Banger Bead … What Is It Exactly? How To Use It? See Here

banger bead

Banger Bead

ˈbaŋ-ər ˈbēd | Noun

A small ball made of quartz or glass used in a banger to ensure even distribution of CBD concentrate. This accessory is also known as dab pearl or terp ball because of its shape and design. It spins around the banger when the person takes a draw, evenly distributing the concentrate on the banger’s surface. A banger bead moves the melted concentrate to the hotter parts of the banger, which is especially helpful for low-temperature dabs.  

“I use a few banger beads when dabbing CBD concentrates for a more even distribution.”

“If your banger doesn’t distribute heat well, use a banger bead for even dabs.”

What Is It? 

A small quartz or glass ball (or balls) that spin around the banger when the person’s taking a draw. It serves to balance the distribution of the CBD concentrate when dabbing. 

Uses of Banger Beads

Also known as dab pearls or terp balls, these accessories are perfect for low-temperature dabs. They assist the movement of melted concentrate from cooler to hotter areas of the banger. That movement maximizes the flavor experience of the concentrate because these accessories distribute it evenly, which provides a full-bodied taste.  

How to Use It?

Drop the dab pearl or terp ball into the banger. Heat up to your desired temperature, put the dab in the banger and cap. You will notice the pearl spinning around and spreading the CBD concentrate across the nail. Try using a cyclone carb cap for better results, as this type of cap spins faster. But, really, any carb cap will do the job. When you inhale, you’ll notice an added pop to the flavor and a more balanced hit. 

Final Thoughts

A banger bead is a small glass or quartz ball used in a banger for better distribution of CBD concentrates. Especially useful for low-temperature dabs. 

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