properly, quartz banger will become cloudy and yellow over time. 

Final Thoughts 

A type of dab nail used to vaporize ground cannabis flower, and concentrates on a bong or dab rig. 

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