Decriminalize … What Is It Exactly? See Here



Dēˈkrimənəlīz | Verb

An action or process that stops penalties associated with a crime because the crime is no longer treated as an illegal act or a criminal offense. In states that decriminalized possession of smokable hemp, the punishment has decreased from a felony or misdemeanor to a civil infraction. Decriminalization of non-medical cannabis, like CBD products or hemp flower, removes the threat of arrest for possessing small amounts of the plant. 

“Iowa is one of the last states to loosen up on the hemp plant. Possession of smokable hemp is still a serious misdemeanor, unlike possession of CBD oil which is decriminalized.”

“Most states in the U.S. have decriminalized and legalized the hemp plant.”

What Does Decriminalization Mean?

Decriminalization of CBD flower means that possessing and using small amounts of it for recreational purposes will not result in a felony charge or potential jail time. It can instead be a civil infraction typically punishable by a monetary fine.  

Decriminalization vs. Legalization

The difference between the two has to do with the legal classification and penalties that come with each. When hemp is legalized in a state or municipality, there are no legal consequences associated with possession of smoking CBD flower by the law. When it has been decriminalized, there are consequences associated with possession of the plant. The violator may be liable for a fine if found to be in possession of smokable hemp. 

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized possession and use of hemp in the United States on a federal level. Each state has passed laws and regulations regarding the legality of hemp CBD products.  

Final Thoughts

It’s an action or process of ceasing to treat an illegal act a criminal offense as one.