Crumble … What Is It Exactly? See Here



ˈkrəmbəl | Noun

A hemp concentrate made from a combination of full spectrum distillate and plant-derived terpenes. Recognized for its malleable texture that “crumbles” or falls apart when handled, this concentrate is a terpene powerhouse. Also known as “honeycomb wax,” crumble is a versatile type of cannabis wax that can be dabbed or sprinkled over the top of hemp buds in a bowl, hemp pre-roll, or pre-roll blunt. The texture of this concentrate is a result of elevated temperatures and agitation used during the manufacturing process.  

“I always sprinkle some CBD crumble in my pre-rolls for faster pain relief.” 

“The Zkittles CBG Crumble I bought from Mr. Hemp Flower is THC-free.”

What is CBD crumble? 

It’s a form of hemp concentrate made using a solvent. Like other concentrates, this cannabis product first hit the market as a traditional THC-heavy product. Manufacturers now use CBD-rich or CBG-rich hemp flower to create low-THC products loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD crumble can be marijuana-derived, but it usually contains higher levels of THC. 

For a pure CBD concentrate, manufacturers use hemp flower with less than 0.3% THC that’s high in cannabidiol. Hemp-derived CBD crumble will not get you high.  

What makes this hemp concentrate different from others is its unique, crumbly texture. Other concentrates, like crystalline, are generally fluid in their consistency. If made correctly, it is the driest type of extract on the market, and it should be used in smaller quantities because it may trigger coughing. 

Manufacturers make this concentrate using trimmed, cured nugs or freshly harvested hemp plants. This concentrate can be dabbed on its own or combined with hemp flower. The combination of hemp flower and this concentrate make for a potent blend that’s increasing in popularity. 

What’s the difference between crumble and honeycomb wax? 

You may notice that the terms crumble and honeycomb wax are used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between the two. Both are types of cannabis wax concentrates. They have the same consistency, but there is a difference in their presentation or form. While crumble describes wax that’s already broken up, or crumbled, honeycomb describes wax that’s mostly intact but filled with holes like a honeycomb. 

Where to buy high quality hemp CBD crumble? 

You can find this concentrate in hemp dispensaries or in online stores. Mr. Hemp Flower offers the THC-free Zkittles CBD Crumble a full spectrum hemp CBD concentrate that contains up to 9% cannabigerol (CBG) and 64% cannabidiol (CBD). It also contains cannabichromene (CBC) and 0.11% alpha-bisabolol terpene. Crafted from top-shelf CBD flower, this concentrate is crisp, glossy, and breaks easily.  

How to use CBD crumble 

As we mentioned, there are several ways to use hemp-derived crumble, including smoking, vaping, and dabbing. 

How to smoke CBD crumble

One of the most popular options of using this hemp CBD concentrate is to add it to hemp pre-rolls and pre-roll blunts. This option is very effective because it’s fast-acting and enhances the potency of the hemp flower. As you may know, hemp concentrates contain 80 to 90 percent CBD, if they are made from an exclusively CBD-rich hemp flower. 

If made from a strain that contains high levels of other cannabinoids like CBG, this concentrate typically contains over 70% pure hemp cannabinoids. As a more potent product compared to CBD isolate, this concentrate contains an array of cannabinoids and terpenes that work together in synergy, creating the “entourage effect.”

Another option is to add the concentrate to the outside of your pre-roll blunt when you are finished rolling it. This is known as “twaxing,” and it is excellent if you like to buy your hemp pre-roll blunts instead of rolling them yourself. So, get your favorite strain we like to use Baox Hemp Flower Pre-Roll Blunt and Tangie Full Spectrum CBD Crumble and twax it. 

You can also smoke it or vape it on its own or in a pipe filled with flower. Top the flower with the concentrate, light the mixture, and pull air into your lungs when it’s ready. The combination of CBD-rich hemp flower and crumble will produce a more potent smoke than hemp flower alone.  

How to dab CBD crumble 

An increasingly popular method of consuming CBD concentrates is “dabbing.” The process of dabbing CBD concentrate is not much different than dabbing THC-heavy concentrates. To dab CBD concentrates, you need a dab rig, butane torch, and dab tool to drop it into the nail. The difference between CBD dabs and THC dabs is that the latter brings on a stoned feeling almost immediately after inhalation. Cannabidiol doesn’t cause any intoxication but gives a sense of calmness and relaxation. 

Dab CBD effectively by following these steps:

  1. Use a butane torch to heat up the nail until the surface starts glowing red. 
  2. The optimal temperature for dabbing CBD is from 320 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit, or 160-180 degrees Celsius. More precisely, it takes about 20 seconds to heat the nail and about a minute (1 min.) for it to cool. But, make sure to optimize the temperature based on the thickness of the concentrate and the material of your banger or nail. Also, keep in mind that higher temperature destroys terpenes. 
  3. Take the dab tool and place the concentrate on the surface of the nail. Slowly inhale the vapor and continue to inhale to ensure you’ve consumed the majority of the vaporized concentrate. 
  4. It’s important to exhale immediately. After finishing your dab, remove the leftover residue from the nail and let it cool down. You can use alcohol and a cotton swab to clean the nail properly after cooling down. 

Why dab CBD Crumble? 

It’s a lot of preparation and effort, but there are some major benefits behind it. The most significant one is that you’ll feel the calmness and therapeutic properties of cannabinoids and terpenes within minutes of consumption. If you are seeking immediate relief, dabbing your hemp concentrate is the perfect way to go. Dabbing gets CBD directly into the bloodstream and allows you to taste the flavorful terpenes and other hemp compounds that your CBD oil may lack. 

How to store CBD crumble

Preserve the natural aroma, flavor, and potency of your hemp concentrates by storing them properly. Exposure to high temperatures, oxygen, moisture, and light speeds up the degradation process and can affect the concentrate’s potency and overall characteristics. Fresh crumble has a soft consistency and a yellowish color that resembles mustard. If not preserved properly, it can harden over time. To ensure the longest shelf life of your hemp concentrate, keep it in an airtight and lightproof container made of glass or silicone. Store it in a cool environment. 

How is CBD crumble made

DISCLAIMER: The making of hemp CBD concentrates is dangerous and illegal in many states because of the use of solvents, and should be handled by licensed professionals. 

This concentrate is extracted from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant, which means it naturally contains high CBD levels and low levels of THC. This concentrate can be completely THC-free, depending on the manufacturer and strain used. 

Manufacturers use solvents like ethanol (depends on the brand) to extract CBD oil from the hemp flower. After being extracted, the CBD oil is processed into wax using heat and agitation during the stage of purging the concentrate. The amount of heat and agitation used differs from strain to strain. The first concentrate created from this process is typically Shatter, which is later turned into crumble with more heat and vacuum purging.