E-nail … What Is It Exactly? See Here


ˈē-nāl | Noun

A dabbing tool that’s digitally controlled and lets the user set and maintain a precise temperature on a dab rig. An electronic nail eliminates the difficult process of achieving the right temperature of a regular nail on a dab rig.

“I was hesitant to change from regular to e-nail, but now I couldn’t be happier with the decision.”

“If you’re into dabbing, getting an e-nail dab kit is essential.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It? 

It’s a dabbing device used to deliver heat to the nail of a dab rig. It contains a controller box that delivers heat to the nail and allows the user to adjust the temperature of the e-nail with the touch of the button. This device aims to regulate the temperature, which is key to a more balanced and consistent smoking experience.

How to Use It?

This device is easy to use because it’s automatically controllable. The user just plugs the e-nail into the power source, turns it on, and sets the desired temperature. Then, the user places the dab concentrate into the e-nail and starts dabbing.

What’s a Suitable E-Nail Temperature? 

The temperature used can vary depending on the cannabis concentrate. Cannabidiol (CBD) concentrates are typically dabbed at lower temperatures than THC concentrates. Unlike traditional hand torches and nails, it maintains a constant temperature and doesn’t cool down after use. E-nails can achieve temperatures of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 538 degrees Celsius within seconds.   

What’s the Best E-Nail for Dabs? 

More expensive e-nails that offer the highest level of temperature regulations are typically the best. Investing in a good device is worth it, especially for avid users who enjoy cannabis concentrates with optimal flavor and want to avoid spending money on butane. 

The material of the e-nail also plays a role in the overall flavor of the concentrate. Titanium nails tend to be more durable but leave a lingering taste on the concentrate. Ceramic nails are excellent at retaining heat and allow the user to have a longer dabbing session. Quartz nails are one of the best because they heat up quickly and are good for spontaneous dabs. 

Final Thoughts

An electronic device that allows users to digitally control the precise temperature on a dab rig.