Dabber … What Is It Exactly? See Here



dab-bər | Noun

Also known as a dabber or a wand, a dab tool is an elongated object used in the dabbing process. This intuitive tool is used to pick up a dab of the container with CBD concentrates, like shatter, crystalline, wax, or budder, and put into the heated nail or banger of an oil rig pipe. 

“If you dab regularly, you need a dabber tool to keep your skin from getting burned.”

“The dabber I use when I fire up my dab rig is made from glass.” 

What Is It? 

It’s a pointed tool with a sharp tip. Dabbers are generally made from glass or stainless steel and increase the safety and neatness of your dabbing experience. The best dab tools are made from heat-resistant materials that can complement your rig. Glass dabbers are more prone to breakage than titanium or stainless steel varieties.

Why Do You Need It? 

The main use of this tool is to pick up the dab from the container and place it onto the hot surface. Therefore, it serves as a protective barrier between bare hands and the heated surface, preventing the skin from getting burned while dabbing. It has a similar use to cooking utensils like metal tongs that chefs use to pick up boiling food.    

How to Use It

Here is how to use a dab tool: 

  1. Take the tool and use the pointed end to scoop a tiny amount of concentrate. 
  2. Apply the dabbing tool directly to the nail inside the dome of the torch. 
  3. Inhale. 
  4. Rotate the tip of the dabber a bit to catch excess oil and prevent it from dripping. 
  5. Exhale and enjoy.

Types of Dabbing Tools 

The best dab tools are those with a sharp edge that are easy to grasp in your hand. Tools with a quartz or titanium tip also work, so you may use a dab straw, honey or nectar collector, and even a torch lighter as a dabbing tool. One of the most convenient options for avid users is getting a dab kit that includes a dab pick and other tools that you can use to dab. 

Final Thoughts

A dab tool or a dabber is a tool used to pick up concentrates and place them on the heated nail or banger.