Dispensary … What Are They Exactly? See Here



dəˈspens(ə)rē | Noun

A retail store that provides various cannabis products for consumers. A dispensary can strictly hold medical or adult-use cannabis products for sale or hemp-based products like CBD oil, bath bombs, skin creams, etc. It can also offer a mix of both marijuana-based and hemp-derived products. 

“I always buy my hemp pre-rolls from a licensed dispensary down the street.”

 “The city I live in doesn’t allow hemp flower dispensaries, so I order products online.” 

More About Dispensaries

Aside from the typical medical and recreational ones, the number of CBD dispensaries is on the rise. Depending on the local laws and regulations, each dispensary caters to people of different ages. Medical cannabis and CBD dispensaries that sell CBD oil usually accept people 18 years and older. Recreational cannabis dispensaries and the ones that sell CBD flower typically cater to 21 years and older adults. 

To open a dispensary, one needs to abide by all state and local regulations. This can be an especially complicated process with hemp CBD stores because some products are allowed for sale, while others are not. A typical example is smokable hemp products, including vapes, concentrates, pre-rolls, and pre-roll blunts. In several cases, local governments prohibited dispensaries from selling these products.  

How Do Dispensaries Get Their CBD Products? 

Legal shops acquire their CBD flower and products from legal and licensed growers and suppliers. The precise regulatory framework that defines this process varies state by state and country by country. In general, the entire supply chain through which these stores get their cannabis products must be regulated by the government.   

Why Do We Need Dispensaries? 

These stores offer tested, legal, top-shelf hemp products. They serve as the bridge of knowledge for those who don’t know about hemp’s origin and how it’s different from marijuana. Dispensary employees are very knowledgeable about all things hemp, cannabinoids, and terpenes. They can help people who want to use hemp for the first but don’t know how to start.   

Final Thoughts

In the cannabis industry, this term refers to a retail store that holds cannabis products, both hemp, and marijuana.